Wednesday, 30 July 2014

1972 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 Prototipo by Pininfarina

Since this one is so special I will add it to my blog. I'm really curious regarding the outcome of this auction.

Ferrari 400i with a Chevy V8

Yet again, I found another engine swap. I will now label them accordingly and add them to the sidebar. This time a 400i with a Chevy V8

And a nice videoclip on YouTube:

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Petrolicious : Why The Ferrari 400i Is Collectable

I think everyone has seen it already. Hard to miss. So just for the records, hereby included and added to the online section:

What a stunning beauty!

And of course their FB update so you can read all the nice comments:

Ferrari 412 in a museum

But which museum?

Update: It's likely this museum

Monday, 28 July 2014

Barn find low mileage Ferrari 400 gt 47000 miles

Adding the picture seperate since Internet is still a volatile medium

Update: now the Ebay advert:
And another tweet:

And a FB page with more comments:

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 Pavesi

This picture is one I obtained from the official Ferrari website:

I thought I recognized it since it's a particular one. It's namely a Pavesi interior. The picture itself does not look like a true official studio photograph either. Not sure how and where they obtained it but I think it's very likely an interior picture of this car:

As another comment, I was informed (hopefully correctly) the 365 was never delivered in the color Red. As such I find it remarkable they have put pictures on the official Ferrari website with Red examples.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ferrari 400 GT / Course – Stock Video # 603-120-310 - Enzo Ferrari movie

Not sure what this is about but I suspect it's taken from the movie Enzo Ferrari:é-luxury-car-sports-caré-sinous-line-braking

I never have seen the movie, but when I checked online I noticed the entire movie is posted on YouTube, it's split in 2 parts. And yes, the snapshots above are indeed from this movie:

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ferrari 365 / 400 / 412 price index

Another magazine (German - Motor Klassik 7/2014) I was reading did contain a price indication overview. I took this snapshot, so you can have a feel for the current prices in Mainland Europe. It's showing top condition and moderate prices (times 1000 Euro).

Ferrari 400i barn find restoration

It's regarding this blog posting:

Meanwhile I also found the matching Ebay auction:

I was notified by someone last week this car is undergoing a restoration. Which is good news. I'm sure this will pay out on the long run. Looking forward for the pictures or any other medium update.

Update 13-8-2014: The owner has just got back to me - the restoration has barely started, but the owner has removed the fuel tanks and supply tanks, which were full of rubbish. All the front to rear fuel system, pumps etc will all be removed and replaced.


Friday, 25 July 2014

Ferrari 400 hillclimbing Austria

Norwegian Ferrari 400 hillclimbing in Austria. Event professionally hosted by Ferrari Owners Club of Austria. Nice one Harald!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ferrari 400 Service Van - Francorchamps - Ferrari 400 Automatic

Currently residing in France and after 2 days of rain the sun is shining today. So enjoying a good cup of coffee outside and reading the car magazines of the residence owner.

In one of the magazines I spotted this Ferrari Service Van for sale. I had seen it before but since it has 400 Automatic so clearly printed on it I thought it's worthwile to make a snapshot of it

If you fancy it, it's listed online here:

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sammy Hagar collection : Ferrari 400

On Fchat I read about this guy called Sammy Hagar. I didn't knew him but apparently he is a well known American rock star. He has a nice collection of Ferrari's including a Ferrari 400. A quick search resulted in this article.

On the enclosed picture you can see him, including a small part of the 400:

As I was curious about his music I found this YouTube clip which contains nice footage on the 512BB. Perhaps a bit off-track but thought it's nice material to be included. I guess the guy called Claudio in the video clip is really Claudio Zampolli (as mentioned in the article), as such definately worthwile to be included on this blog.

Update 6-12-2014 Via Facebook I fetched the following article:

It does contain another picture of him in combination with the 400:


Monday, 21 July 2014

Tweet: Ferrari 412 France

Todays and tomorrows weather forecast are not exactly bright overhere. So time to do a bit of internet exercise and catch up. My guess for the following Tweet is they have the same weather conditions. I noticed the name on the picture. So they are just like me currently located in France. Tomorrow I will visit:

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ding Dong 15.000 hits

I'm surprised by the growing numbers on this blog. The graph is growing steep. As mentioned before, I almost feel obliged to write proper updates. I'm not doing any promotion either. It's funny though, when I do my daily routine I often find my own updates posted the day before. So the search engines are doing good and quick indexing. For those interested in the stats hereby a snapshot.

As you can see, today I'm on 1500 hits and were just on the middle of the month. A lot of hits are generated by people searching around and others are returning visitors. If you're one of them, don't expect much happening as I will be going on holiday leave shortly.

And to celebrate this milestone a nice classic supercortemaggiore (AGIP) rally footage

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Autohebdo : Ferrari 412 Le V12 chante encore

You guessed it right, a fresh scanned magazine (French) article. It's now available in the download folder.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Ferrari 412 Wedding car

A wedding in style. Bless them. If this gets to the attention of the groom, I will send him a gift if he gets in contact with me.

And this shot of the grooms beautiful black 1986 Ferrari 412 #Ferrari

The number plate was also used on a Ferrari 328 according to this site:

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ferrari 400i Pavesi

I catched this Dutch Fabebook update. It was posted in
Somehow I cant fetch the 'embedded html code' from this page, so I took it from the personal Facebook page of the person who posted it. As such it's now missing the brilliant comments. In any case, this FB post mentions there is an upcoming article in a future edition of the magazine "Het Automobiel" ( /  So expect a scanned article upcoming. Furthermore I noticed on the license plate the name  And on their website the car is offered on sale: It does mention only 12 Pavesi convertibles have been made. Still I don't fancy them.

Update: By surprise I just noticed the Pavesi website is alive again:
(still some construction work going - no English yet). If you wonder how the old website looked like in Feb 2002:
Update: Just was sniffing around a bit more. I noticed via web archive some more updates where done in 2013. It seems like that was a temporary website with a new (different) design layout. It did contain also a section with a few YouTube videos (currently not available on their new website). In any case this triggered me to lookup their YouTube Channel: On their channel you will see a nice video on the Testarossa convertible. At the start and the end you will see the entrance of the Pavesi premises. It seems to be located somewhere on a city street in Milan. Just checked this on Google maps. Isn't that a remarkable location:
Seems like the houses have been renovated, compared with the video snapshot. During my summer holiday leave I think I will make a city breakout trip to Milan and make a visit to this place.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 WEEK-END EN FAMILLE - Guide D'achat - Buyers Guide

I just added this French article to the online section:

For the lazy bones, hereby the translator link into English:

This article shows another 365GT4 2+2 with only 4 rear lights.
It was for sale in 2011 for only € 30.000,-

On the picture section of this article I noticed this black and white picture. Which is a rare one. It seems to be part of a official series. The careful observant might have noticed that meanwhile I have been uploading other pictures in my archive. You can look them up in the download folder or view them on the sidebar at the new picture section.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Driving Dreams by Daniel Tomicic and Gianluca Migliarotti

A great initiative which I'm supporting. As pointed out somewhere, it's a shame great designers like Sergio Pininfarina passed away not that long ago and now are missed out in this tribute. But there are still a lot of great master designers alive. Spread the word and contribute:


Motor Klassik 9/2000 - Ferrari 412 vs Fiat 130 - Sergio Pininfarina

I obtained this German article which is now added to the archive in the download folder.

Ferrari 400 Sergio Pininfarina

As I was doing a bit of further searching on Pininfarina and the 400 I came ahold of this interesting picture.

When doing further searching I came ahold of a close matching picture which revealed little more:

(of course via

And following on that I ended up on the Fiat 130 website, which held a nice article about the 412 vs 130 and Sergio pictured between the two models: Unfortunately a lo-res article. Luck will have it I obtained the article via Ebay last week. I will make a seperate blog post about it.

Sergio's 412 was/is up for sale not that long ago:
The responsible Pininfarina designer for the 400 was Leonardo Fioravanti. The closest picture I could find is in combination with the 4-seater Pinin. Typical it's so hard to find good material and pictures on the designers and the designs they created.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ferrari 400i Barn Find

I know this is an older one but I only catched it today. Apparently it was for sale on Ebay last year.
But it's listed on this website as well (loads slowly):

For a moment I thought I recognized the car:
But it appears to be a different one. Curious to know what happened with it. If it's parted out I'm interested in the front window.

Ferrari 400 - Blaupunkt Heidelberg Stereo CR Super Arimat

Although I have my radio complete now with all documentation I still had my search options running. So today I got an Ebay alert. There was a complete set for sale but someone had made a good offer and the listing is ended:

The advert did also contain a nice YouTube clip on the functioning of the radio. Something I had in mind to make as well. But this is no longer required, so here goes:


Monday, 7 July 2014

A detailed web log of the building of a Ferrari 400 with 456 mechanicals and other pieces.

I just came across this blog with a very interesting project:
Turns out the blog was far less detailed as envisioned. I wonder what happened with the project and the cars. I will add it in any case to the project section - just for the records. On Fchat I found the matching thread, which stranded as well:

More and more I start wondering how many good 400's are remaining in running condition ...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ferrari 365 / 400 / 412 pictures

I figured I had to make a start to make a central place for the picture section. I decided to make again use of the Shared Google Drive, rather then using Picasa, Tumblr or Instagram. For now I only added a section on the sidebar for the 412 (365/400 to follow). I'm aiming only for the 'official' photos. I think I will add a miscellaneous section for other great pictures I come across. As Always, any contribution is welcomed.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Hungarian 365 GT4 2+2 part II

A few weeks ago  I posted this blog:

Apparently this was a known one. It appears the F400 European club had a very nice article about this car and the owner. The 2nd part of the article does contain an English translation:

He bought it dark red/black and then it appeared from Ferrari Classiche that it was originally Marrone Colorado on Tan Leather, so he restored it completely. 

This car (19453) has the particularity to be one of the very last 365 GT4 2+2 produced after the very first 400. (19353):

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ferrari 365 + 400 - Manifold Pressure Tool by Overland - Carburettor synchronisation

By coincidence I found this tool as I was watching someone's profile on FChat due to a nice picture he posted. The profile was highlighting the following website:
He tailormade a very nice kit to measure the manifold pressure and display the results realtime graphically on your laptop. I think this is far more practical then a bunch of vacuum gauges or Mercury gauges. A great tool to have when syncing your carbs. Let the demo speak for itself. I will add this to the company section on the sidebar.