Sunday, 27 January 2019

Magazine Retro Viseur Fevrier 2019 - Ferrari 400i Cabriolet

A new release I caught on Facebook. Anyone outhere who can provide me a good hi-res scan for the archive?

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 Targa - Sultan of Brunei

On Facebook the following photos were posted. Apparently this one belonged once to the sultan of Brunei. It's remarkable how many "specials" have been created out of the "400" series.

See also this blog:

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Road and Track : 14 Ugly Cars That Are Fun to Drive

Looks aren't everything.

Ferrari 400i

People love to hate on the 400-series V12 Ferrari GT cars, and honestly, we can see why. Their boxy design is a massive departure from the curvaceous Ferrari designs we're used to. Get behind the wheel, though, and you'll start to understand why some people still love them. Here's one that's currently in need of a restoration on eBay right now. Photo by the Manufacturer

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Auction : Artcurial - Ferrari 400i Automatic - No reserve

A very nice specimen in a great color. Looks clean and well maintained. And signed by the master himself: Sig. Fioravanti. How cool is that:

In fact I had this done myself some years ago, see my blog:

update 9-2-2019: Sold for only 54.800,- Euro (premium included). What a bargain!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Coys auction Maastricht - Interclassics 2019 - Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

A very nice visit today at the Interclassics in Maastricht. The only 365GT4 2+2 was located in the Coys auction area.

This particular one was for sale at the same carshoow 2 years ago for € 159.000,-
See my blog:

However on their own website it's currently listed for € 89,365,- 
Although the auction results are not published yet I read on FB it got sold on the auction for € 70.000,- (+ auction fee).

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Autogespot : Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 Interclassics Maastricht 2019

It's the same car that got spotted at the Interclassics Brussels last month:

In any case, I will visit this carshow tomorrow. The theme for this year is La Grandezza della Lancia.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Alcides Diniz Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 - Polo

For now I'm unsure if he was the actual owner but wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

Reminds me of this classic advert

A Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2, foi apresentada no Salão de Paris de 1972, e foi comercializada até 1976, quando foi substituída pela série 400.
Desenhado por Pininfarina , foi lançado para atingir a meta da Ferrari,em ter um cupê 2 +2 elegante, confortável e requintado. Durante a sua produção foram produzidos 521 carros,além de três protótipos.  

Muitas foram as marcas do GT4 365 2+2: a nova forma das alças, rodas com cinco raios em forma de estrela, acabamento do interior com couro e camurça, e como opcional era possível solicitar os vidros elétricos e ar condicionado.
O motor era praticamente idêntico ao instalado no GTC4 365. Um V12 a 60° longitudinal, com 4390 cc.  

Alcides Diniz, faleceu dia 26 de junho 2006,aos 63 anos. Era o segundo dos seis filhos do fundador do Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Valentim dos Santos Diniz.
Alcides faleceu após cinco anos de luta contra um câncer. Ele foi diretor operacional na empresa do pai até 1988, quando se desentendeu com o irmão mais velho,Abílio, atual presidente do conselho do Pão de Açúcar, e vendeu na época os seus 8% de ações ao pai, por US$ 120 milhões.
Abílio e Alcides, então romperam relações e nunca mais se falaram.  

A relação dos irmãos nem sempre foi tempestuosa. Em 1970, Alcides e Abílio dividiram as glórias da conquista da mais tradicional prova automobilística do País, as Mil Milhas de Interlagos.
Bon vivant e fã de esportes, Alcides liderou o ranking brasileiro de pólo nos anos 70. “Eu invisto no prazer. Acho que o único sentido da vida é viver bem”, disse `` Cidão´´ certa vez.
Alcides Diniz foi um dos responsáveis pela chegada de José Carlos Pace à Fórmula 1. Foi ele quem incentivou Juca Silva Gordo ( diretor do Banco Português do Brasil ), a patrocinar " Moco " na Fórmula 2, em 1971, e na F 1, no ano seguinte. "Devo aos irmãos Diniz, especialmente ao Alcides, a continuidade da minha carreira", reconheceu Pace à revista Grand Prix, em 1974.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Ferrari 365 GT4 2 + 2 Salone Torino 1972 + Ferrari 512BB/308/ 400GT Auto Becker orig.Pressefoto press photo

Well, what can I say. I spotted these photo's on Ebay and reached out to the seller to find out if it was possible to buy these two together from him. Both photo's got offered without the "buy now" option. The starting bid was set for € 15,- and € 25,- respectively. And since they were just offered for sale they still had to run 10 days or so.

As I didn't received a response I checked them both today. And to my surprise they both got sold. My guess is that someone else also approached the seller and agreed upon a deal. Meaning the seller did change the advert with a buy now option … bummer!  So now they got sold for € 50,- and € 70,- respectively.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

For sale Ferrari 400 GT 5 speed carburettor

Thought this was a nice one to share. As pointed out by the advert, it's a very rare 5 speed carburettor. Not many of these around and certainly not in the US.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Ferrari 400 body

An older advert which I only caught today, not sure what happened with it:

Ferrari 400 Automatic body for sale with a clean title. This car includes nearly all external body parts (hood, deck lid, doors, bumpers, chrome trim, grilles, lights, and side glass). No interior parts or front or rear windshield. No drivetrain or suspension. This car has been modified by a race shop to fit a GM LS engine, transmission, and differential. I would not recommend the car for anyone looking to restore it to factory. The underbody and firewall have been modified. Body is in overall good condition with no apparent accident damage. Body has been prepped for paint with filler, and body parts not shown have been primered. US Dollar 12.000 +16105541806

Friday, 4 January 2019

Exhibition of Ferrari vehicles - H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco : Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 one-off - Bertrand Lavier

I noticed these photos posted by "les100gt" on Instagram. There was no further supporting information but I figured this might be currently at display at the Prince Monaco automusem. I knew there is currently a special Ferrari expo. When checking I noticed the floor tiles and the pilons used are identical. So yes:

Unfortunately no further supporting information about this specific car. Looks like some kind of demo car which has been used in the Pininfarin windtunnel. Apparently it's a one-off. Would love to receive more information about this car. Anyone?

Update 7-1-2019: Upon further checking I found out it's art work by Bertrand Lavier. Yes, his name was clearly mentioned but the relation was not clear to me. Turns out he has done other artwork on Ferrari's. When I saw the Dino 308GT4 I recalled it instantly:

It's not the only one he did. Apparently he had also a 308 GTB painted, similar as done on this 365GT4 2+2. It's just a very thick layer of paint, see example:

I found this French article with more details about him and his artwork, apparently he was a 400i Automatic owner once himself.

In fact it was a small article by the Ferrari 400 Club in 2009. Find it hereby translated:

Bertrand Lavier: "My 400 is three-quarter back that I found the most beautiful! "
His passion for the Italian automobile is not new, and some of his works, exhibited in Beaubourg, Milan or New York, bear witness to the fact that it is Alfa, like this rugged Giulietta, presented as a work of art. art ...
... or Ferrari like this 308 magazine in the manner of a painter, leaving the trace of his thick brush on his subject!
It must be said that Bertrand Lavier is close to Jean Todt, a great collector of contemporary art. But his story with Ferrari is not just an artist's relationship with his model. The Ferrari, he also drives them and he has lived a long passion for a 400i automatic blue navy he has resold today.
How did you know this model?
The pencil stroke of this car, it was obvious when I saw it in the books on Ferrari and I could have it at a time when the Ferrari had fallen in the rating in the 80s, they were not worth more a lot, especially this model and it was good because it was the one I wanted.
Was it your first Ferrari?
No, the first was a 250 GTE I had in 79.
And the desire to buy a 2 + 2, it was for practical questions, to transport children, friends?
No, not at all, it was only the line. The 250 GTE I liked because when I was a teenager it was the car of Johnny, Richard Antony, Claude François, she was quite cult for that, and I think the 2+ 2 were cheaper than the others but it did not guide my choice at the time. But the 400 was a touring car with a sharp engine, very close to the Daytona, in an evening dress!
The artist you are is seduced by the work of another artist, Pininfarina! If we took a close-up of a part of the car, like a bit of what you do in your work as an artist, which part of the 400 would you stop?
It's definitely the rear three-quarter view! What is very beautiful is when we see the line of exhausts that is offset from the box with 4 pots that stand out. When they made the 412, the exhaust line was integrated into the rear bumper, which is less beautiful. The front face is a bit rutted, it's not what I prefer!
Which model did you buy? Meca box or auto box?
Box car, which did not arrange me too much. It is nice to be convinced that all this is great, but a good old gearbox, I would have liked more. But it's this one, a Havana navy blue 400i that I found at a friend's house who sells cars in the Midi, in Vence. And I kept it for a long time, about ten years.
Do you remember a special trip, an extraordinary journey with this car?
It's a big road! I had brought three friends, including Christian Boltanski (great French contemporary artist, Ed) and we were going to the opening at the Château d'Oiron, an art center next to Loudun. This is a time when there were not too many radars and we went very quickly on departmental roads ... and I think they still remember!
Another great pleasure, but it is with all Ferrari, it is to have the 2 windows open and to make the tunnels or to skirt rocks! I do not resist this sound. And besides, because I'm not always in a Ferrari, when I see one from time to time, I approach with my car, I lower my window and I listen. In general, the driver knows that I do it and it creates a complicity, it's quite funny!
Let's talk about mechanics. Did you have any particular problems with your 400?
No, hardly any worries. Cooling problems with water hoses. A tightness of the gearbox, but otherwise no worries, just regular maintenance.
Why did you sell it?
It is, in the chances of life, that I am very friendly with Jean Todt, so there I could not dream better to have a Ferrari. So I could have after a 360 Modena. It's very well drawn too, the pencil is very pure. But that's another thing, it's no longer a Grand Touring car, it's a circuit car.
My 400 was a pleasure for a friend in Burgundy who always has what allows me to see it from time to time, and so I sold him, especially since I do not have the soul of a collector. If I had two, which one do I take to go for a ride? And there I have no worries, I know I take this one!
But I think the 400 has hit the bottom of the pool, in terms of rating and it interests more and more people!
Interview conducted in May 2009 by Antoine Cormery.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 Warranty card

On Ebay I noticed a complete set of documentation for sale including the warranty booklet. When flicking through the photo's they had included the complete warranty booklet. Never seen that before and thought was interesting to share. So here goes.