Wednesday 24 February 2016

Lapo Elkann Ferrari 400i

This picture got posted yesterday on Facebook. Thought it was a nice one to add to the blog.
For those that does not know him:

Not sure if this car belongs to the Agnelli dynasty. As far as I'm aware Gianni Agnelli did not had a 400 in his collection. Which however would have fitted him nicely as it does come with an automatic gearbox. Due to a car accident in his younger years his right leg got shattered on 7 places and as such automatics had his preference. Here a unique photo of him in his one off 130 estate. And yes, it's the same automatic gearlever as used in the 400.

I just did some double checking and according to the European F400 club Gianni did had a 412. But no further details are revealed, ie no color details, VIN or type of gearbox.
Iconic Blue and Red Ferrari today with me.
Geplaatst door Lapo Elkann op dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Update 3-7-2016: More Lapo

Friday 19 February 2016

Ferrari 400 Magazine Articles

Over the past few days I have been organizing my magazine articles which are available in the download folder. Over time this archive has been growing steadily. Especially with help from those kind people who have been making donations lately - thank you once again! (you know who you are - and I can reveal it's only a very few). Buying these can become quite an expensive exercise as often the shipping costs comes with ridiculous prices. So I buy only the ones which I consider reasonable and affordable. By now it has become quite a collection and as said it was time to structure them a bit more. So I came up with a new naming convention to store them. I simply used the ISO standard as used for the Internet country codes, followed by the year, magazine name and model.

Example: AU_1977_Modern-Motor_365

By doing so you can easily scroll through the download folder to find the magazines and the related articles. I compiled the table below which includes an extra column for the published date. The green entries are the ones which are currently available in my archive. The red entries are known ones which are still missing. I welcome any type of contribution for this list. If you do happen to have a magazine with a missing article please let me know or better; provide me a scan (including the front cover).

I will add this blog on the side bar - labelled "magazine", so you can easily look it up for future reference.

Happy 400 reading everyone!

Last updated: 11 November 2019

Country Year Magazine Date Model
AU 1977 Modern Motor July 365GT4 2+2
AU 1978 Motor Manual November 400 Automatic
AU 1978 Modern Motor September 400 Automatic
AU 1983 Wheels August 400i Automatic
AU 1985 Modern Motor Juni 400i
DE 1973 Auto Zeitung July 365GT4 2+2
DE 1977 Auto Motor und Sport October 365GT4 2+2
DE 1977 AutoWelt (Auto Becker) February 400
DE 1978 Auto Zeitung November 400 Automatic
DE 1979 AutoWelt (Auto Becker) February 400i
DE 1981 Sport Auto December 400i
DE 1982 Auto Motor und Sport November 400i
DE 1983 AutoWelt (Auto Becker) February 400i
DE 1983 Auto Motor und Sport July 400i
DE 1983 Sport Auto July 400i
DE 1985 Auto Motor und Sport May 400i
DE 1985 Auto Motor und Sport December 412
DE 1986 Auto Motor und Sport July 412
DE 1992 Motor Klassik November 412
DE 1999 Motor Klassik Augustus 365GT4 2+2
DE 2000 Motor Klassik September 412
DE 2007 Oldtimer Markt July 365 - 412
DE 2010 Motor Klassik December 412
DE 2014 Auto Zeitung ? 412
DE 2015 Motor Klassik January 412
DE 2015 Motor Klassik May 412
DE 2015 Motor Klassik Special ? 365 - 412
DE 2016 Motor Klassik September 400 vs Jaguar XJ
DE 2017 Oldtimer Markt June 400i vs Bitter SC
DE 2018 Motorkklassik Special December 400GT
ES 1986 Automania March No 2 400i Cabrio Lorenz
ES 1982 Auto Movil June No 54 400i GT 
ES 2015 Gentlemen Drive December 400 Automatic
ES 2016 Coches Clasicos February 400 / 412
ES 2010 Coches Clasicos November 365GT4 2+2
FR 1972 L'annee automobile Special 20 365GT4 2+2
FR 1978 Sport Auto Januari 400 Automatic
FR 1980 Auto Retro July 400i Automatic
FR 1981 Auto Hebdo Februari 400i
FR 1983 Sport Auto March Ferrari Special
FR 1984 Auto Retro Februari Ferrari Dossier
FR 1984 Auto Hebdo Octobre 400i
FR 1984 Auto Mobiles Classique Autumn 400i Dossier
FR 1984/85 Auto Hebdo Special Nr 1 Essai 400i
FR 1985 Auto Chromes September 400i Cabrio
FR 1985/86 Auto Hebdo Special Nr 2 412
FR 1986 Auto Hebdo Februari 412
FR 1986 Sport Auto March 412
FR 1986 Ferrari La Passion May 400
FR 1986 Sport Auto November 412
FR 1987 Auto Passion January 412
FR 1987 Automobiles Classiques March 412
FR 1988 Driver Magazine March 400i Cabrio Lorenz
FR 1996 Sport Auto April 365GT4 2+2
FR 2002 Auto Retro December 400i
FR 2004 Auto Retro January 400 Dossier
FR 2005 Retro Viseur June Ferrari 2+2 Dossier
FR 2009 Auto Retro December 400
FR 2010 Auto Retro Horse Serie   400i Automatic
FR 2010 GT Collector July/August 400i Automatic
FR 2015 Auto Retro September 400
FR 2016 La Vie de L'Auto March 412
FR 2016 Sport Auto March 365GT4 2+2
FR 2016 Auto Retro November 400 GT Stommel
FR 2016 Retro Viseur November 400 Pavesi
FR 2016 Retro Viseur December 412
FR 2017 Sport Auto Classiques April no 4 400
FR 2017 British Motors #9 400i
FR 2017 Top's Cars August 400i
FR 2017 Retro Passion December 365GT4 2+2
FR 2018 Youngtimes Magazine May Ferrari 412
FR 2018 Revue Magazine du pailais de Tokyo May Ferrari 400
FR 2019 Retroviseur Februari Ferrari 400i Stommel
IT 1972 Auto 70 Ottobre Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2
IT 1978 Symbol Number four 400 Automatic
IT 1989 Auto Capital No 4 April 365 / Espada / Indy
IT 1983 Auto 70 No 163 - june Ferrari Meera
IT 1985 Starter July (no 26) 412 Pavesi
IT 1985 Auto Capital Juni 412
IT 1985 Symbol Nr 14 Summer 412
IT 1988 QuattroRuote August 412
IT 1988 Auto Oggi November 412
IT 1995 Auto d'Epoca December 365GT4 2+2
IT 2009 Automobilismo d'Epoca July 400
JA 1981 Car Graphic April (vol 241) 400i vs BB512
NL 1977 Autorevue March 400 GT
NL 1979 Autorevue December 400i Automatic
NL  2000 Onschatbare Klassieker October 412
NL 2005 Auto Motor Klassiek Augustus 400i Automatic
NL 2013 Autoweek Classics Nr 6 400i GT
NL 2014 Het Automobiel Augustus 400i Automatic Pavesi
NL 2016 Klassiek & Techniek September 365 vs Aston Martin
NL 2017 Autovisie Okt Nr 21 70 jaar Ferrari (400)
NL 2017 Autoweek Classics Nr 2 400i
NL 2017 Classic Cars Nr 23 400 vs 456
NL 2018 Auto Motor Klassiek Augustus nr 8 400 series
NZ 2001 Classic Car May 400 Automatic
SE 1984 Bilsport Nr 18 - August 400i
UK 1974 Car May 365GT4 2+2
UK 1975 Autocar October 365GT4 2+2   
UK 1977 Autocar September 400
UK 1977 Car July 365GT4 2+2
UK 1977 Autosport November 400 Automatic
UK 1979 Motor  April 400 Automatic
UK 1979 Motorsport December 400i Automatic
UK 1982 What Car? February 400i vs 928S
UK 1983 Car July 400i Automatic
UK 1984 Supercar ? ?
UK 1984 Car August 400i
UK 1986 Top Wheels  April 400i Cabrio
UK 1987 Classics & Sports Car February 365GT4 2+2
UK 1988 Performance Car February 412
UK 1988 Fast Lane March 412
UK 1988 Specialist Sports Car September 400
UK 1994 Classics & Sports Car May 400 Automatic
UK 1995 Classics & Sports Car April 400i  
UK 1996 Classics & Sports Car February 400i
UK 1999 Classics & Sports Car January 400i
UK 1999 Auto Italia ? 400
UK 2000 Classics & Sports Car November 365GT4 2+2 vs Bitter
UK 2001 Thoroughbred & Classic cars April 400i vs XJS HE
UK 2002 Classics & Sports Car July 400
UK 2003 Classics & Sports Car March 400i
UK 2004 Evo February Ferrari super test
UK 2005 Auto Italia November 112Ferrari 400 buyers guide  
UK 2005 Classics & Sports Car December 400i
UK 2007 Ferrari Owners Club spring 400
UK 2009 Classics & Sports Car October 412
UK 2010 Classics & Sports Car October 412
UK 2011 Classics & Sports Car October 400i
UK 2011 Auto Italia December 412
UK 2012 Classic Cars April 412
UK 2013 Thoroughbred & Classic cars May 365/400/412
UK 2015 Classic Car Weekly March 400i
UK 2015 Classic Motoring March 400
UK 2015 Auto Italia July 400 - 412
UK 2015 Classic Cars November 400
UK ? Classics Cars For Sale ? 365 - 412
UK 2016   September 365 vs Espaded / Indy
US 1977 Car and Driver June 400 Automatic
US 1978 Cavallino ? 400
US 1981 Autoweek October 400 Automatic
US 1982 Car and Driver December 400i
US 1986 Sports Car Illustrated September 412
US 1987 Road and Track ? 412
US 1993 Ferrari World Nr 21 400
US 2000 Auto Restorer June 400i
US 2001 Forza Magazine May 412
US 2004 Forza Magazine October ?
US 2005 Forza Magazine December 400 Automatic
US 2012 Forza Magazine April 400i
US ? Prancing Horse FCOA nr 35 365GT4 2+2
US ? Prancing Horse FCOA nr 46 365GT4 2+2 Fly Studio
US ? Prancing Horse FCOA nr 48 400 Automatic
US ? Prancing Horse FCOA nr 63 400i
US ? Prancing Horse FCOA nr 77 412
US ? Prancing Horse FCOA nr 96 412 cabriolet

Thursday 18 February 2016

Ferrari 400i - Museum Tiriac in Romania

Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Scuderia Ferrari motor racing team and of the Ferrari automobile producer used the 400i as his daily car to the factory.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Ferrari 400 bodywork arrival

Finished Pininfarina bodywork arrived at the Ferrari factory for final mechanical assembly.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Ferrari 400 Automatic la limousine sportive

And another French article added to the growing archive. It's now available in the download folder

Sunday 14 February 2016

Ferrari 400i Schedoni suitcase

I noticed an increased interest in Schedoni on my blog today. When doing my daily run I saw someone who posted a Schedoni suitcase for sale on FChat. Unfortunately it's only a single piece (with a steep price tag) and not the complete set:

I did happen to have visited Schedoni previous weekend. Unfortunately it was on a Sunday so they were obviously closed. But since we were so nearby I thought to visit it anyway:

But back to the offered suitcase. It does seem like the correct suitcase for a 400i. Both the 308 and 400 suitcase are not marked/stamped with the name, unlike the BB and the Mondial. Below you can see an overview of the suitcase models for each of the different types

BB512 suitcase

Mondial suitcase


308 suitcase

400i suitcase

In order to be complete you need to have 4 for of these and 2 little bags as per brochure:

Saturday 13 February 2016

Ferrari 400 Thermostat compatibility

Someone posted on FB the following compatibility for the Thermostat. Apparently the one used on the 400 is identical as used for the list below:

Termostato nuovo ed ancora inscatolato, marcato BEHR THOMSON per:
- MASERATI QUATTROPORTE MK2 2.0 - 2.8 BITURBO - 3.2 V8 32V dal 1994 al 2014
- MASERATI GHIBLI MK2 2.0 24V BITURBO dal 1992 al 2014

Diametro: 38x38x32
Cod. art. BEHR-THOMSON C607.80 = 2.049.79

I also spotted it on this Dutch webshop:

Stating: Maserati thermostat Maserati partnumber 585045601. Used on a maserati 3200 assetto corsa and 3200 GT opens at 70 degrees celsius. Main connections 38-40 mm side connection 30 mm Behr Thomson Italia

I'm not entirely sure if it wil fit correctly as one of the connecting pipes looks mounted with a different angle, but it could be the picture below is wrong. I need to doublecheck this but if anyone can confirm the above I'm interested to hear from you.

Update 16-2-2016: Typical today someone offered a used one for sale on Ebay, so from this it's clear one pipe is having a different angle.

Approx 35mm diameter of the 2 larger pipes. Smaller pipe diameter 25mm.

Update 23-12-2017: I just got triggered by the following posting on Ferrarichat:

Apparently it's compatible with Mercedes as well:

Mercedes part nr. 001 203 06 75. I think it's used on one of the MB Unimog models.