Tuesday, 18 January 2022

The Meera S Is The Weirdest Ferrari Ever And It's Going Up For Auction




Via Ferrarichat:

41421: Born as stock standard 400i, originally painted Marrone Colorado with Beige VM 3218 leather, completed 2 March 1982, and sold new in Italy.
Following some damage the car was rebodied by Michelotti and shown at the Torino motor show 1983.
Then sold to Saudia Arabia. Later in TX/USA, FL/USA, Kuweit, etc.

Marcel Massini

Via Facebook:

  • Nils Berger
    I cant understand, why they eliminated the most interesting features. The transparent boxed elelectronic instruments or the sunroof.
    • Leuk
    • Beantwoorden
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  • Nils Berger
    The car should have been auctioned today. As far as I read the auctioner proclaimed it to be probably the last car, at least Ferrari, Giovanni Michelotti worked at, because this type of Ferrari 400i was presented in 1979. GM died, as we all know, in 1980. - The car has been restored at Ferrari since 2011, which might explain the changes to the interior. Instead of resources for the unique mentioned technical features they installed the standard instruments of a regular Ferrari 400i. - It has been sold for 432500,- Euros.