Saturday 27 April 2019 : Waarom aan de Ferrari 400i en 456 GTA een koninklijk tintje zit

This Dutch article got printed in a magazine a while ago. Now it's available online and today it's Kingsday in the Netherlands. The article is hinting towards the fact that Prince Bernhard had both of them.

Friday 26 April 2019

For sale on Ebay : 1982 Ferrari 400i V12 engine

For those interested:

1982 Ferrari 400i V12 engine for sale

100 % stock and complete, still in the car 38800 miles and starts and runs fine
Automatic transmission included

Asking $15,000 or best offer as is where is

Cost of removal from car included , crating and shipping at buyers expense

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Water valve for heater - 110066

A very nice compatibility find on Fchat. Thanks for sharing Arvid:

Opel 1820106

Yonge Steeles Motors in Toronto, Canada - 1980 - Ferrari 400i

One of the readers submitted this photo last year. It's such a cool period photo. Unfortunately I haven't got a reply from him since. So I'm hoping he's still reading the blog and will respond to my email.

Update 30 January 2020: as I posted this one on FB as comment someone else posted this photo in return with the following comment: "The black 400i is probably this car. Owned by the late Paul Meredith, Toronto."

Update 15 November 2019: I noticed this 1977-ish Canadian brochure on Ebay and linked it immediately to the photo above. So am adding it here for the records. The 400 Automatic costed back then 68.000 Can. Dollars (and the BB 70.000).

Wednesday 10 April 2019

For sale: used 5x Michelin TRX 240/55 VR

They are located in Leerdam (the Netherlands). Contact details are in the advert link but feel free to reach out to me to facilitate:

Michelin TRX
240/55 VR
5 pieces:

1x datumcode 0610 with 10mm profile
1x datumcode 0610 with 10mm profile
1x datumcode 071 with5mm profile
1x datumcode 482 with 5mm profile
1x datumcode 405 with 6mm profile

One buy for € 600,- (SOLD!)

Monday 8 April 2019

Rivista Auto 70 - Ferrari 365 GT/4 2+2

A little while ago one of the readers made a small donation (Thank you Roland!). And now I finally have purchased two unknown magazines for the archive. They are both scanned and will be available in the download folder shortly. It's an Italian magazine which was unknown to me. I don't master the Italian language but both articles are rather small and not indepth. Still a very a nice addition. As Always I welcome any kind of contribution.

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Auto Salon / Motor show Ferrari 400

One of the kind readers submitted these photo's. Does any of you happen to know which year and which auto show it was presented?

Update: quicker as anticipated; this is likely the Turin auto salon in 1976