Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Magazine Classic Cars : Ferrari 400i vs Ferrari 456

A Dutch article recently published in ClassicCars magazine. Now available in the download folder.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Lancaster Brochure - Road Winners - Ferrari 400i

I suspect this is a very early eighties brochure by Lancaster Garage in the UK. Now available in the download folder.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Schedoni - the doctors bag

The one to have for your 400i - unfortunately only one and not the complete set.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Fastlane - Ferrari 412 - Rosso

Sold already, but still a nice photoshoot with a very nice color combo 412. Maybe a bit to much rosso. And newly purchased in the states with mention of the first owner. Very low mileage as well. I suspect it's another 412 that has ended up in a private collection and will not be driven.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Press Pictures Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

This set of press pictures got sold last weekend for € 100,- on the Auction Automobilia Ladenburg. Unfortunately I missed it out:

Friday, 17 November 2017

1986 Ferrari 412 Walkaround

Why not? It's nicely done and gives a good view about the 412, so here another nice sales video

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Petrolicious: Will the #Ferrari 400i be collectible? + Ferrari: #Ferrari 400 Automatic: a masterpiece designed in 1972.

An older article posted again by Petrolicious. I'm capturing their FB posting here for the remarks and comments. Be equally surprised about the amount of positive vibes ...

And here another recent FB posting by the Official Ferrari group. Surprisingly they're stating it's a masterpiece.

And including this one for today as well. Actually I need to look up the ones regarding the 365 and 412 as well (if they have been posted):

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Ferrari 412 in Singapore with mondial front bumper

I spotted this 412 with this unusual front and some other bits and pieces:

For a moment I thought I recognized it but it appears to be a different one then the one mentioned in this blog (which is a 400i and not a 412):

When doing a bit of browsing on FB I stumbled by surprise on this one:

Friday, 10 November 2017

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ferrari 412 spider by Robert Jankel

I had seen this one before but I never knew it was a creation of Robert Jankel and I only had two small pictures of it, as listed per blog:

Today I was doing a little browsing when I hit this picture in this article by Jalopnik:

So when further searching on it I hit this advert:,ms1:8600_17_/pg:vipcar/250886603.html

Worldwide only one !

A truly unique Ferrari produced designed by the British legend Robert Jankel in a limited number of one piece. This car is part of the collection of a Japanese luxury car collector and now for sale.

The mileage of only 7000 km and its perfect condition makes it the special piece for any automobile enthusiast and collector.

Located in Tokyo, Japan, the car can be picked up personally or arrangements for sending can be organised to any parts of the world.

I recommend a visit to Japan prior to purchase in order to see the condition and test drive. I will be happy to assist you with any travel arrangements.

I now wonder where the 4 door 400 by Robert Jankel has gone. Potentially stored by another collector?

Update 11-11-2018: Spotted this morning in Tokyo, looks like a local Ferrari meeting. VIN #77801

Monday, 6 November 2017

Auto Welt / Auto Becker nr 1 1981 - Ferrari 400i injectione: König der Autobahnen

Weniger spektakulär, aber in seiner dezenteleganten und eigentlich auch fast unauffäligen Form braucht sich der Ferrar 400 injectione vor niemandem zu verstecken. Er ist der seriöse Partner im Massanzug, mit dem man Geschäfte macht. Weite Reisen vergehen wie im Fluge, wobei die Noblesse der kompletten, überaus gekonnt gestylten, reichhaltigen und perfekten Ausstatung besticht. Ein Auto der Spitzenklasse für Leute mit Stil und Niveau. Sein starkes Zwölf-Zylinderherz lässt sich dabei über eine zuverlässige, ruckfreie Automatic oder über ein Fünfganggetriebe via Schaltstock dirigieren. Ein Traum von einem Auto ...


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Ferrari 400 Cromodora Wheels / Rims 15 x 7,5

Last week I noticed a complete set of Ferrari 400 wheels for sale in the Netherlands. It appeared to be the right ones for the 400 Carb version - which are slightly different then the ones used on a 400i. So perfect for my car to have for spare. They were located at a garage nearby who were specialized in Porsches. The seller mentioned he had bought a while back a large batch of rims which did include this Ferrari set. They tried to fit them on a 308 but that didn't work out. I managed to agree on a fair price and as such I picked them up yesterday. I went with the 400 as the weather was very good, so a nice opportunity to make a little trip with the 400. I also thought they would fit in the boot but I forgot the tyres were included. So one pair ended up on the back seat. Although the rims look okay-ish they should be reconditioned. Last year I also bought a complete set of Michelin XWXs so this can be nicely combined but I'm not in a hurry. First some other items needs to be taken care off.

Nice combo picture of the 400 and the kC - which is my daily driver.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

1972/1973 Kroymans Brochure - Ferrari 365 GT 4 2+2

Kroymans became official Ferrari importer in the Netherlands in late 1972. Prior to Kroymans it was arranged by Drs. P.F. Schouwenburg in coop with garage "Record" in Amsterdam on behalf of Benelux importer Garage Francorchamps (J. Swaters) in Brussel. I managed to find a leaflet of them below this listed Kroymans brochure. This Kroymans brochure is now available in the download folder.

Interesting to read the Dino 246 has listed 195 HP. The same unmodified 2.4 engine used in the Fiat Dino produces 180 HP. I suspect also the top speed is slightly exaggerated. Also interesting to see this specific car range which makes a nice comparisson. Only the 400 is build at Pininfarina and all the others by Scaglieti. The cars came with Voxson Stereo's. And have a look at the prices (in Dutch Guilders - excluding VAT!):

246 GT Dino Coupe:     42.931,- 
246 GTS Dino Spyder:  46.379,-
365 GTB 4 Daytona:     81.465,-
365 GTC 4:                    84.051,-
365 GT 4/2+2:             111.637,- 
365 Berlinetta Boxer:  126.206,-

Friday, 3 November 2017

Sammy Davis Jr - Ferrari 400 Automatic VIN21439

This purchase agreement was brought to my attention:

I wasn't able to find out much more on his car, no pictures either. Apparently it was offered for sale on Ebay some years ago. On FChat I read its currently residing in Austria, not sure if that's still the case.  Another member of the Rat Pack, Dean Martin, was also a Ferrari 400 owner. 

The catalogue does mention a remarkable story about a Ferrari watch being found in the car. The only close related watch I could find is this one. But clearly that's a different one ...

Sammy Davis Jr - Cartier Pasha A gift from fellow “Rat Packer” Frank Sinatra the watch was engraved with the message “Sammy, I Luv Ya, F.A.S.” It was sold at auction for $12,600 in 2009. Source. He can also be seen wearing an Heuer Monaco on a trip to Vietnam to entertain the troops before Steve McQueen made the Monaco famous in the film Le Mans.