Friday 30 June 2017

Automobilmuseum Stainz Austria : Ferrari 400

When I informed a close contact about this car:

he remarked this was a museum item for many years. It was located at museum Stainz which by the look of it no longer exists. Their website and FB is still up and running though but with the sign closed. Turns out they had two 400s :

Curious to know where this one ended up:

Thursday 29 June 2017

Bonhams auction Goodwood 2017 - Lot 275 - Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

The following auction came to my attention:

My first guess it was Prince Bernhards 365GT4 2+2 due to it's color but it appeared to be a different one and a genuine right-hand model. The car comes with quite a bit of history but the first owner isn't mentioned (By now I have been informed the first owner is N. Oppenheimer). Im curious to see what the outcome will be. Looks like it still requires a bit of work to do.

I also like the introduction text supplied:

'Most important was the double overhead cam engine. Like Rolls-Royce, no horsepower figure was quoted, but surely it was at least 320. More important was its massive amount of torque. Taken together with the turbine-like characteristics of the V12 engine, it mattered little which gear one was in or at what speed.' – Stanley Nowak on the 356GT4 2+2, 'Ferrari on the Road'.

I guess I have another book on my list to buy.

And it got sold for 25k GBP

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Route Hunters - Ferrari 400i - Kuala Lumpur

A nice small article about a 400i which is for sale in Malaysia

Update: 22-5-2021   Based on the bumpers I suspect it's the same one. Looks like more black on this one:

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Time period Swiss Garage photo's

Some very nice time period pictures of known Garages in Swiss. Thanks for sharing these unique photo's Cyrille.

Graber Automobile AG, Switzerland... 1988

Garage Walter Hasler AG, Switzerland... 1988

Garage Foitek AG, Switzerland... 1989

Saturday 24 June 2017

1984 Ferrari GTi 400 From the Estate of Greg Garrison + 1981 Personal collection Robert E. Petersen.

And another known one:

It's the car owned by Dean Martin, see blog:

As you can see it was sold for a very good price in 2007. There is another one listed on the same auction which got even sold for 52k USD.

Very high prices for the US Market, I'm not sure if this is caused by the famous owners of these. This one came out of the private collection of Robert E Petersen ( Both were having the "desirable" manual gearbox as well.

Update 29-8-2021: spotted this sales add:

Ferrari 412 Convertible Scaglietti Prototype

By surprise I came across this unique one-off. I have made another blog about this one but this photo and auction was unknown to me. So here you go:

Thursday 15 June 2017

Emergency Triangle - Triangolo di segnaliazone - Triangle de pre-signalation

This was another item that was still missing. And of course I had to obtain the correct one. In the Original owners manual it's listed as an item but not actually displayed. It's shown though on the eurospares catalogue:

I checked with another owner who had the Original with his car. It appears to be made by a company called "costaplastik" in Macherio. The green color of the casing is a bit faded  but other then that it's pretty ok. Of course the price paid was ridiculous. But it's good for my nightrest as it's another step to completion.

Update 26-6-2017: I just found this picture of a 400 currently for sale on an auction, so I definately got the right one:

Monday 12 June 2017

APT Performance - Video : FERRARI 400I REBUILD

A very nice timelapse recording of a 400i engine rebuild and more by APT Performance cars in Barcelona. I have now added this company to the sidebar as well. Excellent job Kike!

Saturday 10 June 2017

Auto Gespot : Ferrari 400i Orland Park (IL)

This spot made me happy. Nice to see the car being used and by the looks of it he's taking his son to a soccer game. How cool is that. Furthermore it looks like to be in a good condition. To bad about the US sidemarkers. Strange to see it without a front license plate but I like it though. I also noticed it does have the Original Tornado decals on the Vitaloni mirrors (I still have plenty left for sale, see my blog: And the rear lights seems to have been reversed, meaning blinking lights on the inside instead of the outside. By many the 400 is considered an ugly car. Well, on this parking area I see only ugly cars except the 400
Compliments to this owner. See the link for more supporting photo's:

Spotter Lamborarri
  • Orland Park (IL), United States of America
  • First time spotted in Orland Park (IL)
  • It isn't very often I get to spot classics, and it's even rarer that I spot a classic Ferrari. So you can imagine my surprise spotting this insanely rare Ferrari 400i at my cousin's soccer game at some random park. The owner was really chill and said this is the first time his car has ever been photgraphed, and I think he was almost as excited about that as I was to see this car to begin with. He said he drives it around the area sometimes so hopefully I will get to see it again. According to various websites, they only built around 850 of these and roughly 500 are left today.

  • Friday 9 June 2017

    Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 Pace Car Le Mans 1973

    I should have posted this unique picture earlier. Thanks for finding and sharing Cyrille!

    Update 17-1-2018 : I received these 2 additional pictures by one of the readers. Merci Guillaume.

    Thursday 8 June 2017

    Ferrari 412 service time schedule + spare parts catalogue

    For my growing archive I recently purchased these 2 manuals on an auction for a "decent" price. They arrived today. Unfortunately I got outbid on a few other auction items.

    Tuesday 6 June 2017

    Battery quick pole disconnector.

    Another item I took care of last Saturday. I placed this so called battery pole connector to easily disconnect/connect with a turning wheel. It's not exactly located at a convenient place but it's do-able. No more hassle with taking off the battery clamp as I always disconnect it when I park it longer term. Another rewarding job.

    Monday 5 June 2017

    Airconditioning / heater blowers fix - Bosch relais switch faulty 0332014113 12V 30A

    As mentioned in the blog about the IHWC roadtrip the air/ventilation blowers stopped working. The functionality of it were playing up before. So effectively I should have tackled this shortcoming earlier. At the time I did look up the involved relais switch and asked a friend who happens to work at Hella to obtain one. I was told they could not be delivered these as it was not recognized (cross referenced). So last Saturday I opened up the switchboard and took it out and went to the local spare parts shop. I was pretty sure it was a normal relais which should be available. And it was. To my surprise they came up with a Hella one. It did had this extra mounting holder though which was easily removed.

    Clearly I had made sure beforehand it was the relais which was faulty by reusing the same relais used elsewhere on the board. And it was faulty indeed. So I replaced it by the new Hella relais and presto it was working again. Yes, another item of the list.

    I have to admit I don't like the new plastic Hella relais though. The old Bosch relais with the metal housing looks so much more nicer. Despite it's all locked away and not visible I still prefer the old ones. I have seen used ones for sale on Ebay but that does not make sense to me as chances are bigger they can go faulty soon.

    Another thought that occurred to me is that the other ones might go faulty/flaky soon as well. In this case the fault was instantly noticeable (and not a big deal) but what about if for example the radiator fan(s) stops working due to a faulty relais. So I'm now thinking to get them all replaced. Would be nice to get some NOS Bosch relais switches (if anyone knows of a batch I'm interested to hear from you). Else I will buy new plastic Hella's. I will also get the fuses replaced by new ones. I discovered one broken fuse used for the heated rear window.

    And the new Hella relais (€ 15,-) with the extra mounting holder (which I cut off).

    Sunday 4 June 2017

    Bumper repair part I

    Yesterday I went to the car repair shop to get a first indication about the damage. I went to the same shop who did my front window replacement as they had done a quality job.

    As I anticipated the bumper can't be repaired and needs to be replaced by a new one (likely that will become an immitation). On the 2nd picture you can see clearly two big dents, in between is where the bumper mounting bracket is located hence it's not dented. Potentially behind the bumper there is also damage that needs to be restored, hopefully nothing severe. The car shop owner also mentioned the rear exhaust was hit, something I did not spot but it looks like minimal though.

    As the pictures reveal, on the right side the bumper is pushed completely to the rear back without any space left. From left to right the space fades away completely.

    I was Lucky the rear lights survived. Hereby some additional pictures of the place in Turin where the accident happend.

    I need to come back to the shop another time as it's expected the insureance will need to inspect the damage and to verify the money calculation. It's all this hassle and time consuming work on top of it that I dislike very much. Despite I emailed and called the insureance I still don't have their dossier number. So I will chase that now next. Watch this space.