Saturday 30 September 2017

By sheer luck I noticed this 412 for sale. The vinyl roof triggered me:

Copying the pictues for the records:

So yes, it's the "same" one as posted in this blog:

Except, they have been removing some parts. 

The advert confirms it's indeed coming from Japan.

Friday 29 September 2017

Rivista Starter 1985 Anno 2 No 26 - Ferrari 400i Pavesi

I can't believe this. I ordered this magazine but it turned out it came without the centerfold, doh!. When checking the advert again it was mentioned though. The article itself mention it's a Ferrari 412 but in fact it's a 400i. Just for the records I have included the poster from another Ebay advert below the FrontPage cover. In any case, the Italian article is now available in the download folder

Sunday 24 September 2017

Autovisie - Werner Budding Vlog 123 : Ferrari 412

This is a Dutch car vlogger for Autovisie. Todays vlog does present a 412. It starts at 7:31

Or check the entire episode if you are interested:

Autovisie is also looking for people who can advise on low budget maintaining and driving a Ferrari. See their FB posting:

Friday 22 September 2017

Brochure : Maranello Concessionaires LTD

A very nice time period brochure I obtained. Now available in the download folder.
On the 3rd picture even four 400's in the workshop. If you like these then check out this blog:

Thursday 21 September 2017

BAT : 38K-Mile 1980 Ferrari 400i Project

Yes, another BAT 400. What a great looker despite it might has some work to do. And a fantastic photo reportage. Enjoy the BAT comments:

Some additional information about this car obtained via FChat:

"It's an early car to have TRXs (and the Nardi wheel). However despite an early 1980 build date, it was not sold until 4 June 1981 so I suspect that it was given 1981 model updates prior to sale. First owner was Pierre Chave of Switzerland who later had a 288 GTO. When Doyle Schiffman bought it at the end of 1988 it had 33,000 miles at that point (and 36,705 miles by early 1990) so has hardly been used since then given it is now showing 37,607 miles."

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Kroymans press map 1987 Ferrari 412

I got ahold of this Dutch press map / brochure by Kroymans. Not very spectacular but still a nice piece to have. It does have all the specs, pictures, leaflet and pricelist for the available Ferrari models in 1987. A complete scan is now available in the download folder (brochure directory).

Only 300 of these press maps have been printed. One page had a nice overview of the production numbers per year. Interesting to see the climb up of production number year by year untill 1973 which thens shows a dip for a few years caused by the oil crisis. It takes till 1978 to reach higher selling numbers as in 1972.

The 1987 pricelist was also a kind reminder how expensive such car was back then. The 328 and Mondial were fairly cheap compared to the 412 and the Testarossa. You would be surprised to see the mondial being more expensive as the 328.

Thursday 14 September 2017

Aguttes Auction 24th Sept : Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

Since the recent auctions attracted so much attention and had such difference in price it's maybe interesting to follow this one:

(I got alerted on this one via the known FB group :

Looks like another fine specimen with low mileage and very little owners according to the advert. If it's in really good condition the estimated price range looks right to me. I suspect it's slightly going to tip over the 6 mark figure.

Auction details:

dimanche 24 septembre 2017 14:00
Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry, Avenue Georges Boillot 91310 Linas

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Ferrari 365GT 2+2 Automatic

My radar caught the following:

Which I thought was quite unique and the first true predecessor of the 400 Automatic and a such worth a blog posting. It can be linked to the following blog:

Apparently it's sold already ...

1 of 6 Automatics ever built. 1 of 4 known in existence 

This Ferrari is the rarest 365GT 2+2 ever built. There were only 6 of these cars build by the factory in 1969 with an automatic gearbox for Luigi Chinetti Motors distributor for the Ferrari Factory in the United States. This is one of only four known in existence. Shown at several Ferrari Concours, this Ferrari has won first place at Philadelphia Ferrari Festival and the Garden State Ferrari Festival, in addition to receiving the Dino Ferrari Award (Preservation Award) "Best Unrestored" at the 1991 Reading Ferrari Concours d'Elegance where it served as the actual poster car for the original artwork created by famous Italian automotive artist Giovanni Cremonini. The car was also featured in Cavallino Febuary/March issue in 2009. 

Finished in stunning Azzurro Hyperion with black leather interior, this superbly original matching numbers 365GT comes accompanied by its factory build sheet, Marcel Massini history report, books, records, and jack. The leather tool pouch is is included but the tools are missing. 
Luigi Chenetti commissioned Ferrari to build 6 automatic 365GTs. This particualr example was built in December 1969 and left the factory in April 1970. The car was shipped to Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc., who was the distributor for the Ferrari Factory in the United States. Sold new by Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc on June 7, 1970 to Millionaire Paul H. Folwell, an automobile enthusiast from Bronxville, New York who took delivery on June 18, 1970. Mr. Folwell bought the car as a gift for his wife's 65th birthday. Sold back to Luigi Motors, Inc. on January 31, 1972. The reason for selling being that this Ferrari was too powerful for Mr. Folwell's wife. Sold by Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc. on March 5th 1972 to Arne Robert Gudheim, Jr., an international industrialist from Petersham, Massachusetts, and a close friend of Luigi Chinetti. Mileage 9,000. Sold by Arne Robert Gudheim Jr. in December 1986 to Pietro Castiglioni, an engineer from Reading Pennsylvania. Mr. Castiglioni is the founder of the Reading Ferrari Concours d'Elegance and a well-known publisher of Ferrari books and articles. 
Price: $249,500

Sunday 10 September 2017

RM Sotheby's auction result Ferrari 400i Keith Richards

Well, here is the outcome of this auction:

As you can see in the snapshots below it got sold for € 300.000 + 15% premium

the previous record holder was only € 207.625 + 15% premium :

Would be interesting to know if the buyer paid for the previouser owner name tag or if he's a true 400 passionate. Despite the famous first owner it's still a rare and unique piece. Curious to see where it will show up.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

BBC Top Gear - Jeremy Clarkson - Ferrari 400 - Awful in every way.

As I got ahold of this BBC book as per blog:

I was also curious to look up this particular top gear episode which the Wikipedia is referring to - see Legacy section:,_400_and_412#400GT

Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear described it as "awful in every way".

I have seen this quote used a couple of time in articles. Clearly Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson are prominent names and maybe are considered to be authorities by many. Obviously such comment from these sources does not work in favor of the 400. Just like the BBC Book you need to take the commentary with a pinch of salt. In fact it can be diminished since it's only a remark without any full explanation or justification.

The reference used on the Wikipedia page is pointing towards a YouTube video which no longer is present. I found the episode also on the official Top Gear website. I have now updated the Wikipedia page accordingly (cite-note 13):

Interestingly if you open this link it shows the 400 in the opening screen. The comment about the 400 starts at 2 minute 17 seconds

When searching on the license plate I found this old auction advert from 2000:

I wonder if this one is still around?

Monday 4 September 2017

autogespot : Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 Targa - Shemness Ontario

I might have overlooked this one:

At first sight this might look like a normal model with the interior redone and a respray. But if you look closely you will see this strange "spoiler" at the top of the front window" (click picture to enlarge). If you look closer on the other pictures you will see they created a targa roof. Funny enough I once spotted this targa miniature model on Ebay (and yes, it's a 365 as well). I would like to see some pictures of the real one with the targa roof off. Curious to see if the owner is reading this blog too.