Friday 28 February 2014

Ferrari 400 Spec cards

Some specification cards I got ahold of. I think one of these I got from Arriën (thank you again).

Thursday 27 February 2014

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Very rare Ferrari 400i Cabriolet Convertible at Schloss Dyck Classic Days 2013

Just posted on YouTube 15 hours ago. Sorry, but I don't like these convertibles. I will take the Indy next to it instead.

Monday 24 February 2014

Book : Ferrari V12 1972 - 86 : 365 / 400 / 412 / 512 / Testarossa

There is so much literature available on Ferrari, it's incredible. But on the Ferrari 365/400/412 there is incredibly little available. To my surprise I came across this book on Ebay. It's a German book and part of a serie published by Schrader Motor Chronik. The author is Walter Zeichner. The ISBN nr is 9783922617358. With this information I was able to find a few books for sale elsewhere against better rates. And now it arrived at my home, certainly worthwhile to purchase in my opinion.

I took these pictures from the advert, typically it doesn't show a 365/400/412, but trust me, it does contain them ...

Sunday 23 February 2014

For Sale: Ferrari 412 5-speed

My radar catched this car:

I recognized it instantly as it was one of the cars I inspected during my hunt:

Interesting to see a very steep price jump as well; from 25k to 42k. Another thing
that catched my eye and recalled from my inspection is visible on picture 3. The
doorpanel being slightly detached. The fingerprint markings of the grease monkey
are still visible.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Spotted: Red Ferrari 400i - Naples beach Florida

Ciao Agip!

Today I returned back from wintersport in Swiss. As I was driving close by the France border I figured it would be good plan to make a pitstop at Fratello 8.32 in the Alsace. So I gave him a call and agreed to meet up around lunchtime. Also a nice opportunity for the rest of the family to meet up with his family. We were welcomed with a nice cappucinno and for lunch we got a flammkuchen (tarte flambee) - which is a local traditional dish.

Another thing that has become some kind of tradition is that we hand out some automobilia. This time he had collected some very cool Agip petroliana. A complete set of Original sweaters, jackets and a cap. And on top of that he also obtained a full set of Agip dishes! And there is more, on my tip he again scored a large AGIP light sign.

He was so kind to share a few items with me. So now I have set of Agip coffee mugs and a nice fleece shirt. And my son got a fleece shirt as well. Very much appreciated Jos!

Friday 21 February 2014

Ferrari 400i - Lange neus - Long nose

Last week I made the following blog:

Today I received a scan of a Dutch car magazine (Autoweek) whereby they wrote a small article about it. Interestingly they fancy the 400 over a 456. As a matter of fact they prefer the carb version over a injection model as well. But they like the manual gear over an automatic version. I guess it's all a matter of personal taste. Thanks for submitting Frank.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Cavallino 002 Ferrari Magazine

I can't believe these prices for a paper magazine. And of course it had to be an edition with the 400 Automatic on it. Well, if you happen to have it, I'm interested to obtain a cheap digital copy.

I just checked their website: and you can order back-issue's. Of course this one was not available nor as a reprint.

Oh, this snapshot is taken is from:
I will add it to the Automobilia section.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Spot: Ferrari 412 in Tokyo Japan

Of course they have these in Japan as well. It's amazing to see how much Italian exotics are around in Japan.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Ferrari 400 compatabilities : inter-exchangeable parts

The Fiat 130 compatability blogs were of course a nice trigger to start off a complete database with other inter-exchangable parts. I'm pretty sure this will come in handy if parts appear difficult to find. And of course price-wise it can make a difference if you order Fiat parts instead of Ferrari price tagged parts.

This is just a starting point and by all means not complete and/or lacking part numbers, etc.
I welcome any contribution or correction. I will add this blog to the sidebar so it's easy to find.
If I come across other interesting parts I will make a seperate blog update about it.

Let's kick of with the first items:

Gearknob: Fiat 130, Fiat Dino
Part number: ?


Blinking lights: Fiat 124 BS/CS, Fiat Dino 2400 Spider
Part number:  4193854,  4193853, 4303573, 4193852


side mirrors (400 + 400i phase 1): Maserati Quattroporte III, Alfa ?, Lancia Gamma
Part number: Vitaloni Tornado


Ferrari 400 doorlocking mechanism:
Part number: ?

Lancia Fulvia, Ferrari F40, Fiat 130, likely many more Fiat/Lancia models.


Ferrari 400 Alternator / Alternateur / Dynamo
Manufacturer: EDR. Part number: 933890

Fiat Croma, Fiat Ritmo, Alfa romeo, Lancia, etc: click the picture


Ferrari 400 Valve spacers/shims:

Lancia Beta 1600, 1800, 2000
Fiat: A lot !! For example Fiat Uno 1983-1995 or Fiat Punto
Volvo 240


Ferrari 400 seatbelts
Manufacturer: Klippan Part nrs: 55707 - 14453/201 - 41457/2 

Ferrari 308
Lancia Beta Montecarlo Spider
Alfa Romeo Spider
Mercedes ?


Ferrari 400 headlight motor. Part nr: 40089500
Manufacturer ? 

Fiat X1/9 Part nr: 63860/63861 (L+R)
Lamborghini Jalpa 3.5, Countach LP400, 5000S, 5000QV


Ferrari 400 Sunvisor clips

Lancia Ypsilon, model year 1996-2003.


Ferrari 400 Cigarette Lighter: Brico Pram

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1750 GTV
Lancia Flavia ?


Ferrari 400 Doorhandle

Alfa Romeo Spider + Fiat 124 2000 Spider

Careful, read the following:


Ferrari 400 Petrol Filler Cap

Lancia / Fiat : many time period Italian cars ; Lancia Beta Coupe


Ferrari 400 Brake Caliper revision kit

Front : Seal kit - BCK 4003. Pistons - BCP 4004 (BMW 2002,2500,2800,E23,E24,E12,Ford Sierra Cosworth)

Rear : Seal kit - BCK 3402. Pistons - BCP 3407 (BMW E6 69-75,E10 66-77,VW K70 70-76,Audi 100 70-72,Audi 100 Coupe 70-74)


Ferrari 400 rear mirror

 Volvo part number is 1224135 and has been used on a Volvo P1800, 142 and 245.


A very useful post on FChat regarding the brake calipers used:

As per maintenance blog these are indeed ATE brakes and apparently also used on the mentioned
BMW 1802 / 2002 and BMW 633 CSI (1978).


Someone posted on FB the following compatibility for the Thermostat. Apparent the one used on the 400 is identical as used for the list below:

Termostato nuovo ed ancora inscatolato, marcato BEHR THOMSON per:
- MASERATI QUATTROPORTE MK2 2.0 - 2.8 BITURBO - 3.2 V8 32V dal 1994 al 2014
- MASERATI GHIBLI MK2 2.0 24V BITURBO dal 1992 al 2014

Diametro: 38x38x32
Cod. art. BEHR-THOMSON C607.80 = 2.049.79

Apparently it's also compatible with Mercedes item : 001 203 06 75


On FChat I came across another nice compatibility item:

The ignition/steering lock unit appears to be used on BMWs. It now becomes apparent to me why they used German carkeys of the brand Neiman.

The BMW part # is: 61-31-2-682-120.
It was used on 1970-76 models 1600, 2002, 2002ti.


The interior light is also used on a Porsche 911/912 from 1965 to 1973. And known under the part nr: 901.632.103.00


Porsche 911 doorstopper:


The footwell air vents on both sides of the Ferrari 400 are exactly the same with the dash middle vents of the Peugeot 504. (round ones). 


Monday 17 February 2014

Convert: ’84 Ferrari 400i

Just added this article to the online section:

Ferrari 400 Buyers Guide - Auto Italia November 1999

I just added this article to the download folder (F400_AutoItalia_November1999). Thank you Paul for submitting and thank you Frank for creating the PDF. Happy reading everyone.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Ferrari 400 / 412 Luggage - Mauro Schedoni

When I came across this brochure for Ferrari Luggage I did little know about the originator:

It appears these are bespoke made by the company Schedoni. Their website does contain a very
nice section on the history of the company and how they became partner with Ferrari:

I also included a scan of an article in the "Ferrari Story" magazine about the company Schedoni (just click on the picture to enlarge it or download it locally).

Now, I still need to hunt down a complete set of Luggage for the Ferrari 400. I did happen to see a set for sale for a Mondial - I think this set comes the closest (the 400 has even 4 of those large suitcases instead of 3). It appears these are even stamped/marked Mondial on it.

So I figured, why not contact Schedoni directly? With a bit of luck they somehow might have something on stock. You never know. I got the following response: Unfortunately, we do not have any luggage in stock for the 400i (or 412): production of these sets was made long time ago and only upon order from Ferrari.

I was advised to check at and see if there’s a set available there
(I will add them to the Automobilia section). Unfortunately this is a website that requires a subscription. 
I was very curious to know how many sets were produced, just for the records and to get a feeler on my chances. Furthermore I was interested to see if they would produce a new set on request. I got the following response:

We have produced 54 sets of luggage for the 400i between 1980 and 1985 plus 90 sets for the 412 between 1986 and 1993.
Unfortunately, we no longer have the patterns to produce the set and to create brand new patterns would be very expensive…

So I guess I need to have a bit of patience to catch it. Bon voyage.


Wednesday 12 February 2014

Ferrari 400 look a likes

Today an easy one - it's all worked out already by someone else. But I had a little contribution on this page as well:

Tuesday 11 February 2014