Thursday 31 October 2019

Lookalike : Vauxhall Cavalier

This car was flying by on Facebook with some remarks regarding the Ferrari 400.  And if you look quickly it does have indeed some styling elements. The car in question is the Vauxhall Cavalier. 

The Peugeot 305 prototype is a closer candidate though:

Tuesday 29 October 2019

For sale : Ferrari 400 pouch, owners manual, Cromodora ashtray and Pavesi knock-off hubcap gift

Yes, some nice items for sale to get your car and memorabilia complete:

- original 400 pouch, also correct for 308 and 512BB - € 1.200,-
- original 400 Automatic / 400 GT owners manual - € 175,-
- Pavesi VIP gift - € 450,-
- Cromodora ashtray - € 80,-

Seller details:

Elder Scheulderman
The Netherlands

Monday 28 October 2019

Book : Pininfarina Cinquantanni

A very nice book I recently purchased. I can't believe it took me this long to discover and buy it. The trigger was due to a roadtrip with my Fiat 130 Coupe to Italy to attend the 50th anniversary meeting in Milan. For this trip I had spend some additional days in Turin and visited the Pininfarina museum at their headquarters in Cambiano. But additional I arranged a meet up with designer Paolo Martin at the Pininfarina Windtunnel in Grugliasco. At this meet up I had some retrospective photo's taken based on historical photo's with Sergio Pininfarina, Renzo Carli and the Fiat 130 Coupe. Furthermore I also went to the restaurant in Tortana where Pininfarina in 1951 made the partnership deal with Enzo Ferrari. Due to all of this I stumbled upon this book. Although I haven't read it yet it did contain much uniqe and beautiful (of course) photographic material. I was very happpy to see some 400 pictures regarding the build up in their factory. Find them hereby enclosed.

PS Note the new option regarding the "like" and "dislike" option at the bottom of each blog post. It was a suggestion by one of the readers

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Ferrari 400 computer animation

Thought this was a pretty nice piece of computer animation

Monday 21 October 2019

For Sale : RHD Black Ferrari 412 with red interior

This Ferrari 412 advert showed up:

And it does mention it's first owner and how he lost it:

"it was first ordered by the English entrepreneur peter de savary and delivered to his London club he then at some point lost it in a card game all very extravagant!"

(The story is that a bet was made on the 14th hole at the Westerhope golf course. A previous owner won the bet and received the car from De Savary).

More about the man can be read in this Wiki:

I did try to reach out to him but unfortunately I never got a response ...

The current owner/seller does make this remarkable statement about the 412:

"She’s drives and pulls fantastically in fact she drives better than my 456"

Apparently he's a liker as he wants to buy a 400 Manual instead now.

Update 1-12-2019: Apparently will be auctioned:

Update 1 February 2022: new auction

This time the story goes it has been lost in a game of golf.

Sunday 20 October 2019

For Sale Ferrari 400 Auto - Vladimiro Galluzzi

I noticed this advert:

According to the supporting information the car was owned for 10 years by the Italian racing driver Vladimiro Galluzzi:

"This car is the GT by excellence, powered by that famous V12 Ferrari it combines confort and beauty of the 70's. The famous Italian racing driver Vladimiro Galluzzi knew it and owned that car for 10 years."

Never heard of him before but when checking it looks like he was an older chap doing races in the 50 and 60 ties: