Sunday, 24 March 2019

Ferrari Club Sweden visits Ferrari, Scaglietti and Maserati, Modena, Maranello - Early Seventies!

What a great time period capture by Ferrari Club Sweden. It's likely taken somewhere early seventies and yes there are a few 365GT4 2+2 present. Enjoy the timewarp back in time:

And a few screenshots I took:

Love that Verde color:

And a crashed 365GT4 2+2:

The car that jumped to mind is the one owned by Prince Bernhard. I suspect this video footage is from 1973 judging by the cars. And Bernhard crashed his in July 1973 during his holiday in Italy (and the crashed car was transported back to the factory). The color is difficult to tell, it might be black or dark green. Clearly the license plate is different but I would not be surprised if that was replaced for a reason. Or this is all simply a coincidence and thus it might be a different car.

Update 31-3-2019: Clearly I was wrong, see update Andreas Birner:

Andreas Birner Ferrari Consulting
Flashback to 1974:
The Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 s/n 17491 was produced in December of 1973 and sold new to its first Italian owner on February 23, 1974. Only a few months old, the car apparently had some bad karma. The result was admired by members of the Swedish Ferrari Club who did visit the Assistenza Clienti in Modena‘s Viale Trento e Trieste in spring or summer of 1974 and captured it on Super 8. S/N 17491 was soon repaired and passed into the ownership of a lady resident in the Pisa region in 1976 and has disappeared.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Brazil / Brasil - Belo Horizonte -- Ferrari 400 GT 1975

I spotted this unusual 365GT4 2+2 with a 400 backside via the following instagram link:

I have however seen something similar before (I know The Gallery in Aaldering had once a similar one). It might very well be that a few late 365 series were done with this 400 rear fashion? The front bumper, wheels and interior clearly are 365 style.

Besides this, not many 400s are located in this part of the world, so adding this one to the blog just for the records.

update 24-3-2019: I received the following comment: no 365s were produced with the four round lights of the 400 as far as I know. It was common to perform this update in the late 70s especially - there was no hole behind the inner pair of 365 lights as these were just reflectors. 
Some people converted their 365 to have the 400 front spoiler. Some have both mods.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Cartier concours 2019 - Jaipur India - Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

Likely one of the very few imported into India (assuming this is a Indian license plate):

Update 16-2-2020: I found this photo on Twitter and recognized the license plate, I suspect it's attending another car show in India.

Friday, 1 March 2019

More Fly Studio - 365 GT4 2+2

Well, more material about this specific model popped up:

Giacomo Caliri e Luigi Marmiroli were part of the F1 team in the '70. When they resigned they started a Company named FLY Studio and produced an opened 365 GT4. It was commissioned by a ieather Industrialist named Etienne Aigner in Florence, infact you can read an A on the back pillar. It was modified by Benedetti e Meletti coachworker, also coming from Ferrari. The roof panels were stored in the trunk and the rear window was sinking electriclly down.They intended to produce a line, but the car remained one-off. Wher is now..still in Florence ?

Apparently these photo's were printed in the Italian magazine Gente Motori (1976?). Does anyone know which edition?