Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ferrari 400 artist drawing

A very cool artist (Dario Balestra)  drawing of a proud 400 owner (Dedo Tanzi). Grazie Mille.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ferrari 400 Automatic papers

Earlier this week I saw a complete set of papers and pouch for sale:

The owners name caught my attention as it seemed like a Dutch owner to me. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything more on him. Interestingly he lived in Monte Carlo and of all places the street name is called Place du Moulins, couldn't be more appropiate for a Dutch man. I wonder what happened with this car. Well, apparently it now resides in the Netherlands according to the register:

According to the RDW it was imported to NL in 1979 and sold in 1997. And that owner still has it since. It did had it's MOT just last month. I guess the owner might be interested in buying back these papers. So I reached out to the Dutch register owner and he informed FCN as the owner is club member.


Monday, 23 May 2016

1983 Ferrari 400i 1983 Ferrari Powered Bailey P-4 Recreation

I caught this advert. An interesting rebuild with a 400i engine:

Ron Gallo, New York 10707

Description: , Ferrari recreation,
Bailey P-4 with a ferrari 400i street engine custom f.i. 10 yeasrs old
Bailey custom Chassis
Montana Title

Price: $155,000


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Design story - Part III - Fioravanti

This blog is a continuation on the 2nd part, as per:

So, finally the day was there. On Friday morning we gathered at Mirko's place in Hilversum. We were going to drive with two cars. Obviously I was driving along with my 400 and we had the Citroen C5 Break at our disposal. Apart from Johan and Mirko another camera guy showed up; Oscar. Nice to meet up with them as till now I only have met Johan in real life. So onwards we went and drove all the way to Zurich in one go. Here we met up with the car addict to start part of the filming at the Opera house.

Parked at the backside of the Zurich Opera.

Afterwards we were invited to stay overnight at his house. Which was beautiful located at some lake nearby. Not bad to start breakfast in the morning with such a view.

The next day we stood up early to ensure we could  capture all the needed filming material. If we could finish early we could continue to drive to Italy and stay overnight in a hotel nearby, meaning we wouldn't had to rush in the morning to be on time in Turin. Everything worked out so well, location, weather, food, filming, the whole lot.

By now the video has already been finished and published. Perhaps it shouldn't be in this blog but since it's part of the story and I know what happened behind the scenes I like to get it included in here. Besides that, it's a very nice video. Thanks again for your hospitality Bruno. Let the good times roll again:

Since everything went smooth we could leave on time and I could pick up my car from the garage.

And before we left a nice meal was served, including melted Swiss cheese (mmm)

We drove to Italy and stayed over in a hotel nearby Milan.


In the morning we drove to Turin and arrived exactly on the agreed time (10 o'clock). At the time we had a choice to meet up either at Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena or at Parco Valentino in Torino( Clearly we had chosen for the latter as that fitted nicely with our planning. On both occassions Mr Fioravanti was present with specific cars of his own design. Even though we could park our car nearby the entrance we wanted to park my car nearby the Fioravanti stand. The parc itself was closed for other cars, but Mirco managed to talk us through (it helps if you are part of a filmcrew and speak Italian). Needless to say I was very happy with this move, as I wanted the 400 on the set when filming Mr. Fioravanti.

So we arrived at the stand and Mr. Fioravanti was awaiting for us in person. I didn't know what to expect exactly but from the email conversations he came across as a friendly and to the point character. It turned out he was indeed and very modest as well. All dressed up and wearing a very catchy watch. At least it was the first thing that I noticed. I think it was a blue plastic Swatch. Both his sons showed up as well. After the formal handshaking and introductions it was time to set up the filmset and discuss how to shoot it.

The Cinecar chiefs and Mr. Fioravanti.

In between Mr. Fioravanti handed me over his book so I could have a look already. Very nice. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating as it started to rain. Besides that some parc officers showed up and more or less directed us (the cars) of the parc since it was not allowed. Meanwhile the filming was ready to take place and we were allowed to complete this but the cars had to move.

Before moving out the cars I wanted to use the opportunity to have a picture together with Mr. Fioravanti and my 400. But also to get my car signed by him. He kindly posed with me and signed it as well. How cool is that?


Everything till now was already fantastic. That we had to move and the weather playing up didn't bother me. In fact the poor weather conditions resulted in moving to a different location. It was suggested there was a special VIP location on the parc we could use. But since Mr. Fioravanti lived nearby we could opt for his location. Guess where we went? After the first shooting we packed up and drove to his house, which was only a 15 min drive.

I clearly remember the excitement that we were going to his home, it felt like a triumph tour. Next to his home there was a large garage, or should I say atelier, which had various prototypo cars in it.

Here is my car parked in front of the Fioravanti cave

With a view over Turin - but with poor weather conditions.

And inside:

And of course my car went inside as well for the filming. But as my car was wet due to the rain it had to be cleaned first. So some towels were found and everyone started to dry and clean my car, including both sons of Fioravanti.

 Then it was time to further set up the camera's, photoshooting and do the interview.

Sig. Fioravant was a very lively and energetic person. He was quite clear on how it should be done and provided lengthy responses on the questions. Although I don't master the Italian language I could sense he gave a compelling story. At one point the camera battery ran out and one story had to be completely shot again which he clearly was very annoyed about. For the interview questions I had done my homework and as such I knew he was 78 years old else I would have guessed he was somewhere in his mid sixties. From Mirko I understood there was to much focus on Ferrari in general which is of course not a surprise. Clearly he has done more work then Ferrari only. As such I can only recommend to buy his book, as per blog:

At the end of the afternoon all was done and we could pack up and drove back home throughout the entire night. What a weekend it was. I'm looking back at this trip with great pleasure.

The film itself is unfortunately, due to various reasons, still not finalized. So you have to suffice with the photo's and my story on this blog.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Book : The Ferrari Legend: The Road Cars by Antoine Prunet - ( PROVA TO 723 )

A very good book I recently purchased and it did contain a good chapter on the 365/400. It's published in 1981, so the 412 is not listed.

It also contained a very large and unique photo of an early 365 GT4 2+2 test car (prova TO 723). The upholstery seems to be made of cloth material instead of leather.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ferrari 412 und Porsche 928 - 2 Power-Gran-Turisme der 70er

Just making an exception to have this German article included again. Not only for the records, also for the nice piccies and yes, I'm a liker of the 928 ...

The complete article was already submitted to me and is available in the download folder

Monday, 9 May 2016

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 prototipo 2

Or course I had seen this concours prototype car being auctioned for a record price.

But little did I know about it's condition prior to this. Untill I stumbled upon this link:


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Stelle sul Liston : Ferrari 400 by Dedo

A very nice article was presented on the FB page of Stelle sul Liston. I have added the PDF article to the download folder. Or you can go directly by clicking on the embedded FB content. Congratulations Dedo!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

The cool cars : Ferrari 412

Sorry, it's a Dutch article about one being for sale overhere in the Netherlands. Just for the records:

Friday, 6 May 2016

And we have a winner : Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 by Pavesi

In fact, this happens to be already the 2nd price for this particular car. A very unique Pavesi build.
Well done Armando and again my compliments for the great restoration work.

1st place , circle of Exellence @ Bella Italia, Ferrari Owners Club, San Diego CA




The 1975 Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 by Pavesi won the Platinum award@ Ferrari Club of America Pasadena show.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Scale model Sbarro Memory Ferrari 400i

The scale models keeps surprising me. Here is another unique one

If you are interested in more scale models, on the right side of this blog there is a label called scalemodels.

As stated it's based on a 400i, see blog: