Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Ferrari 412 Convertible

I got ahold of this one-page from the Ferrari Club Magazine UK - Issue 80, winter 1989 (thank you David!) It's an article about the 412 convertbile. Click to enlarge:

More info on this car: http://www.f400club.com/73011-la-412-cabriolet-usine/

And a small blog I recently created: http://erwin400.blogspot.nl/2015/05/ferrari-412-scaglietti-cabriolet-unique.html

This Japanese car is a conversion, one of three 412s converted:


Monday, 29 June 2015

Italia a Zandvoort 2015

I didn't attend this event but saw on FB at least another 3 owners showed up. All these existing owners seem to posses the car already for a while. Maybe time to organize an event for all the 400 owners in the Netherlands.


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bonnet struts replacement

Remember this one? http://erwin400.blogspot.nl/2013/12/400-maintenance-bonnet-struts.html

Well, finally today I had time to take care of this task. Typical how the most easy task takes the longest time to complete. Then again, it's less important then engine or other maintenance. In order to remove the struts I had to remove the side strips so I could get my hands under the bonnet isolation and remove the clip and the pin. It's a bit of fiddling but very doable.

The struts fitted nicely, except that one side had to be drilled out to fit the pin. Again, a minor job.

Then putting the sides strips on again with new pop-rivets and presto

The only big difference with the originals struts are the mounting ends which are smaller but it's not causing any issue or whatsoever.

When closing the bonnet the left side now does require a light push to close entirely.

And for the records, the Original struts are made by Gilardini Corte & Cosso

Friday, 26 June 2015

Dutch 412 car spot

I received this 412 spot today (Thanks Stefan). It's a black 412 automatic, registered 20-6-1986. Imported to NL 24-4-2009. The new owner has it since 23-4-2015. Congratulations.

Update: 1-7-2015  Today I noticed this car is for sale:
Further supporting text at the advert:
This Ferrari 412 is in perfect condition and is one of 11 Ferrari 412’s that are still in prefect condition. This Ferrari has always been serviced by Kroymans Ferrari (official Ferrari dealer) and all service bills and specifications are available The specifications of this Ferrari are as follows:
Engine4.9 L F 101 EL V12
Transmission3-speed automatic
Wheelbase2,700 mm (106.3 in)
Length4,810 mm (189 in)
Width1,798 mm (70.8 in)
Height1,314 mm (51.7 in)
Curb weight1,805–1,810 kg (3,979–3,990 lb)
This specific car is produced on 20-06-1986 and imported from Switzerland into The Netherlands on 24-04-2009.
The color of the car is black metallic and the paint is in outstanding condition as is the chrome on the car. The car has a new stainless steel exhaust system. The car is used on a regular basis which means that all tubes and other vulnerable parts are not porous or weak due to not driving.
The tires are as good as new. The brake blocks have been renewed last month.

The interior of the car is cream white and does not have any scratches or damages. The car has all possible options such as: electrical chairs, electrical windows,, electrical mirrors, electrical antenne.
It is true pleasure to drive the car and what makes it even more special is that you can drive with your partner and kids who have plenty of space on the back “royal” seats.

The car has driven 33.000 KM.

Update 14-10-2015: And for sale again. Maybe one of the very few that is dropping in price. Meanwhile another 4k has been driven. So it has been used properly - Always good.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ferrari 400 Weber Carburettor synchronistation / tuning

Last week I was approached by someone for advise on tuning the carbs. My knowhow on this topic is very limited and I'm lucky to know a helpful and knowledgeable mechanic. Thought it might be useful to share his response. Furhtermore I obtained an additional document describing a similar process. I will add this doc in the download folder in the manual section. Note the same folder does have the Weber service manual as well.

Concerning the carburettor adjustments. You don't really need specific Ferrari information, setting up carburettors is pretty much the same on a Lada as on a Ferrari except you have a bit more carburettors on your car to work with.
First of all unattach the linking mechanism connecting all carburettors.
The best way to synchronize  is to attach 6 or 12 vacuum gauges to the intake manifold if you have vacuum tubes on your engine to attach something to. I think you have them, if you look at your carburettors, somewhere on the intake manifold close to where your carburettors are attached to the manifold. I guess they are interconnected to each other with some small rubber hoses.
Next thing, you could use a flowmeter to balance the individual throats of each carburettor. There is a small screw on your carburettor to synchronize the flow between each throat of the individual carburettor. This screw is really only for synchronizing 1 throat compared to the other troat of 1 individual carburettor. Screw them both in (gently) and screw one out until they are equal. Do this at all carburettors.
After that look at your vacuum gauges and screw the idle screws on you carburettors in or out until all carburettors are somewhat equal. Now they should be balanced.

Double check with your flowmeter if all carburettors are also somewhat equal on airflow and if neccesary make minor adjustments also trying to keep your vacuum as synchronized as possible at the same time.
Now attach the linking mechanism again and check if everything is still synchronized. If not make adjustments to the linking mechanism.
As the last step, apply some throttle so that the engine is running around 2 or 2500RPM and dubbelcheck airflow and vacuum again.

You really need quite some stuf to do it right, 6 vacuum gauges and at least 1 flowmeter.

If everything is balanced it's best to buy a glass colortune spark plug. Remove a spark plug, install the colortune, fire up your car and turn the air/fuel mixture screw until the color of the combustion is nice and blue. Do this at all cilinders.
Worst thing of it all is that if you have done your air fuel setting it will run more RPM and you have to repeat the synchronization steps again.




 UPDATE (6-7-2015): I received this additional information from another mechanic:

The manifold is equipped with a removeable nut per cylinder (thus per carb) as such you can realtime perform an exhaust gas test per cylinder and as such check if the burning indeed does correspond between them.

I wrote a small blog about this as well with a supporting video:
A while back I also have been in touch with someone who build a digital tool to tune up the carbs.
Its also listed on my blog:

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cinecars : Le pantere della polizia Italiana

Recently I have been in touch with the folks of Cinecars. It’s a small team who are creating high quality movies about cars and their owners. But they also make reportages about automotive events and other related car matters. All of this is created with limited funding and with support from a small incrowd. With their help we have been able to make a reportage about a very important car designer and yes, it involves the 400. I anticipate it will be released after the summer holidays. It’s actually quite a story and I will of course create a blog about this adventure. So consider this an early heads up.

Meanwhile Cinecars are working on another project which can only happen with sufficient funding. For this they have created a crowdfunding campagne. They are pretty close to the set financial target but it needs an extra push. The project is about the Italian Police cars, you can read all about it here:

If you fancy this project or car history in general then we welcome your donation. Of course you can also donate for the fact they have freely contributed in making a special about the car designer of your beloved 400.  


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Golden Ferrari 400 - Bonnes Vacances

I received this class photo in my inbox yesterday. If you have a cool photo of your 400 on one of your trips, feel free to submit it to me. Happy to share it with the wider community of 400 lovers.
(click to enlarge):

Art Gallery : Ferrari 400i

My radar found this hobby-bob webshop with some Ferrari 400i items:


Monday, 22 June 2015

Ferrari 400 Bernard Plossu photo

Someone posted the following stunning picture on the known FB group:


When further checking I found the following link


So its seems like the photo is made by Bernard Plossu. Further background information regarding the photo is missing.

Update 1-5-2018: Apparently its printed in his book "voyages italiens"

Update 19-5-2021: I received the following photo's

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ebay : Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 Auto Becker brochure

And another Ebay item I failed to obtain. It got sold for a fairly high price with a few bidders on it. So it seems to me there is lately an increased interest for 365/400/412 automobilia as well.  

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


My radar caught this one:


But when checking it was already ended. I suspect it was only available very shortly.
Typical, I now just checked Fchat and see it's posted there as well. So just for the records: