Sunday, 23 September 2018

IHWC photoshoot

Yesterday one of the guys of the IHWC gang had organized a photoshoot with a professional photographer. It was nearby where I live so a nice opportunity to join in and meet the guys. And too a nice opportunity to get my car properly pictured. Something I'm not good at nor do have the appropiate equipment for. It did include some portrait photo's with the 400 as well. The weather was not looking promising but early in the morning the green light was given.

Since my car is parked elsewhere I nevertheless had to make a small journey though, which is perfectly fine. When driving on the highway in the 400 towards the location a car was driving next to me, hit his horn and made a kissing and waving gesture towards me. How's that?  I vividly recall when I was driving towards Brussel (a few years back) in the 400 with the missus next to me when I was overtaken by a car whereby a guy in the back seat had opened up the window, put his head out and stretched both arms out to give me two thumbs up.

When it was my turn for the photoshoot it appeared he too was a huge liker of the 400.

Unfortunately shortly afterwards it started raining though, slightly messing up the photoshoot and the additional plans to make some nice driving shots. So the 2nd part was skipped.

Not the entire gang could make it but we still had a nice selection of cars available.

I'm now curious regarding the results of the photoshoot …

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Car and Driver : LJK Setright - The Hypertourers! Ferrari 400A

I can't believe I hadn't this in my archive. The US shipping costs was a bit much … but finally now available in the download folder.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Autogespot : Black Ferrari 412

Unfortunately the 400 and 412 does not make it to the Autogespot archive. They Always get deleted shortly afterwards being posted. Apparently it does not fit their sports car criteria. The 365GT4 2+2 is allowed somehow. Luckily I was able to catch this one and look it up in Google Cache. Not sure how long it will remain there, so enjoy it for now:

Friday, 7 September 2018

Auction : Ferrari 400 I (F101 CL) automatique, an 84 (accidentée, enregistrée VEI), 3.559 Kms

If you are looking for a project car or spares:

Ferrari 400 I (F101 CL) automatique, an 84 (accidentée, enregistrée VEI), 3.559 Kms au compteur, non garantis (détail)

Monday, 3 September 2018

Antwerp Concours 2018 - Rain Man : Ferrari 400 vs Lamborghini Countach

Last week I was approached by someone if  I could participate with my 400 at the Antwerp Concours. They were looking for a 400 to participate to make a small tribute to the movie Rain Man along with two Lamborghini Countaches. Apparently it was 30th years ago this movie was presented. And as might be known it does have a very cool opening scene with Italian cars. So this was a very nice opportunity to promote the 400 and also attend this classy event. But it was very short notice and bad timing for me as I had other important things on my radar to finish that week. On Friday evening I was able to give the green light and my commitment to attend. The weather was going to be great as well so I was really looking forward to it. And it would also be a good test after it's last maintenance and a nice proper drive.

More details about this event:

Also my son joined last minute when I told him about the Countaches and the small parade we were going to join. He too had to make an arrangement to get his work covered.

And as can be seen they managed to get ahold of another candidate, however with a 412. I recognized the owner as I had met him 5 years ago at the Ferrari 400 Brussels event arranged by the European 400 Club - see blog:

And the small parade at the front of the Chateau

The rainman photo collage which was printed out at large:

And afterwards parking at the back next to some nice Masers

So yes, a very enjoyable day and all went very smooth. Glad I was able to make it.

More photo's taken at this event can be seen here

Update 5-sept-2018: And this nice photo got posted on their FB page:

And additionally this drone video got posted on YT: