Tuesday 28 February 2023

Post from Italy

Took more than 8 months to receive this gift from Firenze. Luckily I wasn't driving ;-)

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Wednesday 22 February 2023

Museo Enzo Ferrari - Game Changers - Ferrari 400 Automatic


Nei capolavori di innovazione tecnologica segnaliamo la 400 Automatic, la prima graturismo 2+2 che nel 1976 introduce la trasmissione automatica in risposta all’evoluzione delle esigenze di mercato e della sofisticata clientela internazionale, insieme alla Ferrari F1-89, la prima monoposto in assoluto con trasmissione elettroidraulica.

Among the masterpieces of technological innovation we point out the 400 Automatic, the first 2+2 touring car which in 1976 introduced the automatic transmission in response to the evolution of market needs and sophisticated international customers, together with the Ferrari F1-89, the first ever single-seater with electro-hydraulic transmission.

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Tuesday 21 February 2023

Auto-Becker Brochure 1976

 A nice addition for the brochure collection. It does contain the other models as well, so only a small subset below. Now available in the download folder

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Magazine Cavallino Nr 27 - Double Whammy! - Ferrari 412 review and ode to the 400

I stumbled upon this edition and was surprised it was not in my archive. So I ordered a back copy. This edition contained a review of the than new 412 and a seperate article called 'Ode to the 400'  A very well written and surprising article from an American perspective. The author clearly understood the essence of the 400. Word up!

Now available in the download folder:

Thursday 2 February 2023

Magazine Classic and Sportscar March 2023 - Practical magic - Back-seat drivers - Ferrari V12s for all the family by Martin Buckley

In this edition:


Finally in this month’s preview, Martin Buckley writes in praise of the Ferrari 400 series, still the most affordable route into V12 ownership.

Yes, they can be expensive to own, but they remain great to drive.

Now available in the download folder: