Thursday, 28 February 2019

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Magazine Symbol - Number fourteen - Ferrari 412

Long story short, I got ahold of the complete publications of the magazine "Symbol", nr 1 to 26.
It's a magazine published for the incrowd of Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Riva.

In the past I had obtained a copy of another publication which held an article about the 400, see blog:

When going through this collection I picked nr 14 first and I hit this 412 article instantly, hows that?

The article is now available in the download folder.

 All the other magazine editions had very nice articles and cool adverts about other Ferrari's and known luxury brands. All the magazines are in very good condition. Despite this I'm considering selling this complete set for a fixed price of € 400,- excluding shipping. If you are interested my contact details can be found at the bottom of this blog (About me).

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Inside Ferrari by Michael Dregni - Ferrari 400 fiberglass floor pans - Pininfarina / Vaccari

A book I recently purchased. I was reading another blog which mentioned this book. As such I purchased it. It's actually a very good book and very affordable as well. It provides good detail and great photo's about about a certain period at Ferrari. Unfortunately the 365/400/412 is not much covered though.

However I found this little section which I consider quite unique material.

See also this blog as reference regarding the chassis and the fiberglass panel:

So perhaps when the 400 was produced the fibre glass floor pans were produced and mounted by Pininfarina rather than by Vaccari.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Garage Italauto - Robert Jankel Le Marquis - Ferrari 400 four doors

Last weekend I visited Italauto in Achterveld ( Firstly because I got an invite since the shop got a new owner. Basicly one of the employees took it over. At the time I had my 400 checked up by them for the PPI. And afterwards I bought some additional parts and thats about it, so I'm not a regular returning customer.

Another reason why I visited the place was because I had an appointment made with someone from whom I bought some magazines and a brochure. The seller happened to be a brother of the founder of this company Italauto. Hows that? At the time Kees van Stokkum was running the shop he apparently had a customer who was potentially interested in a 4 doors Ferrari. As such he reached out to Robert Jankel to obtain a brochure with more detail about this car. So that's how he got ahold of this brochure.

When I was home again I found by surprise the letter was included with the brochure. So I'm including it here for completeness. Effectively it's mostly a Mercedes brochure with many unusual bespoke designs (to put it mildly). And it only contained one artistic drawing of the 4-door Ferrari. 

I also met Kees van Stokkum and had a brief chat with him beforehand but then I was unaware of this story so I could not ask more detail about this Dutch customer having the interest for this specific model ...

For the true brochure with the 4-door details see this blog:

Arriving in style and parked it next to the Miami Vice TR:

The actual letter
The brochure:

The slide containing the 4-door Ferrari 400 drawing:

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Eurospares - Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati parts

Earlier this week I was in the UK and since I was nearby and had some time left I paid them a visit.
And I came in style with my own daily driver (apologies for the ugly towbar):

And the place was much larger as expected. They had quite a few warehouses. So at the reception I simply asked for Claudio. And he showed up quickly and was very kind to provide me a complete tour, how cool is that. And I was allowed to make pictures as well.

The place did not contain only new items, even complete used body panels are stored, how about this rear Miuara panel:

Rows of packed parts, new and used:

I was expecting they would have some kind of junkyard of crashed cars but this is not the case. Any damaged car that arrives will be taken apart in this small shop. Each part will be then labelled and put on stock.

And this includes larger parts as well:

Or complete chassis's:

Or complete engines, mind you, this was only one of the many racks:

Furthermore I got a quick demo on their website. So in case you need something or get stuck I'm sure Claudio can help you -

Friday, 22 February 2019

How to fix the dusty car!

I wonder where this location is and if these will be sold?

Monday, 18 February 2019

FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2 "Fly Studio"

Typical, I thought I had posted at least one blog about this special: Fly Studio
But somehow I can't find much more about it on my own blog … so here goes:

FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2 "Fly Studio"

L'histoire de Fly Studio est trop anecdotique pour être racontée ici, mais on peut la résumer à celle de deux ingénieurs, Giacomo Caliri et Luigi Marmiroli, qui ont oeuvré au service course de Ferrari à l'époque de la 312 P et de la 512 S. Fly Studio est le cabinet d'engineering qui leur a servi de base arrière quand ils ont repris leur liberté. Au début de l'aventure, en 1976, ils se sont fait connaître avec cette Ferrari découvrable qu'ils ont conçue pour Etienne Aigner, magnat du luxe et sponsor personnel de Clay Regazzoni, lequel arborait le logo de la marque sur son casque. Caliri a assez vite fait cavalier seul. On l'a vu chez Minardi en F1 et chez Maserati entre 88 et 97, en tant que directeur technique. Marmiroli a de son côté rejoint Alfa Romeo en F1 puis Lamborghini pour développer la Diablo. Fly Studio est toujours sa propriété. (Photo Archivio J-F M)

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Autogespot : Ferrari 400i West Palm Beach Florida

Unfortunately this nice spot got removed by the website owners:

Ferrari 400 in West Palm Beach (FL), United States of America gespot op 14-02-2019 13:00 door Horse-Power.

And nothing remained in Google cache either. But I managed to save the photo's nevertheless. 

Enjoy the photo's Otto :-)

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Magazine Retroviseur : Ferrari 400i Convertible - Stommel

One of my readers was so kind to provide a hi-res scan of this article which was missing in my archive. It's now available in the download folder.

As Always I welcome any contribution for this blog. And feel free to reuse anything either.
For a complete overview of the magazine articles check out this blog:

If you have a copy of the missing articles I would like to hear from you.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Sjaak van Vliet Ferrari 400i Prince Bernhard

A nice catch from an online Dutch paper archive (24 jan 1986). Click the photo to enlarge:

Update 17-2-2019: Added this small reference. Not sure if it's related though, looks like this car was taking part in some kind ralley.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Owners trivia

Always nice to receive some feedback on cars I report. For instance this one:

Turns out this is the last 400 carburettor produced. And the previous owner was a friend of Bryan Ferry who did happen to drive it as well.

It was recently restored by

is  s/n 64543 which has moved from the UK to HK. Now 2 of the 24 manual RHD 412s are in HK.

The first owner was Mr Cole. He had it less than a year. He has been a naughty boy in the past:

Monday, 4 February 2019

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Ferrari 400 body shell

One of my readers notified me about this Ebay advert:

And yes, I like this car very much, such a stylish car. But the point was more about one the photo's which revealed a 400 body shell in the background:

Well spotted! And I thought I recognized it so I checked my archive. Guess what? It's very likely this one: