Saturday, 29 October 2016

Ferrari 412 Scaglietti Prototipo

By surprise I discovered this unique spot made back in 1994. I was just checking the 130 website: and noticed a new upload about one of their 130 trips in 1994. The whole video can be seen here: There was a small footage about this car which also triggered their attention. I stripped out this footage and uploaded it on YouTube and you can see it below.

See also an older blog I made about this car:

Friday, 28 October 2016

Ferrari 400i Schedoni Luggage / Suitcase Set

I noticed today and yesterday a higher as usual amount of visitors on this blog. Despite the last couple of days I haven't been active on the blog simply because new content is drying up. By now I think I have exhausted most sources and I'm simply reliant on unexepected discoveries, new articles / publications, new maintenance or feedback/input from others. In any case, further checking revealed an increased interest in the following article:

It appears on Fchat someone made a link to it, the actual thread is:

As you will read and see, someone had obtained a nearly complete set for the 400i. It's a very early set and quite unique if you ask me. I had written before about Schedoni and from this I know only 54 sets have been produced for the 400i and 90 for the 412. See blog:

And another related blog:

To my surprise the person in question did happen to be in the Netherlands, so I left him a PM and not much later spoke with him on the phone. Recently I bought some new items for my 400 (more to come up on that in the coming weeks) so with this set now coming available it was bad timing. Then again I considered it too expensive gadgets which will never be used and are only nice to haves. But still, I want them so bad.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Photographs 1972 Pininfarina Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

These pictures were offered for sale on Ebay. I was hopeful to obtain them as there were no other bidders, likely due to missing 2+2 in the title. The auction expired during my holiday leave so I had put on a higher maximum bid. To my surprise the auction was revoked just a few hours before ending. Sigh. When I asked the seller on what happened I got the following response:

Sorry to say I had sold these and I relished in error. Sorry. If any more come up I will let you know
I will keep your eBay id.

Note the different steering wheel used and the covers on the midconsole dials:

Update 14-11-2016: guess what, I was notified by someone who bought them. Turns out the first picture is the interior of a 365 GTC/4  Aha, I was very much in doubt about that one, so that explains. Also slightly dissapointed about the lying seller.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Auction : Ferrari 412 - Sir Michael Fay - Auckland

Just adding this one for the records. But mostly because the first owner was mentioned:

This stunning, right-hand drive, 412 was supplied new to Sir Michael Fay of Auckland, New Zealand by Maranello Concessionaires in Egham on 5th May 1986. They carried out its first service and delivered the car to Sir Michael for a European continental tour. Following his tour, the car was delivered back to Maranello and shipped to New Zealand, where it remained in private ownership

I had no idea who he is, so a quick Google revealed the following:

From this I know his age and as such he purchased this car when he was 37. And just purchasing such a car for an European continental tour, how's that!? Obviously the perfect car choice if you can afford it.

Update 7-10-2022: It's up for sale again:

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bringing a Ferrari 412 Back to Life

On the known Ferrari 365/400/412 Facebook group the following article was posted:

I suspect this was during my summer leave as such I missed it. Thanks for sharing Brice.
This will now be added to the "projects"section on the sidebar. If you have a project as well I'm more then happy to add it to this blog.

Cine Cars : Rushes new project - Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

These updates got posted on FB. Apparently Cinecars is working on a small documentary which includes some special Ferrari's including a Ferrari 365GT4 2+2:

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Spotted white Ferrari 400 in NL

Just adding this one for the records. This car has been frequently spotted, so it looks like a Dutch owner is using it as a daily driver. Last week a friend of mine mentioned he saw it in Leiden. If the owner is reading this blog then please contact me.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Al Fayed + Dodi Fayed + Ferrari 400i

On Fchat I noticed someone mentioning his 400i was previously owned by Al Fayed. This triggered my interest and thus performed a quick search on Google and found this link:

Apparently Al Fayed cleared out his entire car collection in the past and indeed it turned out he had a 400i as well. Further checking learned me he was not the first owner of the 400i, he bought it 2nd hand.

When checking with my sources I was presented this picture of Dodi Fayed standing near #43905, which then belonged to Sheikh Harlan Al-Maktoum. Thought it was a cool picture to share. Clearly he suits the 400 profile and the longfiller is the finishing touch.

Update 3-5-2021: Found this auction:

Lot details

Registration No: APA 26Y
Chassis No: 43905
MOT: 29 March 2022

  • Supplied new to Sheikh Harlan Al-Maktoum of the royal family of Dubai in PTO Blue metallic
  • Recently acquired from the Whitewebbs Museum after some 7 years with just 36,056 miles on the odometer
  • Is offered with 3 folders of documentation including the original books and manuals, workshop manual and vehicle history

Update 31 Aug 2021:  Now popping up at this company for 129.000 NZ dollar

Originally Sold New to Sheikh Harlan Al-Maktoum of the Dubai Royal Family on the 29th of April 1983. This example covering only 35,963 miles before it went to Whitewebbs Museum of Transport in 2013. Then later sold by Talacrest Ferrari.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

A Look Back at 2004 Hurricane Charley Damage to Car Collection

An older article which I didn't capture on this blog:

No idea why it pops up now, perhaps due to the hurricane Matthew that hit Flordia last week. As you will see a 400 was also hidden in this collection:

Friday, 7 October 2016

Me and my car : Ferrari 412

No, this is not about me. It's about a column from the autocar & motor magazine (9 November 1988).
And a very interesting one. As you know by now I do like most aspects of the 400; the design, brochures, articles, technical details, automobilia, etc. But I'm also particular interested regarding the first owners. Clearly they must have been financial well secured - this is however not interesting. I'm more interested about their background and motive for purchasing this type of car.

Recently I got in contact with someone who's father purchased a new 365GT4 2+2 in 1975. On my request I was informed it was being used for private usage. The old man bought a new Lamborghini Espada in the late sixites and after six years he just wanted something different. And as such he picked the 365GT4 2+2, simple as that. Unfortunately I couldn't reveal more about his background and exact motive.

But this article does. It's a very good read about the owner who has a design background. But clearly he was a car addict as well. Very funny to read that after his study he was forced, due to financial constraints, to drive around in a Fiat Panda. And only in a few years (5) time, after a few more interesting cars, he uplifts himself to a Ferrari 400. Not bad. And at the age of 34 he bought himself a new Ferrari 412. So clearly a very succesful businessman in this case. I guess he was wrong though about the rocketing prices for this model. Only about 25 years later the prices started to increase a bit.

Typical enough he didn't keep the new 412 long though. It was the last RHD 412 with serial number #81803. See this link for full detail:

Given his age back then, 34, the 400 is a car which is more associated with slightly older men. As neatly summed up by "Car & Driver" which said about the 400i that's a "Ferrari for the guy who has cooled off enough about Ferraris that he no longer has to have a red one". This is a Ferrari for the man who wears suits: the one to have when you've had one of everything else. I guess he fitted in somehow just being very young though.

Enjoy the article, click to enlarge:

Monday, 3 October 2016

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 Elie Ayache

My recent blog regarding the colour settings of my 400 did include a link to an older blog with a reference to Elie Ayache:

This did trigger one of the blog readers with the following feedback

"#18037 is very interesting, not only for its Elie Ayache connection, but also for its interior – pelle Bianca panno blu means white leather, with (light) blue cloth (inserts). This is backed up by empirical evidence – see photos attached from c.1980 where you can just see the blue cloth inserts. The vehicle has Lebanese plates so there’s little doubt it is 18037. I was fortunate to acquire a huge stash (over 300) original photos of 365s and 400s taken in Monaco during the late 1970s and early 1980s and these photos were among them."

How cool is that?

As Always I welcome any input/feedback/comment regarding the 400. Recently I also enabled the blog comment section for anyone, meaning you don't require a Google account to respond (I only found out recently about this option).

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Article by Christopher de Frage : Automatically, Ferrari is a smooth blur.

A nice Australian article from may 1978 about the Ferrari 400 Automatic. Happy reading!

Click the picture to enlarge

Saturday, 1 October 2016

My 400 - Original colour setting - Ferrari Classiche - Actual Delivery date

Earlier this week I was approached by someone who wanted confirmation of the Original colours of my 400 for his database. According to him it was likely to be Azzurro Metallizato with Beige VM 3218 interior and Blu carpets. As far as I could see myself this was the case, however I don't have it officially documented though, nor was it mentioned in the warranty papers or such. It was something on my target list to obtain an official Ferrari Classiche paper stating the origin of my car. Such paper would cost you € 300,- To give you an idea what it looks like:

For those interested regarding this intriguing owner, see this blog:

So yes, quite an expensive A4 paper. But anything Ferrari is slightly overpriced in my humble opinion. Nevertheless it's an item I would like to have included with my 400 for historical completeness. But for now it can wait.

Prior to this I was given the following source who potentially could assist in confirming the same information; Tony Willis at The Maranello Concessionaires Archive.

But I was also given the name of Marcello Massini. I guess for the majority of the Ferrari incrowd this is a known name. In fact he can be considered the authority when it comes down to Ferrari history. The following article provides a nice story about him:

So I just send him an email to get confirmation about the colour setting used for my car. The next day I got already an answer and he confirmed the following is correct:

Azzurro Metallizato with Beige VM 3218 interior and Blu carpets

He also mentions the actual factory delivery date is 27 February 1979. My Original warranty booklet mentions however the deliver date of 27 December 1979. So that's exactly a 10 month gap which I can't explain.

My theory is the following. When doing research regarding the first owner of my 400 I found out he had the car shipped immediately to the UK when it was newly delivered. This to get a complete new leather upholstery, see my blog about this matter:

So I suspect the warranty of the car became active on it's return from the UK since it was still unused in between. I guess this might have been settled/agreed with his Ferrari distributor Auto Becker.

Mr Massini however mentions the following; "Cars were not easy to sell in those days and the warranty only begins once the car is really sold. The car may have been sitting unsold for several months."

Although I don't have any insight about this particular era and how car deals were made I find it difficult to believe these type of cars would have been produced without an actual order or pre payment to confirm the deal.

Actually from the following time period magazine article:

I understood that in May 1977 there were no new 400 cars available for testing or to provide demo's. This was due to the high demand and impatient new owners waiting in Maranello. Even the company "works" car had been sold.

I Always found it quite peculiar that my 400 was a carburettor version given the delivery date of 27 December 1979. The first injected cars were already on the road in August 1979 or even earlier. But now I know the actual delivery date was 27 February 1979, so that's another mystery out of my way.

I'm now curious to know from Ferrari Classiche when the actual order was placed and how long it would take to build a 400. It is estimated it would take about 1 month to assemble a 400. Of course there could have been a waiting list between order and start of assembly and we expect that varies so we guess around 2-3 months. Anyone who has got more insight in this matter please get in contact with me.

And for the records, a picture of the paint sticker located in the trunk of my 400. So yes, the color is Azurro Metallizato with code 8044169