Tuesday 12 December 2023

Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 Fly Studio Modena

I had already this available on my blog:




And now I obtained this magazine article from 8-1976. The magazine name is unknown to me.

Click the photo to enlarge:

Fly Studio srl
Modena, 1975 – 1980

In 1975 Giacomo Caliri and Luigi Marmiroli left Ferrari with the blessing of Il Commendatore, to establish Fly Studio. The idea was to carry out advanced research in engineering and mechanics, but also to make prototypes and experimental cars for Ferrari itself, which by then was too big to manage all these activities in-house. One of the first tasks was to convert a Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 with an unusual „T-roof“, for Etienne Aigner, a wealthy customer in the fashion world.
Later they worked mainly on racing cars, designing the first Minardi Formula 2 and the Formula 1 Fittipaldi F5A and ATS D2.

Friday 8 December 2023

Auction - Sotheby Paris - 1975 Ferrari 400i Prototipo

This auction is coming up in Paris January 2024:


And it's a very interesting car as it started off as a 365GT4 2+2 and consequently got upgraded to a 400 and a 400i being a test car. See also this blog:


Somehow I suspect it's the same car as mentioned in this blog:

It has this particular chip/scratch on the corner of the frontbumper. The color is the same as well. Likely they uplifted the headlights and side mirror. And this car has these strange wheels. It's very likely their test car.

Monday 4 December 2023

Forza issue 164 April 2018 : Pace and Grace - 456 vs 400 vs 612

Somehow I must have missed out this edition. Luckily I found this online edition:

They’re not for everyone, but Ferrari’s 2+2s are fast, spacious, and comfortable.


Sunday 3 December 2023

Onschatbare Klassieker yearbook 2024 - price index

 I have purchased the yearbook again as it has been a while:

And this years price index for our vehicles:

And a small comparisson table with the previous yearbooks I have. You will see that over the past decade there hardly has been any movement. The book does not make a distinction between manuals and automatics which in practice makes a difference as well. According to the index these prices are based on asking prices of classic car companies, auctions and asking prices of adverts in car magazines. A = Concours condition, B= Very good to excellent condition.

                          2024                    2020                         2017                   2013
                          A           B            A          B                  A            B          A            B    
Ferrari 365: 100.000 - 75.000   100.000 - 75.000  100.000 - 75.000   85.000 - 60.000
Ferrari 400:  85.000  - 60.000   85.000  - 60.000   85.000   - 60.000   55.000 - 42.000
Ferrari 400i: 75.000  - 50.000   70.000 - 50.000    70.000   - 50.000   65.000 - 47.000
Ferrari 412:  90.000  - 80.000   57.000 -  35.000   57.000   - 35.000   75.000 - 42.000