Sunday, 25 April 2021

Ferrari Club Nederland - Dutch statistics

In maart heeft een recordaantal Ferrari's een nieuw Nederlands kenteken gekregen, namelijk 48 stuks! Hoewel er ook een...

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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Ferrari 2 + 2 comparisson by Tom Yang - Ferrari 400 GT vs Ferrari /Dino 308 GT4

This week's Vintage Ferrari content! Two blue Ferraris, nearly the same age, same number of seats, similar design cues,...

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Friday, 23 April 2021


And it got sold today for only € 69k ... what a steal:

I had always had this photo stored in my personal archive, I sensed it was a special one.
Turns out it was the 400 of his son

This photo was supplied by the auction advert:

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

It's another true story

Last night my wife remarked if I had seen a specific Facebook post by a company she was connected with. Apparently it had a 400 on it. I had no idea who she was referring to. Once I was informed I said I was not connected with them but obviously looked it up though. Turned out it was a 400 indeed. The garage owner who repainted it is someone who I know from the long past, his son was in the same football team as ours. I checked their FB timeline but they appear not to be very active but of course the Ferrari had to be mentioned. 

And by coincidence I received the following photo today in the "" Whatsapp group. One of the members is working on his Alfetta (I believe it's shared workshop):

As chances are very slim this obviously had to be same 400. How's that!?  So in return I posted the photo above ;-) 

But due to his photo with the red spider next to it I instantly recalled another Facebook posting in the 400 group which more or less revealed the same set up :-) 

So now the circle is round. Curious to see if the owner reads this blog too :-)

Update 13-5-2021: Today this one got posted on Instagram:

Friday, 2 April 2021

Parked outside for too long - Ferrari 400 manual carburettor

This one got posted on Facebook. Unfortunately the source and location is unknown. Looks like this has been sitting outside for a long time.

According to the master:

Serial number 21085, a 1977 carburettor 400, with red interior. Always been in Italy. Manual transmission according to my data (thought it has an auto badge on the back).

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Panini card - Dream cars 2nd edition - 1987 Ferrari 412i

 I got my hands on another Panini card. Should actually have bought a complete set, oh well.

More about Panini on this blog: