Saturday 31 December 2016

UK Ferrari pricelist 1986

And another UK pricelist. So in 1986 the Ferrari 412 costed 58.449,- GBP

(click to enlarge):

Friday 30 December 2016

Ferrari toolbag kit - Battaini

Recently I was approached by someone with some questions about the toolbag and it's required content. This was simple to answer as it's listed in the owners manual. For those interested, these manuals are all available in my public download folder:

As such I knew for the 400 (1976-1979) model the following is required:

- lifting jack
- emergency triangle
- alternator belt
- 2 control belts for hydraulic steering pump
- wheels removing spanner

I'm Lucky as this complete toolbag and content was with the car when I bought it:

The person in question wanted to reproduce the toolbag since prices for these kits are very steep. So I provided him the measurements. When asking about the tools he mentioned the jack was used by other Italian cars as well. This shouldn't be a surprise of course. When checking mine I couldn't find any name or printed markings on it. But apparently they are produced by Battaini. Another name I never heard off before. When doing some additional checks I noticed some of these have a Battaini decal on it. And on Ebay I found some nice reprints so I ordered a pair for completeness - although I don't think they were put on the Ferrari jacks though. And they arrived today by email:

I coulnd't find any related website of this brand Battaini rovate varese. Though they do seem to have an email address:

Officina Meccanica Battaini Srl
Via Monte Santo 8/10 21040 Rovate
Tel.: 0331987065

Google maps coulnd't find the address though? When checking further with the zipcode the placename is apparently Carnago, which is next to Rovate. But with this address I got stuck as well. It seems to be a normal street with houses. Typical. Also checking the domain of the email address reveals it's not registered anymore thus available. And when calling their telephone number it turns out to be death. I suspect this company did not survived either. Strange how many online directories still show them. And I couldn't find anymore history about this company either.

As I was working on the other cars today I had also the opportunity to put the decal on it:

Tuesday 27 December 2016

London motorshow 1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

I found 2 additional pictures of this motorshow as per earlier blog:

Unfortunately the 400 is on the background

On the sidebar there is a blog label with motorshow which shows more examples for those interested.

Update 28-12-2016: The 365GT4 2+2 on this motorshow has VIN #18627, repainted red (by 1981) from its original Marrone Colorado. Not seen (or licensed in the UK) since this photo was taken for a 1988 Coys auction catalogue.

Anyone knows where it is today?

Monday 26 December 2016

Petrolicious #DriveTastefully Ferrari 400

The following was posted yesterday on the Petrolicious Facebook page. I was very surprised to see such a high amount of likes for this unbeloved specimen. Over more then 2.3k likes in about 24h. Even the 34 reactions were pretty much ok, only a very few negative remaks, usually that's the other way around. I checked a little further to see how much the other Petrolicious postings were liked and in comparisson this posting did very well (taken in account this car is generally not very admired - for now). Note that Petrolicious has a very broad global audience (733.718 followers) and obviously these are all car enthusiast - and I suspect silently many of them do have a soft spot for it nevertheless. As for the picture, I almost tend to say it's exemplary for the 400. It's typical how often I have seen the 400 somewhere stuffed away. It's not unusual to see it part of a wider collection either. Often it's limited visible somewhere in the background. It's rarely on the foreground or claiming attention. Still it's a very elegant and sleek model. I can imagine a lot of the first time buyers appreciated this fact as well. It's simply not done to show off but all about class. Personally I consider it a hidden gem for the connaisseurs. And judging on my observations lately I can see an increased interest for this model.

See also this older article by Petrolicous:

Saturday 24 December 2016

Maranello Concessionaires advert : 3 X Ferrari 400 for sale

I caught this advert from the Magazine Autocar published 23rd August 1980. Thought it was remarkable to see 3 400s for sale. All three have been fairly well used for 1 year or less from new. I wonder why these first owners did sell it so quickly (including the BB).

Friday 23 December 2016

Thursday 22 December 2016

Wednesday 21 December 2016

In the spotlight. Cars and Coffee XL by Autovisie 2016

By surprise I spotted myself on this website:

It was one of the very few trips I made this year with the 400. When I posted this blog:

I did got in contact with the owner as he was indeed following my blog. As such he suggested to attend the Cars and Coffee XL by Autovisie. And since the weather forecast was good I simply went there and met up with him. He arrived in a different Ferrari though, so I was the only 400 around. It was a very good organized event. I liked it very much as there were so many different and unique cars there.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Maranello Concessionaires LTD UK Ferrari Pricelist 1st July 1977

I was outbid on this brochure but I have made a snapshot of the pricelist.
So in 1977 the 400 would cost you in the UK 23.749 GBP.

Monday 19 December 2016

Sunday 18 December 2016

Ferrari 400 on Spotify

I came across the following on FChat, thought it was a cool thing to share. It's not unusual the 400 is being used for artistic usage.

"Got a phone from a photographer last week asking if he could use my beloved 400 in a photoshoot.
Needless to say I was taken by surprice and even more when realizing fotoshoot was for coverart for a young artist about to release a song titled "Fast Car" on Spotify and needed appropriate coverart to go with it."

PS the owner of this particular 400 has created some nice tools, see this older blog:

I suspect the mentioned song is this cover of the Original Fast Car by Tracey Chapman:

Saturday 17 December 2016

USA Ferrari 400i first owner

A few days back I posted about an first Ferrari 412 owner in the USA

By surprise I noticed a posting on FChat whereby someone was offering a pouch and it's booklets of a 400i Automatic:

Although not visible on the Ebay offering he did post the warranty booklet page seperately on FChat:

So this is another imported example which went new the USA. I wasn't able to find out more about this owner. According to the warranty paper the selling dealer was La Jolla Ferrari Ltd which I expect is nowadays:

Am curious to know how many 400's went new to the USA. Anyone?

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Monday 12 December 2016

USA Ferrari 412 first owner

The following car is currently offered for sale in the Netherlands:

And it has very nice photoshoot as well. But that's not the reason for posting it here. On yesterdays blog I had a USA brochure listed by the Ferrari dealer Chinetti. And as I mentioned in that blog, both the BB512 and the 400 were cars that officially were not sold in the US.

This advert reveals this is one of those very few that made it straight into the USA from the Ferrari factory. And it also mentions the first owner as well. Since he was a known man I was able to find out he was 55 when he got the car in 1986.

Ferrari 412, year 1986. Colour dark grey metallic with a dark beige full-leather interior. This magnificent Ferrari 412 was delivered new straight from the Ferrari factory in Maranello (the original warrantee card is signed by Mr. Biavati of Ferrari Administrazione). Then the car was shipped to the USA where it was registered fo road use on 7 May 1986. The first owner was Mr. Morton Viner, agent of the Hollywood stars Dean Martin, Shirley McLaine and others. After him the Ferrari had three more US owners. The last of them was Mr. Mashimo Yukitake (Director Japan Music Agency). In the year 2011 the car was sold to the current owner in the Netherlands. This fine Ferrari 412 is in superb original top condition. The car looks brand new AND the car drives like new! This Ferrari 412 has driven only 33747 miles. The car has been fully inspected by a Dutch Ferrari specialist (Ital Auto). The automobile features an automatic gearbox and new tyres. The Ferrari comes beautifully documented; a top specimen!

This Ferrari is for sale at Smiths-Veglia.
Price: Euro 79.800, -.

Sunday 11 December 2016

1976 Ferrari 400 Auto Chinetti Dealer Brochure

This one was offered on Ebay as well but I ignored it due to the expensive shipping costs. Slightly regret it now but am sure it will pop up again. The flip side was having the BB512 on it. Both cars were officially never sold in the US.

Saturday 10 December 2016

La Ferrari 400 Automatique Advert by Charles Pozzi

A very nice French advert I obtained via Ebay. I knew this one already as it was used in this previous blog:

This one is however a black and white version. Click on the picture to enlarge:

Friday 9 December 2016

Italy Here We Com 2016

As an exception I make room for this roadtrip I joined earlier this year. I was co-driver in the Fiat Dino Coupe of Jos. Two years ago I joined with the 400 and coming year I will be joining again with the 400. Can't wait!

I hope you will enjoy the video compilation:

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Magazine Symbol : Advert - Made in Italy by Italstyle under the authority Ferrari

I got ahold of another very unique advert with a Ferrari 400 as prop. It was printed in a magazine called Symbol. A magazine I never heard of before. I found it by surprise. When I purchased a brochure I asked the seller if he had any other material containing Ferrari 400 related information. And he came up with this magazine. It was First published in December 1978, Symbol Magazine was "dedicated to the friends of Ferrari, Riva and Rolls Royce" and published semi-annually in winter and summer, with the last issue believed to date from Autumn 1994. It comprised mainly "life-style" features targeting the interests of the wealthy (and very wealthy) with a few car and boat related articles thrown in. I have been informed that in total 32 editions have been published.

As for the advert, it was another company I never heard of before. Apparently they were licensed to sell Ferrari fashion items, mostly clothing. The company Italstyle started in 1979 and went bankrupt in 1986.

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Auto Becker Ferrari pricelist preisliste 1983

And another pricelist from Auto Becker. This time 1983. It does contain the same pictures, the front cover is nice however.

1983: 145.600 DM
1984: 152.800 DM

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Ferrari 275 GTB base Ferrari 400

The following came to my attention. It's offered for sale in France and as can be read, it's based on a Ferrari 400:

Maybe it's this one which was previously unfinished for sale:

On the sidebar there is a link to other "kitcars" blogs.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Friday 25 November 2016

Brochure map 136/77 : Ferrari 400 Automatic

A very nice brochure I got ahold off. Some of the leaflets I had seen before but never the complete set in the Original map. It does contain each of the Ferrari models available in 1977, including the Ferrari 400. So a nice addition for my archive.