Wednesday 29 June 2016

Auction : Ferrari 400i GT

Just adding this one for the records and due to it's first owner. The fetched price (60k, inc. premium) seems quite matching with the latest 2016 price index by La Cote (blog: La Cote : Price index 2016 Ferrari 400 ). Although I would have expected a slightly higher price, especially if it's really in excellent condition as described. Curious to see where it will pop up.

1984 Ferrari 400i GT Coupé
Coachwork by Pininfarina
Registration no. A162 WHK
Chassis no. ZFFEB7S000050811
Engine no. to be advised
*Originally owned by Peter Livanos
*Resident in the USA 1987-2015
*Rare manual-transmission model
*Original paintwork and interior


  • Launched at the 1976 Paris Salon, the 400GT had acquired a 4.8-litre version of Ferrari's four-cam V12 engine but otherwise differed from its 365GT/4 2+2 predecessor only in detail. The 400GT re-affirmed Ferrari's determination to compete with the world's finest luxury sports saloons and was intended to attract the type of mature yet discerning customer who previously might have opted for a Bentley or Mercedes-Benz. This latter requirement made the option of automatic transmission a necessity. The unit chosen - General Motors' three-speed Hydramatic - was widely regarded as the world's best, having been used by Cadillac and subsequently by Rolls-Royce and Jaguar among others. Ferrari's splendidly equipped 2+2 featured self-levelling independent rear suspension, power-assisted steering, electric windows and optional air conditioning. Sadly, even after it received fuel injection, the 400GT - now the 400i GT - remained effectively a Europe-only model because of the expense involved in crash-testing two cars for US safety assessment. By the time production of the final 412 version ceased in 1989, Ferrari's finest 2+2 had been in production for a remarkable 17 years, though its exclusivity meant that there were seldom more than 200 sold in any one year.

    We are advised that this left-hand drive 400i GT was privately imported into the USA in 1987 by first owner Peter Livanos, the Greek shipping magnate and former financial backer of Aston Martin. A rare manual-transmission model, the Ferrari was purchased in Florida by the present owner in 1994, by which time it had covered 11,000 miles (the current odometer reading is 29,976 miles). Impeccably maintained, the car received a new clutch in 1995 and a full Borla stainless steel exhaust system in 1999, increasing maximum power from 340 to 370bhp.

    From 2000 to 2015 the Ferrari resided in California; imported into the UK in 2015, it has been kept in dry storage since arriving here. The car retains its original paintwork and full leather interior, and has been upgraded with an Alpine audio system (with Bluetooth) and improved power windows (now rack-and-pinion operated). Described by the vendor as in generally excellent condition, this rare Ferrari Gran Turismo is offered with a V5C document and MoT to 19th July 2016

Monday 27 June 2016

Ferrari 365 / 400 : ZF Steering box - parts and rebuild manual

Just to inform you the download folder has been uploaded with the ZF Steering box parts and rebuild manual :

Sunday 26 June 2016

Ferrari 400 GT by Stommel-Con Moda

A Ferrari 400 GT manual is rare. A Ferrari 400 cabrio is rare. But a Ferrari 400 GT manual Cabrio by Stommel is unique. I came across these pictures so adding them for the records. Small things I noticed, it has a Ford branded radio (Yuck), the missing chrome trim on the front bumper missing, the rear lights missing the chrome rings, incorrect side mirrors. The written Pininfarina bage moved to the backside?

As for the company itself I couldn't find much more about them. The only thing close I could find is this company called Stommel and also located in Koln and active in the automotive business. But it's not revealling anything on the company history:

Saturday 25 June 2016

Cars at the movies - Petrolicious

Just a retrospective update about an event I went to with the 400. Last weekend there was a premiere movie about Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans presented at the Cinemec in Utrecht. It's a new concept launched by "cars at the movies" which is aiming at petrolheads. Just read all about it on their own website:

or their FB page:

As said, I went there with the 400 and I was not the only one showing up with a special car.


Prior to the movie they had an interesting guest lined up for an interview (Tom Coronel). After this a matching Petrolicous video was presented. To see this video on the big screen in combination with the Cinema sound system was worth the visit only:


The movie itself was some kind of documentary which revealed quite a bit of interesting insight. Afterwards there were drinks, snacks and some winners were announced. To my surprise they also made a small selection on the special cars that showed up. And yes, I won a price as well. A Tag Heuer goodie bag with some Tag Heuer items. How nice!

I'm definately going to take a close look on their agenda as I have seen some other classic car movies listed which I'm very interested to see and hear on the big screen. Perhaps a nice occassion to meet up with other Dutch 400 owners. Watch this space ;-)

Saturday 4 June 2016

Auction : 1978 Ferrari 400 Automatic

Lately quite a few 400s are offered on the market. Varying in quality, price and model. This one attracted my attention as I consider it close to mine. Just curious to see for how much this one will go.
My gut feel says it will go for at least € 75k. Good specimens are now hard to find below € 50k (at least in Europe). To bad this one doesn't have the black intersection on the back which makes it slightly less Original in my opinion.

Furthermore the advert does contain an interesting paragraph which I'm adding for the records:

In 1972, Ferrari presented its new twelve-cylinder touring car, the 365 GT 2+2 in Paris at the booth of Charles Pozzi. Reactions to the design from Pininfarina were relatively harsh, the unanimous opinion was that it was not spectacular enough. That’s not what Ferrari wanted, so its target clientele became traveling businessmen. And this was met with pinpoint accuracy.



Update 26-6-2016: I just checked and it got sold for:
EUR 64.400 ,-
USD 71.500 ,-
Fair price (it does include the auction premium, etc) for a proper car like this.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Ebay : Ferrari 400i press photo

Not happy! I'm outbid again on a nice 400 press picture. It's not the first time this happens. I'm quite surprised as often I also see other press photo's for the other (more popular) models like the F40 or the BB which goes for much less.

 Interestingly this press photo's are not stamped by Pininfarina Torino:

 There are also color pictures known from the same series: