Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sport Auto janvier 1978 - Essai : Ferrari 400 Automatic

Another nice French Article which I was able to purchase due to some kind donations. Merci!
It's now available in the download folder.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

For Sale : Tornado by Vitaloni wing mirror decal sticker Ferrari 400

This was an item on my want to have list. Unfortunately this was no where available. I was triggered again on the last car show I visited in Maastricht where I noticed them on a very nice Maserati Khamsin. These mirrors are widely used on many Italian car brands and of course on the Ferrari 400 and Ferrari 400i (phase 1) as well. On some time period photos you can spot them. And occassionaly on very well preserved cars. For instance this nice exemplar on a RM Auction:

With some help I managed to make a high quality reproduction set. They are printed on high quality vinyl and being UV resistant. I have of course printed a small batch as I figured there could be a wider interest. As you can see, they come in a set of 4. Meaning 2 for your car and 2 for spare (in case they get damaged somehow). Or in case you have other exotics using these mirrors.

1 set of 4 will cost € 10,- This is including free shipping worldwide. Payment can be done via the PayPal donation button with the comment Tornado. Alternatively you can pay via IBAN, for this you need to email me. My email can be found at the bottom of the blog in the "about" section.

I have not listed them on Ebay (yet) so blog readers will go first. If there is a larger demand I can consider to make more prints.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ouch - Ferrari 400i chassis and body - 53589

This one got listed on Ebay for US 4.995,- :

According to my VIN book it's was a LHD Automatic version.

In any case, the advertisement came with some nice pictures which provides an interesting view on the car structure. If you are interested in a historic picture and some background on the build of the chassis then check out this older blog:

Interestingly the seller has also got a 365/400 manual gearbox for sale:

And there is a more, a complete body chopped up in 2 pieces.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ferrari 412 Convertible Scaglietti Prototype

I can't believe I have missed this one on my blog. Luckily it was listed though in the scale models blog (typical they have created this on scale as well). I don't have any further history on it, I only know it's based on a 412.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

For Sale : Carrozzeria Pavesi Window document holder sticker - Ferrari Service

Since the donations are not flowing in and I'm still keen to extend the magazine articles I figured I need to generate a little more income to cover the expenses for buying them and to buy potential other items of interest. I do happen to have obtained a small batch of these very unique and Original Pavesi document holder stickers which you can put on your front window screen. Either nice to put on your own car or else to keep as a nice memorabilia item. My asking price is € 20,- which includes free shipping world wide. You can pay via the PayPal donation button and mention Pavesi in the comment field. Alternatively you can pay via IBAN, in that case contact me by emailing. My email address can be found at the bottom of my blog (about me).

As for Pavesi, unfortunately this company no longer exists. It seems they either stopped or went bankrupt last year. Their webiste is by now unfortunately hacked :
Via you can still look into their historical pages.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ferrari 412 EPS Stainless steel Exhaust

My radar catched this upload from the stainless steel Exhaust manufacturer EPS in the Netherlands. Apparently another happy Dutch 412 owner. My 400 is also equipped with a EPS exhaust system, see this older blog:

The car itself was imported to the NL on 23-11-2015, so it's having a fresh owner who likely is now taking care of it well.

Update 21-1-2016: I got informed this car has VIN 74207 and was formerly owned by :

Monday, 18 January 2016

Jody Scheckter Ferrari 400

The following snapshot was send to me, taken from magazine "classic cars" Feb 2016:

I found it a remarkable comment as I recalled this foreword from him in a particular book:

Next it will make you wonder if you consider the 400 a horrible car why he had two of them, and an automatic version as well. And if it isn't fast enough either why did he not pick the BB? Personally I think the 400 was the best car for driving up and down between Monaco and Maranello.

And some other old blogs I had on him:

Sunday, 17 January 2016

MECC Interclassics 2016 - Ferrari 400 412

As indicated earlier I went today to the Interclassics 2016 in the MECC. I knew in advance there were going to be a few 400s presented for sale. So hereby an overview of them:

The first one I came across, forgot to make a picture on the car information. It's a car from Belgium. If I recall correctly it was offered for € 54.000,-  and an automatic.

The seconde one, a very nice 412 Automatic, VIN 60453. And what a nice combo:

The 3rd one, a 400i Automatic:

And the 4th one, this one was located at the Kroymans stand, a very nice Ferrari 400i Automatic. This was a really good specimen (except for the radio). It was sold already. Interestingly it was for sale two years ago and at the time sold as well:

Update 18-1-2016 : Guess what, it appears there are 2 Dutch 400i's with this same unique color setting (light green with dark green interior). I was informed this one for sale on Interclassics 2016 (VIN 35031) is not the same car as on Interclassics 2014 (VIN 42429). Both appears to be delivered by Kroymans as well. The only difference is the car radio ...

And the 5th one was located at the Coys auction section which was a secured area. It was the known King Hussain 400i. On my request to have a look the security guard checked for me but on his return he mentioned it was already sold and as such I was not further allowed to check.

The 6th one was the famous Prince Bernhards 412 Manual. And it was sold as well, apparently it stays in the Netherlands. The VIN is 59917 and it does not have a special mention in the serial handbook, except for the remark green/tan.

Typical no 365GT4 2+2 was for sale but I think a record off 400s for sale on a classic car show. All in all a very nice day spent.