Saturday 4 October 2014

William Vaccari - il tubista - Ferrari chassis 365GT4 2+2

Last week I ran into this photographer website which held very interesting photo’s regarding different brands, including Ferrari.

One of these pictures was about the chassis building for the 365 GT4 2+2. This was done at Vaccari. I had not heard of this company before. Yes, I’m still a novice. I quickly checked and can see they are still around, but now under the name “Vaccari-Bosi

Their website does contain a nice history on the company and how they became supplier for Ferrari. Apart from this I wasn’t able to find much more on this company or any other supporting material. So I guess this is quite a unique picture:

The GT4 2+2 chassis was built by Vaccari, and here fibreglass bulkheads are rivetted to it, before it goes to Pininfarina for body fitting.

You would expect a little more interest and information since they have build a lot of frames for many Ferrari models.

At the time when I was about to buy my 400 I had taken the morning off for a inspection to be done by a independent specialist. I asked my manager permission to take the morning off. Of course he was interested in what I was up to. So I told him I was going to buy a car but first wanted to have it further inspected. So the next logical question was about the car brand. Since he asked about it I simply told him. Not sure if that was a clever thing to mention.
In any case, the inspection took longer as expected and also resulted in finalizing the deal in the afternoon (not something I had foreseen). As such I called my manager to inform him about the situation so I could get the afternoon off as well. Which was not a problem.  He kindly informed my team as well. Not knowing he briefed them and stating the reason as well; he bought a Ferrari.
As my purchase raised a bit of interest I figured to share by email a little information (prewarn them it was not red, not curvy, automatic, disliked model, etc) and some supporting pictures about the car. One of the pictures included was a detailed shot from underneath during the inspection. My manager replied with the following; “I might be one of the rare likers. Especially the welding of the chassis is a piece of craftsmanship".

Typical techie response. Although I'm working in a ICT environment my manager had a background in mechanical engineering. But he was so right.

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