Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Daily Telegraph : How to spot a future classic - Ferrari 412

Via FChat I catched this article, something my radar missed out.

1. Ferrari 412
Twice as rare as an F40, and a classic front-engined, rear-wheel drive V12 Ferrari, currently going for about £40,000. Sneered at when new for being behind the times, this is now no longer a significant factor. Manuals are better than autos, but almost impossible to find. Fewer than 30 found their way to the UK.

Read the entire article here:

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Oldtimer Archiv - Price Valuation and stats

I bumped into this app provided by Oldtimer Archiv. So a nice opportunity to look up the details and compile this blog for reference. The picture used for the 400 appears to be a 365GT4 2+2. Interestingly it's a picture I don't have in my archive, yet. Second, the mentioned power is incorrect.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Great Marques Ferrari - Godfrey Eaton - Ferrari 400

Someone reached out to me and informed me about this book. I'm curious now:

Author(s)Godfrey Eaton
PublisherLittlehampton Book Services Ltd
Date of Publication01/07/1980
SubjectUnclassifiable: no BIC
Series TitleGreat Marques

Publication Data
Country of PublicationUnited Kingdom
ImprintLittlehampton Book Services Ltd
Out-of-print date18/10/2003
Content Note90col.ill.

Width230 mm
Height290 mm

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cinecars : Italy Here We Come - IHWC 2014 - Ferrari 400 - Nice People Drive Nice Cars

I had posted about my 400 trip last year on this blog. The guys behind IHWC meanwhile had also been in touch with Cinecars and provided more detail about the yearly happenings. This story has
now been published and is available online on Cinecars. The story is in Dutch and contains some
nice pictures of the trip - including the 400:

Enjoy and bookmark them:

Monday, 19 January 2015

Ferrari 400 GT License Plate

Typical, 5 minutes ago I post about an item which I had seen for sale in Australia and now the following item from Australia arrives in my inbox.

Ferrari 400 Automatic badge - trophy

I couldn't help myself. I saw this NOS badge for sale. In fact I had seen it for sale before somewhere in Australia. This time it was offered here locally in the Netherlands. I made them an offer and now it's nicely stored in my showcase acting like a trophy.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ferrari Kroymans brochures

Today my previous manager showed up and brought me some nice presents. During the recent leave he had been cleaning out his room and found a few things he figured that would be of my interest. He brought two car magazines from the nineties featuring Lancia Delta Integrales. He bought them himself at the time because of these cars. To my surprise he also came up with two Ferrari Kroymans brochures. He told me that somewhere in the eighties he wrote them a letter to receive Ferrari brochures. With the letter he included stamps for the shipping costs involved. He received a nice letter back with the provided stamps and both brochures. The letter he kept himself but he handed over the brochures to me. How cool is that?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ferrari 400i vs BB512i owners manual

Last week someone offered these two owner manuals for sale. To my surprise there was a higher interest in the 400i with 6 bids vs 2 bids for the 512i booklet. As a result the 400i booklet got sold at a much higher price. Typical.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Revision Ferrari 412 de 1987

On Facebook I found this photo reportage on a engine revision of a Ferrari 412. According to the supporting information the car belonged to Albert Uderzo (Asterix and Obelix - see blog: ).

Click here for the entire album:

If you are on Facebook then you might be interested to join our group as well:

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Baillon Collection - Ferrari 400 - Retromobile Paris 2015

If you are a bit into classic cars it was almost impossible to have missed out the news regarding the French barnfind car collection last year. If you missed it somehow just read one of the articles:

Perhaps better known as the Baillon collection. Part of the unique collection is a Ferrari 400. The entire collection is now up for sale via an auction that will be held at the Retro Mobile show in Paris. The estimated price for the 400 is a very modest 12k -16k. I will be more then pleased to collect it for a 12k but my gut feel says it will be much higher as the mentioned indicative price.

French registration
Chassis # F101CL23523

- Sound car
- Powerful and comfortable model
- Rare carburetor version with manual gearbox
- No reserve

By signing in 1972 the design of the Ferrari 365 GT/4, which was to become the Ferrari 400, Pininfarina showed his talent: the line was simple, elegant, timeless and perfectly reflected the high status of this luxury sports car. From the 365 GT 4 to the 412, this model had an exceptionally long career, eventually going off the brand's catalogue only in 1989. Its roomy interior, comfortable and in luxuriously finished leather from seat to roof was a pleasure to be in.
The car on offer is rare since the production of the 400 GT in carburetor version and with a manual gearbox was 142 units only. Jacques Baillon was very passionate about Ferrari and this 400 GT was one of his personal cars for more than fifteen years. It is equipped with a radio-cassette system, air conditioning, a telephone panel and an alarm system. Externally, it is quite well preserved in its original condition, though the body has some traces of scratches and impacts. It will need a mechanical overhaul before the car hits the road. Once restored, this car will find again its performance with a max power of 340bhp in a comfortable way. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Motor Klassik 01-2015 : Das kostet Ferrari 400 fahren

For those who master the German language, it's now available in the download folder. Thanks for submitting Roland, much appreciated.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 Peter Morgan

am very proud to offer for sale this stunning and restord 1973 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 with a lovely history. This fantstic example was first delivered new on the 15/09/1973 by Maranello Concessionaires to its first its first owner a Mr Andrew Grima of No 80 Jermyn street London, Mr Grima was a society Jewller to the rich and famous in the 60s and 70s and that is how he met Mr Peter Morgan of the Morgan Moter company who fell in love with the Mr Grima's 365 and had to have it! On the 6th of November 1973 the car passed to the ownership of Mr Peter Morgan and he put his registration AB 16 were it remaind in his ownership untill his death in 2003 and stayed with the family until it was sold in 2005 to a gentleman from scotland who and with a close freind of his who had worked at the Ferrari factory (i believe) restoed the car to ifs former glory, the car was enjoyed by him for a few years before it was sold to a collector ( the current and last owner)were the car has been loved and cared for.
This beautiful exhample is finished in the launch colour of Azzurro Metallizzato with Blue VM 3015 leather interior and Blue carpets and over mats and Black Alacantara dash, the car as coverd 63.500 miles from new and is a gredit to its keeepers and makes this car such a rare find and not to be missed.
 Picture by John Sheally who added: Peter Morgan's Ferrari on the rack at Morgan Motor Company, LTD. Maurice Owen had it on the rack changing the clutch assembly. As I watched Maurice at work he had pulled the old one out and saw that it used the same clutch as the Morgan Plus-8 which was in company stock . He had told Peter that it was the same but Peter said he wanted the clutch pack direct from Ferrari which was ordered and was being installed as Maurice told me the story, ending with... "I'll never understand, as the Ferrari parts cost 4 times what we had in stock"...

Friday, 2 January 2015

Mag het een Ferrari zijn : 365 GT4 2+2

I came across this book and thought it's a nice blog addition and perhaps interesting information for the VIN archivers. The pictures are taken from the Dutch book: “mag het een Ferrari zijn” (ISBN 90-6120-955-2) by “Rob de la Rive Box”. He was a known Dutch car trader. The supporting text mentions the following:

‘In November 1977 a Dutch dentist was interested in buying a used Ferrari. He was not into fixing up cars and as such I offered him this 365 GT4, chassisnumber 17703, from 1974. This car was almost as new and only had driven 56.000 km and was always maintained by a Ferrari dealer. On all the Christmas cards I receveived from him since, it was never mentioned the car did ever let him down’

Update 9-1-2015  Guess what, I just got an email with the VIN of this car 17703. The car is known and was spotted two years ago. Likely the driver is the dentist who bought it at the time:

The car was imported in the Netherlands in 1978 and had 3 owners since. On 11-04-2014 it changed owners again. I wonder where it is now. The car got sold via VSOC, what a beauty:

Update: 10-1-2015 And some additional pictures


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ebay Ferrari 412 new left front wing body panel

Thought this was an interesting item to share as I suspect new body parts must be quite rare.
As such created this blog for the records.

Kotflügel vo links für FERRARI 412 - l.h. front wing - ET-Nr 257-18-041-06