Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ferrari 400 : GM THM400 - Borg Warner automatic

I had noticed a couple of times that in some adverts or even articles they mentioned the automatic transmission for the Ferrari 400 was supplied with a Borg Warner. I Always found that particular as it's general known it's a THM400 by GM. A little while ago I noticed this was also the case for the Wikipedia page about the 400: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrari_365_GT4_2%2B2,_400_and_412#400GT

So I guess that some obtained this incorrect information from this page. By now the Wikepedia page has been corrected though. But afterwards some more recent adverts were still quoting a Borg Warner automatic.

Something triggered me earlier this week and as such I had a look on the official Ferrari page and in particular the 400 series :


To my great surprise I read the following:

The Borg Warner three speed plus reverse automatic gearbox was, perhaps surprisingly for purists, an immediate hit with Ferrari clients, and would account for approximately two thirds of the cars manufactured for the remainder of the 400 into the 412 series production run. In Great Britain the figures were even higher, with the vast majority of purchasers favouring automatic transmission.

And another surprise for the 400 GT model (manual version)


Basically a more powerful version of the famous 365 GT4 2+2 reaching 4.8 litres, the 400 GT brought the development of the high performance, big displacement front-engined 2+2 coupé to new levels. Greater attention was also paid to interior detailing and this was the very first Ferrari to be offered with an optional three-speed General Motors gearbox to meet the demands of the US market.

Here they state it's a GM automatic gearbox though but remarkably they mention it's available to meet the demands of the US market. While in fact this car is not even sold in the US (just like the BB - mostly because of the stringent emission and safety rules - meaning large investments on a low volume car, thus to high costs)

Moving on to the 400i Automatic:


As can be read, here they quote again it's a Borg Warner being used:

The 400 Automatic i succeeded the 400 Automatic in November 1979, the “i” suffix in the model name standing for “injection”, as a fuel injection system replaced the two banks of three side draught Weber carburettors. The fuel injection system used was Bosch K-Jetronic, and concurrently a single distributor mounted at the right rear of the engine, with a Dinoplex electronic ignition system, replaced the earlier twin distributor layout. The adoption of fuel injection was to satisfy ever more stringent worldwide emission legislation, and it dropped the claimed power output to 310bhp. The engine was a V12 unit with a bore and stroke of 81mm x 78mm giving a total capacity of 4823cc, with factory type reference number F 101 D 070, coupled to a Borg Warner 3 speed automatic gearbox. This transmitted power through a propeller shaft to a limited slip differential, and from there via half shafts to the independently suspended rear wheels with hydraulic self levelling units.

And finally the 400i GT


And here you can read the Bosch K-Jetronic injection was used to comply with US emissions, whilst the 400 (and the BB also using K-Jetronic) was not sold overthere. I think by then it had become more a worldwide demand to meet emission and fuel efficient criteria:

The glorious V12, complete with new Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection to comply with US exhaust emission standards, demonstrated generous powerful and enviable torque. This was a GT on which several body-makers vented their imaginations, even producing soft-top versions. Pavesi of Milan transformed it into a cabriolet with leather and veneer trim and modified the central tunnel.

And despite being the GT model (manual version) they had to mention it had a Borg Warner as well:

The engine was a V12 unit with a bore and stroke of 81mm x 78mm giving a total capacity of 4823cc, with factory type reference number F 101 D 010, coupled to a Borg Warner 3 speed automatic gearbox.

I suspect many copywriters will use the official Ferrari website as a trusted source for their articles or adverts. So likely that explains why I have seen so often the Borg Warner automatic quoted.

So I figured to notify them accordingly. And as Always with large companies they are difficult to reach by email. But since I'm a registered customer I do happen to have a specific email address to approach their customer service desk. So I dropped them a line. Let's see if the pages will be corrected accordingly.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Ferrari Classiche Eberlein: Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

By sheer luck I noticed the following picture. A great picture by Andreas Birner. If you like these Ferrari pictures (old and new) then I suggest you follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abi2612/

At first I thought this photo was taken at Ferrari Classiche as that sign was clearly visible at the wall. This is however, as mentioned, at Ferrari Specialist Eberlein in Kassel (Germany - http://www.ferrari-eberlein.de). Apparently they are authorized to do this on behalf of Ferrari in Maranello. I wasn't aware of that.

In any case, nice to see another 365GT4 2+2 being Ferrari Classified.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Invoice new USA imported Ferrari 400i manual

This invoice came to my attention which I thought was worth sharing. Apparently this is another brand new Ferrari 400 that was shipped to the USA. As can be seen this one was sold by the known Belgium Ferrari dealer Garage Francorchamps which was back then owned by Jacques Swaters. For those interested, hereby a little history about him: http://jacquesswaters.com/ferrari-importer/

I'm unsure if there were any restrictions for the dealerships to sell these cars outside of their region. I wonder if this was the only way to get them imported to the USA. Else I would expect local Ferrari dealers in the USA would be able to order directly from the Ferrari factory for their clients.

As for the price; 1.833.000 Belgium Francs, that should translate roughly to 45.000 Euro. Which converts to nearly 99.000 Dutch Guilders. I checked an old Dutch Kroymans pricelist for 1982/83 and back then it would cost new 199.999 Dutch Guilders (about 90.000 Euro) and with taxes included even 264.000 Dutch Guilders. So I wonder if this Belgium price isn't a bit on the low side (maybe the exchange rate was completely different back then?).

Also I had the new US owner checked and it seems he is the son of:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_B._Keck A family with a very interesting background.

As I was curious to see if any history could be found about the car I made a quick search using the VIN 40577 on the FChat forum and presto:


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sbarro Mille Miglia based on a Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

This particular blog:


revealed another project that was based on a 365GT4 2+2. Namely the Sbarro Mille Miglia. Something I was not aware off. I only recalled the Sbarro Memory (no pun intended) as per blog:


But upon checking I could see immediately they were already listed on the European 400 Club website. In fact there are another 2 build. So 3 in total:



If you fancy the work of Sbarro you might want to check this website:


Monday, 23 January 2017

On-going restoration reveals 50 Lires of luck

In my daily routine check I came across this 400i. In a typical surrounding I would say. So I shared it with someone who is specialized in these.

And from him I received the following article printed in the Ferrari Club UK newsletter issue 90 april 2002 (not the quarterly glossy colour magazine). Click to enlarge:

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Heated rear window screen

For a while I assumed my 400 didn't had a heated rear window screen. When I visited the Interclassics car show last week I was able to inspect some other 400s. Due to the good lightning on some of the cars I did notice they had heated rear windows after all. Turns out the heating lines are very thin and hardly noticeable with the eye. So on my return I did had my car checked again and yes, I'm glad to confirm it did had the vertical heating lines. This was the best picture I could make:

Thursday, 19 January 2017

More slicing : Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

Well, it turns out this is a popular thing to do. Apparently this item was for sale previously on Subito.it with the following description:

The front wall of the First Ferrari 365gt4 Autographed by Pininfarina in person in 1972, Donated then to Agnelli, bought from home d auctions. Perfect state of preservation. Price close to 4000

As you can read it's quite an unique item

Currently it's being offered at:


With a different price tag though:  Prezzo CHF 12'800.-

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sliced Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 as wall decoration

Well, quicker as I anticipated, I got ahold of another picture of someone who sliced his Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 and put it up on the wall as decoration. Let's hope this is not becoming a trend.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The silhouette of a classic Ferrari as an object of art : Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

Check this out:


In their shop you can see both sides offered for sale, the right side got painted red and is sold.
The left side got painted yellow and is for sale. Would love to have this. The price is on request.
The saying goes, if you have to ask you can't afford it ;-)

Well, I just asked and it turns out the yellow is sold after all. But I was informed the following is still available:

1x 330 GT 2+2 „Chinese Eye“ – rechts                    36.500,- Euro
1x 365 GT4 2+2 – links                                                14.500,- Euro

The color is available on request.

I'm now very curious to know who bought the yellow one and I'm hoping he or she is reading this blog as well. If so it would be great if a picture of it can be shared.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Interclassics MECC Maastricht 2017 - 6 X Ferrari 400 !

This year I visited the Interclassics again. See also my blog from last year:


And this year there were even six 400's offered for sale. And all of them were firmly priced.
Here they are:

This one, Ferrari 400i Automatic, was restored and in a very rare but beautiful color scheme.
For € 99.950,- it is yours:

 This one is for sale for € 80.000

This 400i Automatic was for sale for € 56.500

This one was offered by Jacobs in Germany for € 159.000. I was informed they bought it from the Gallery in Brummen and was then completely restored. It has VIN 17217. See their website: http://www.jacobs-classic.de/fahrzeuge/fahrzeug/detail/14640165

This is a known one offered by Car cave in Belgium for € 102.000. I like this one very much due to the color and being a rare manual carburettor version.

Ferrari 412 Bernhard : This one was offered for sale on this exhibition last year as well and got sold. I don't know the actual price it was offered for. Apparently it ended up at the Gallery but I thought it was offered by a different company. It was at least not for display at the Gallery stand. In any case it was offered for € 150.000 and got sold - of course unknown for which price.

Upate 18-1-2017: I was wrong about the green 365GT4 2+2. Although it was imported from Sweden it was newly delivered in Monaco by Pozzi. I received some additional pictures which are from 1977/78. In the last photo it is shown on the forecourt of Monaco Motors, where it was orginally sold. It was exported to the UK and first registered there on 27 October 1978 with the plates YJD826T, apparently by the first owner. It was sold at Christies auction on 3 April by the second owner who had acquired it in 1982 and it moved to Sweden on 2 June 1989. It had at least three owners in Sweden, the last owner having acquired it in 2004.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Torino S.A.F.E key cutting - Keyprof Luke

It's already more then a year ago when I wrote this blog:


Well, it's becoming time to get this spare key sorted.  I simply could have went to the ordinairy key maker in the shopping mall or such. But I recalled from last years visit at Interclassics in Maastricht a very specialized carkey maker was present. Overhere he's quite known due to his trademark; a professor hat. His name is Keyprof Luke. See his website: https://www.keyprof.com/ His trademark picture is something I also recalled from adverts in various car magazines throughout the years. Thought it was nice to meet this guy in real.

And this year at Interclassics is also celebrating 70 years of Ferrari, so a very good excuse to go and combine it. I'm accompanied by Frank who is a major help in getting all my magazine scans nicely shaped in PDFs - so if you enjoy these you now know who to thank. Clearly Frank is a car nutter as well and with his knowledge he won a pair of entrance tickets for Interclassics on a small car picture contest by the Dutch Octane magazine.

Just coming back to the Keyprof, on his website I only noticed just now that he has also the blank Neiman keys on stock. They are listed at original carkeys Ferrari. You will see they are also listed at the BMW section - read this blog to understand why :


In any case, today I went there to visit him. I brought my own spare key with me but it turned out it was not the right one after all. Apparently the beard had different slots. But he had the right one on stock. Phew! I could trade in my old blank key with him. So now I have a proper spare key set complete for the 400. Another tick in the box!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Little boy hooked to the 400

Thought this was a funny one. One of the IHWC incrowd members did sent a picture of himself a few weeks back. It was taken in 1992 at Zandvoort and ever since he has a weak spot for the 400. I recognized the car immediately as it does happen to be for sale in my home town: