Friday 31 March 2023

1975 Ferrari 365 GT/4 2+2 Spyder Conversion

This creation has been built using the mechanicals of a Ferrari 365GT4 2+2:

1975 Ferrari 365 GT/4 2+2 Spyder Conversion
s/n 18359
Red with Black Interior

Thursday 30 March 2023

Ferrari of Arabia

When doing a little research on a car the following showed up:

Datum eerste inschrijving: 01.07.1980, Chassisnummer: F101CL23203, Kleur: zwart, Carrosserievorm: cabrio, Af te lezen ODO-stand: 11235 km, Bekleding: leder,

It was remarked it was photographed next to a Pavesi conversion with an "Arabic badge"
Click the photo to enlarge:

Perhaps difficult to spot but it does indeed have the arabic 400i badge. 

This Pavesi conversion is a known one. But due to the Arabic badge it did also came to my attention it does have the enlarged air vent in the bonnet. 

I wonder if this Pavesi conversion was ever exported to the Middle East. It's currently still residing somewhere in Paris. Till then I had never spotted a 400i with the Arabic badge. Then it was pointed out the following blog had one as well:

Again, difficult to spot but it does have the Arabic badge in combination with the enlarged air vent. 

Apparently there were specific options build for the Arabs, see this snippet fom the magazine Cavallino 1983:

When doing further checking I hit my own blog but the actual content is no longer available on Youtube or Instagram (bummer! - note to self: need to make better captures and store them locally next time). 

Via Google cache I managed to make this capture:

Looks like it does have the enlarged air vent at least. 

Let's see if more Arabic 400's can be indentified/spotted.

Update 2 April 2023: 

  • Produced between 1982-1984
  • At least 25 examples known with the extended bonnet vent
  • Even the Series 1 injected cars had the smaller outside mirrors of the Series 2
  • They had different under bonnet material to the other 400is

Here’s two of them currently for sale:

Ferrari 400 400 I automatic de 1981 à vendre - voiture ancienne de collection (

Ferrari - 400i Automátic - 1981 - Catawiki

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Toni Bienemann - Ferrari 400i

 A few months back I published a blog about Toni Bienemann and his collection:

Today I bumped into a Facebook update regarding the Ferrari 400. Someone remarked that the average service maintenance costed about 35.000 Dutch Guilders back in the day - 1999/2000 (about 15k Euro). I was intrigued and asked the guy about the source. Apparently he read or heard about it somewhere on the internet and then recalled it was from Toni Bienemann on Youtube. 

My first search hit the YT episode in one go:  (sorry it's in Dutch).

It's an episode from Carros from 12 years ago whereby he provides an insight regarding his collection.
At about 2 min 50 sec he explains the reasoning for purchasing the 400i as he wanted something more exclusive and he simply liked that model. But the maintenance costs did made him reconsider and as such he choose the RR Camargue instead as it had a similar styling and done by Pininfarina as well. I doubt if the service maintenance would have been cheaper though. In any case, we know he does posses the 400 and the 130 coupe after all as well - and much much more. Still interested to meet up with him.

The RR Camargue was for him the starting point of his car collection. 

Just another fairly recent Dutch article about him and his collection, for the records:

Monday 20 March 2023

Instagram - Marenello Concessionaires 5 x 365GT4 2+2

From the same the Instagram account:

250 SWB Ltd … 365 GT4 2+2’s. When it comes to 12 cylinder cars this era is about as modern as I go. I adore the design of these cars especially in their original 365 guise with a manual gearbox and knock off wheels. The shape is so clean. Highly controversial and a real break from the past when Ferrari launched the car in 1972. Sadly like all Ferrari 2+2’s they soon decimated in value with consequent lack of maintenance and care. Today, trying to find a decent unmolested well serviced car is nigh on impossible. Here are a few that have passed through the garage…17243, 17313, 17327, 17563 & 18505. #ferrari #ferrari365 #ferrari365gt42plus2 #maranelloconcessionaires #ferrariclassiche #1970sferrari #uk #italy #australia #japan

Sunday 19 March 2023

For Sale Ferrari 412 manual RHD

Via Instagram:

Ferrari 412 manual RHD 81738 new to Sir Anthony Bamford and 20th of 21 UK RHD manual cars. Now showing less than 10,000 miles and soon coming onto the market at Bonhams.

For those curious regarding the first owner:
The wiki does even list a few cars in his collection, including some Ferrari's. 

Wednesday 15 March 2023

For Sale : Ferrari 400 Cromodora rims / wheels

This seller has been in contact with me and I offered to publish them on my blog.

Click the photo's below to enlarge. According to the seller:

"The wheels are not corroded but was badly respared with wrong base layer so there are small bubbles on them and they needs to be resprayed.

I would like to get at least  € 1.000,- for them but I would consider reasonable offer"

The rims are located in Czech. If you are interested contact me and I get you in touch with the seller.
Else contact the seller via the website advert:

Saturday 11 March 2023

Iraq - Ferrari 400

Via Instagram I spotted this one below: With the supporting text: 

mustafa. garage

Ferrari F412

The car is not known for more details, it is currently the third piece of this model that was photographed...

The one in red is currently in Sulaymaniyah.

The second is almost black in color with the line of the Italian flag. The last picture is from a publication that is offered for sale.

Photo catch from @iraqi_jdm on Facebook.

#ferrari #412 #v12 #Italy #iraq #ferrari412 #slemani #kazo

I had a blog about the other 400's in Iraq but this one was unknown to me:

Wednesday 8 March 2023

For Sale - Auction - Ferrari 412 Automatic - Alain Prost




Type: F101CLAR
Chassis number: 000066953 ZFFYD24B
Engine number: F101E010 00260
Engine: 4,943 cc 60° V12 (cyl. Ø 82 x 78). 340 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. Longitudinal front position. Bosch K-Jetronic injection.
Gearbox: Automatic General Motors. Maximum speed 255 km/h.
Mileage: 57,030 km on the clock.
Gray card: French, 34 CV - 5 places.
Technical control: In progress.
Condition: Rolling, very good general condition.

Starting price: €100,000

The Ferrari 412 appeared in 1985 and was the last car in the "400" series. In 1989 and after 576 copies sold Ferrari stops production and closes the book of the saga 2 + 2 V12.

Exiting production in 1987 during the lifetime of Enzo FERRARI, our car was to be offered to Alain PROST as a service car if he signed with FERRARI as an F1 driver.

PROST then raced for Mc LAREN and drove a MERCEDES 560 SEC on a daily basis.

FERRARI tried many approaches to secure the services of the French driver and it was not until 1990 that he joined SCUDERIA.

The car had in the meantime been registered in the name of an employee of the factory and, as the gray card shows, Alain PROST recovered the car at the conclusion of a stormy collaboration with SCUDERIA.

Our copy is in very good overall condition.