Tuesday 31 March 2015

Carrozzeria Pininfarina - Torino - Fotografia n. 943 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 1972 - Part III

Today an Ebay auction ended for another Pininfarina press photo about the first series.


This time it was on offer in Sweden. And as Always I was very eager to obtain. To my surprise I got outbid. I now wonder who it was. Let's hope someone bought it for me as a gift. It happened before:


Monday 30 March 2015

Saturday 28 March 2015

Rivista Auto Sprint 1972 - Ferrari la nuova due + due

I just came across this small Italian article somewhere online. Click on he picture to enlarge it.

Monday 23 March 2015


This specific manual was on offer for Ebay but I considered it slightly to expensive and it got sold for 105 GBP :


Typical enough another one was for sale in a similar condition. But even more expensive: 399 USD.
I'm just adding this blog for my own reference.



Update: Just for the records, I have included this 412 booklet as well.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Ferrari 400 rear mirror compatibility

Someone submitted these photo's of his 400 rear mirror. According to the owner this has been the Original mirror and not replaced before. If this is true then it appears they have been using a Volvo rear mirror. The part number is 1224135 and has been used on a Volvo P1800, 142 and 245.
I had it checked on the FChat forum and someone confirmed he had the same mirror. Amazing discoveries. I wonder why they did not choose a Fiat 130 mirror or such ...
I will update the compatibility blog as well.


Wednesday 11 March 2015

For Sale : Ferrari 400 Prototype Chassis # F101CL 19353 - First 400 Automatic

I was notified about this one being for sale:


The first ever built Ferrari 400 (acknowledged by Ferrari) and by this the first Factory Production Ferrari with Automatic-Gearbox.
Paris Show car according to some sources and probably also the car pictured in the first official brochures.
Ferrari-Classiche Certificate applied
Paint Prugna Met (original was Grigio Mahmoud) – Original Bordeaux Leather Interior with Black

Update 12-3-2015: I have received the following information and pictures from the seller:

As described it is the first 400 and by this the first ever factory built Automatic Ferrari; currently undergoing Classiche Certification. Asking price is 75.000,-Euros

Update 5 April 2021: When browsing around today I bumped into this one:

Friday 6 March 2015

This Ferrari is a Gran Toupee-ismo

Well, I guess this week the convertible 400 is popular somehow. I just have added this article to the online section: http://jalopnik.com/5751498/for-29500-this-ferrari-is-a-gran-toupee-ismo

I think I recall this one as last year it was up for sale if I'm not mistaken. This particular one appears to be a Straman conversion. According to this FChat thread: https://ferrarichat.com/forum/ferrari-discussion-not-model-specific-sponsored-algar-ferrari/252228-straman-convertible-registry.html
there have been 51 conversions made of the 365/400/412 by Straman.

Pavesi has made 18 conversions. How many has been done by Lorenz & Rankl is unknown to me. And recently we discovered at least one conversion by EBS.

Thursday 5 March 2015

Ferrari 400i convertible by EBS

Via the known FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/8727831092/ I came across of this unique 400 convertible performed by a small company in Belgium called EBS. The company no longer exist and has become part of the following company: http://www.act-research.be.

The pictures were obtained via the Dutch register:


I suspect it's a one-off. Anyone any idea if it still exists today?