Monday, 19 February 2018

Ferrari 275 Spyder NART based on a Ferrari 400 and ?

An interesting find on Ferrarichat:

As can be read, two very nice replicas based on a 400

275 Spyder NART:

THIS is a 400i frame, engine and rear diff....WITH a transplanted manual trans, modified torque tube and new driveshaft, ( donor car was an automatic !!)

Not sure what model race car this one is but it's also using a 400 Engine and other parts:

Friday, 16 February 2018

Le Mans Classic 2018 - European Ferrari Club 400 - Invitation for 365/400/412 owners

17-Feb Updated version - there are still places left - if interested respond before Feb 28th:

The exceptional event "LE MANS CLASSIC 2018" (episode 9) will be held on July 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

The LMC is:

• The circuit of 24H 13.6 km

• More than 120,000 spectators

• 550 race cars on the track

• 6 grids from 1923 to 1979

• The Group C 1982-1993

• Little Big Mans

• The parades of clubs on this legendary race track

It is the moment to gather around this inevitable event with an unprecedented structure.

Indeed, we will welcome you under the tent of the EUROPEAN FERRARI 400 CLUB with the positioning of our cars all around on a dedicated space.

Places being limited to 40 cars (only 365/400/412), do not wait to register.

The price is fixed at 130 € per person for the  General admission + Paddocks + Stand Tribune.

The annual fee of 90 € to the club is mandatory. 

The Race tracks laps (Parade Clubs) at 180 € are unfortunately already full for Saturday, July 7th.

The Peter Auto organization is however planning a new session and a waiting list is currently open.

Options such as modern car parking, helicopter tours etc. are available on the Peter Auto website

Please tell me the number of places you want to book before February 28th..

For all information and registrations, I remain available at 00 33 6 07 78 98 76 or by email

See you soon.

Best regards,


Monday, 12 February 2018

Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 vs Vanwall

An interesting capture on FB. Someone mentioned they had bought a 365GT4 2+2 which was too far gone. And as such they used the engine on this racing car: a one off special alu bodied 2 seater Vanwall.

Originally the 365 was registered as follows: LGH257N - Chassis F101AL17931. Her heart was pretty knackered too! But has been totally rebuilt and now running beautifully. 

17931 was originally Azzurro blue, then changed to red by 1989, when it was in the US. Then back to the UK in 1990. 

For those who, just like me, are/were unaware of this brand and car:

Pretty cool car with a very powerfull 365 GT4 2+2 under the bonnet, must be quite an unique experience to drive.

Update 26-3-2018 by sheer luck I came across this nice picture and thought immediately of this one

Ferrari Meera S by Michelotti

While being on the middle east here another wicked example that was owned by a Saudi prince; the Ferrari Meera S by Michelotti. I was unaware it was named after his wife. The S stands for Saoud, the name of the prince. The car has been in several places and owned by a few people. According to someone on Fchat the prince gave the car away after a couple of months to a friend.

The following link does contain quite a list of pictures:

And some history about on FChat:

I now suspect it's back in Saudi Arabia again and owned by the same collector and likely had it also restored at Ferrari Classische:

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Ferrari 400i four door by Robert Jankel

Typical, I mentioned the Ferrari 400 four door by Robert Jankel just a few days back as per blog:

And now I hit this recent post on Instagram. The comments seems to confirm it's indeed located in Saudi Arabia. And apparently the owner has plans to restore it, so who knows more photo's and detail will show up.

Update 19-12-2018: I was triggered by a posting on FChat, apparently new footage was posted on Instagram. So I made some screenshots:

Friday, 9 February 2018

Discovery Channel - Misfit Garage - Ferrari 400

By surprise I discovered this one on Discovery:

Apparently it was an episode with a Ferrari 400i which got broadcasted on the Portugese Discovery Channel last weekend. I scrolled down a little further on their FB page and hit this posting that was published the week before, just a simple poll:

So the TV Show is called "misfit garage" and when checking I found out they have their FB as well. I found this particular posting from last year (oct 2017) and got to see a glimpse of the 400:

Judging by the photo it's a very rough 400. Also from the FB remarks I understand this episode has been broadcasted already in the Netherlands.

Further checking learned me it's broadcasted in Season 5 Episode 7:
First Aired: October 11, 2017
The garage acquires both a rare 1960 Ford Sunliner Convertible and a 1984 Ferrari 400i V12, but when the bodywork goes over budget and over schedule on the Sunliner, Thomas must flip the Ferrari to keep the build going.

And someone did put this episode on YouTube:
It's captured in small format and slightly accelerated - I think this was done to circumvent detection and deletion - but if you watch it in full mode it's still pretty visible:

Contrary to the comment above it is however not a 1984 400i but a rare 1979 carburettor version. This triggered me as there are not many carburettor versions around in the USA. And I thought I recalled seeing this car before. A quick search and I found it almost instantly:

But also this link:

From that I learned the car was potentially sold higher as the mentioned figures in the TV Show. Clearly the TV show is a bit staged (understatement). It's a pitty this classy car ended up so bad, it deserves much better.

Curious to see where this car shows up next ...

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ferrari 400 Teatro La Scala Milano

This superb picture got posted on Instagram. And it's more unique as you would think:

Yes, it's Lapo Elkann's 400i again. But the car was parked next to Teatro La Scala in Milano.
See hereby a Google airshot of the location:

So what is special about that you might ask. Clearly it's a classy environment and as such a nice fit for the 400 and their respective owners. If you have the book by sig. Fioravanti you might understand it even better. More about this book in this blog:

The 2+2 series was destined for the grown up man who had a passion for fine Italian things and sophisticated engineering. But clearly no longer wanted to squeeze into a two-seater with an angry cat behind their back. It was Leonardo Fioravanti who was the rising star at Pininfarina and got appointed to create the new 2+2. When the new model (365GT4 2+2) was discussed with the Commendatore he cited various clients like Pietro Barilla or Herbert von Karajan, a sublime orchestral director who felt that the sound of a Ferrari V12 was a "kind of symphony" as the revs rose! As such it was concluded that the new model should be a Ferrari that you could drive to La Scala in Milan.

Pietro Barilla


Monday, 5 February 2018

KK Scale model 1:18 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

If you fancy these, you can pre-order them here:

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2
Diecast model from KK scale
in limited editions of 1000 pieces only
item code : 180161, Colour : Red
item code : 180162, Colour : Metallic Light Blue
Scale 1:18
Price € 69,95
any questions please sent us an E-mail :
if you want to order please visit our web store:

Aparently they also do the other range, including the 400 and 412. To my surprise I see my own car used as an example picture:

Sunday, 4 February 2018

More Ares - Retro Ferrari 400 / 412

Why not, this nicely continues yesterdays blog. They released a little more about their presentation in Modena on FB. And yes that includes the new retro Ferrari 400.

Given their Middle East roots I suspect the new owner of the retro 400 is also someone from this area.  Since that person must be a huge fan of the 400 I suspect it might be the same person who sent 2 400's to Ferrari Classiche for a full restoration as mentioned in this blog:

Not that long ago I was informed that the Robert Jankel Ferrari 400 limousine is potentially also stored in a private collection in the Middle East. Again I now suspect this might be the same person.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Ares - Retro Ferrari 400 / 412

If even a non-car enthusiast at work tips me about the new retro Ferrari 400 you know this news was hard to ignore. I delibaretely waited 2 days so I could capture the majority of the known car websites to have their copycat story published. So hereby a nice collection of links that more or less are sharing the same information:

But first a blog from the company CEO, who more or less already hinted about this car in December:

In which he states the following about the 400 :

And back to the press releases. In fact there were quite a few more but I captured mostly the known English websites (and a few Dutch):

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Con-moda Ferrari 400i - open-air-fascination

I spotted this brochure just to late on the Dutch Marktplaats. It was sold already but the owner made a nice scan for me. Seems like a rare brochure to me. Most of the content was Honda related and a one-pager with the Ferrari 400i