Saturday 31 May 2014

The Hypertourers Ferrari 400 Auto, Bristol 412 and Aston Martin Lagondo by LJK Setright - Car and Driver

Hypertourers should not be driven to destinations, but to distraction and the greater glory of God. Amen!

I have added this article in the download folder:

Update 14-7-2014: I found the correct matching magazine cover (june 1977):

Thursday 29 May 2014

Citroën Pásztor Classic #32 - Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 - Hungary

This is a Hungarian video which was only published a few days ago. It's the second 365 I see with 4 rear lights instead of 6 in combination with a 400 front.

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Pininfarina : Ferrari 400 + Fiat 130 Coupe + Lancia Gamma Coupe

Today I catched this cool picture on FB. As the license plates reveals, they are located in the States.
Clearly a collector with good taste.

The 400 and 130 are lurking in the back. Fantastic color:

Thursday 22 May 2014

compatibility Ferrari 400 doorhandle

This is quite a known one, but for completeness I will add it here in any case. The 400 doorhandle is compatibele with the Alfa Spider. I noticed it has also been used on a Fiat 124 Spider 2000.
In the parts section I had already the following useful link listed:

The compatability blog will be updated accordingly:

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Ferrari 400 - KONI Oud Beijerland - Prince Bernhard

Today I had quite a special day as I have visited Koni. As you might know it was due to Prince Bernhard that Ferrari got equipped with these type of shocks. He was close friends with Enzo Ferrari and so it happened this Dutch brand got used for their cars. I had taken this nice shot of my 400 in front of the old Koni entrace. The same building as you can see on the picture with Prince Bernhard and his 400 superamerica. That was the car that got the improved shocks provided by Koni. I only parked my car on the other side with their logo. Thought that was more cool.
I met some of the staff who equally liked the visit of the 400. We got served a nice lunch and we got handed out some official Koni shirts. One of the guys gave me some extra goodies, a patch, stickers and some old style Koni stickers. I'm extremely pleased with this gift.

Opening of the new Koni factory by Prince Bernhard:

Prince Bernhard & Enzo Ferrari


A Dutch article which paints a nice historic and present picture:

Ding Dong : 10.000 hits

I noticed lately a slight ramp up of visitors. Sometimes even over 100 hits a day. For sure these are not unique hits. Still more than I ever anticipated. As you have noticed I'm not making a real effort to write well written updates. More often quick scribbles of findings or things I got involved in. These are days of quick information exchange and as such I'm not going to bother to improve. Besides that it will become to time consuming.

In any case, it's time to celebrate this milestone with AGIP (supercortemaggiore) classic footage material.

La settimana Incom 00990 del 11/09/1953
Vince Fangio la gara di velocità; Ruesch, uscito fuori strada, ha coinvolto nell'incidente un carabiniere, morto in seguito alle ferite riportate.
Descrizione sequenze:una donna in attillati pantaloncini si avvia verso l'automobile ; un cane porta una guaina sul corpo che lo rende simile al cane a sei zampe dell'AGIP ; pubblico corre verso il luogo in cui avverrà la partenza ; tra gli automobilisti, Fausto Coppi ; vista dall'alto delle strade percorse dagli automobilisti in gara ; Canestrini al volante durante la corsa ; Canestrini seduto su un muretto controlla assieme a un compagno i tempi su un cronometro ; un uomo accanto all'automobile posteggiata pesca nel lago ; membri della giuria segnano i tempi su un taccuino ; Fangio si intrattiene con gli amici prima dell'inizio della gara ; automobili al via ; automobile con le lamiere accartocciate in mezzo ai cespugli ; lenzuolo bianco copre il cadavere ; Cortese parla con i carabinieri ; Fangio tagli a per primo il tragurdo ; Fangio riceve la corona di alloro del vincitore e il bacio della moglie ;

Sunday 18 May 2014

El Mito Ferrari 400i - Spanish Video reportage - Bolidos Rojos

The company d'Agostina released a VHS serie on Ferrari. I got ahold of a digital copy of the cassette which contained the reportage about the 400i. Unfortunately it's in Spanish and the footage isn't really exciting. Nevertheless enjoy watching this reportage.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Pavesi Ventorosso: special Ferrari or an awful Ferrari special

I just have added this one to the online article section:

More Hunting : Ferrari 400 manual + carbs - for sale & sold in 1 day.

I was hoping the purchase of my 400 would cool me down a little in my desire to own a cool GT. The contrary happens to be true. I'm still searching around actively and I'm still having my radar enabled for 400 items. Somehow my radar was not working yesterday. When playing around in the evening on my Smartphone I figured to install the Autoscout app. The first search I ran was of course on a 400. To my surprise I saw a fresh one listed for cheap money. And it was based in the NL. As I was curious I jumped in the car this morning and visited the car to inspect it. If it was meeting my criteria level (and the price) I potentially wanted to buy it. It was still at the location but it was already sold yesterday (the same day when it got advertised). The car came with full history on the maintenance (a lot!). Based on that I reckon the car was technical fairly good. But the body work did require serious attention, especially both front and rear window edges had serious rust. Also the exhaust was Original and needed replacement. Same story for the tyres. Furthermore it had the usual wear on the interior and door rubbers. The engine bay looked decent but showed many items a bit corroded. During my visit I think the garage owner did got at least 6 calls for this car (including international callers). I think he realized too he sold to quick for to little. Find below a random selection of detailed pictures. I wonder when and where this one will show up next. It has a good basis for a restoration and worth the effort in my opinion. Last wake up call before others start realizing these are the last true V12s with carbs packed in a splendid design.




Thursday 15 May 2014

St. Vincent & the Grenadines - 1976 Ferrari 400 Automatic - Stamp

Another nice catch of 400 automobilia. I couldn't resist this one, so I have bought them. And I received them today. To bad they made a mistake for the second stamp picture as that's a 400i. The first stamp picture is part of a official Ferrari photo. I have included it since it's a very nice photo.

Monday 12 May 2014

Ferrari 80s family picture

Todays catch. Maybe I should set up some kind of picture gallery as some of my blog posting does contain from time to time nice piccies. And there's no way to easily search for them.

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 midconsole

Someone has been redoing his midconsole with metal/alu finish. Although I prefer the wooden inlay I have to admit this looks great. Job well done! Great picture too, looks a bit like the one used in  my blog header.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Saturday 10 May 2014

For Sale Ferrari 412 - Germany

It's quiz time

Ferrari 400 - 412 scale model 1:43 - handbuild by Heco

Typical, earlier this week I had a blog about scale models. And today I catched this quite nice duo.
It's up for grabs on Ebay if you fancy it: