Wednesday, 30 November 2022

104 Peugette - Geneva 1977 - Ferrari 400A

I found this photo with the 400 in the background. Tried to source more Peugette material and was able to find one more but that was already on my blog:

Click the photo to enlarge:

And surprise, I was supplied with addtional information, apparently the silver 400A is having VIN #20959

Sunday, 20 November 2022

For sale - Interclassics Brussel 2020 - Ferrari 400i Automatic - Rock Hudson

Why not, another sale advert. This one is currently offered for sale at the Interclassics show in Brussels. I dont have any other detail on the seller or the car. Except the 1st owner which was Rock Hudson. Had to look him up though:

Based on that he likely could not enjoy his 400i very long

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

For sale - Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 - Count Vittorio Ripa di Meana

Yes, another sales advert. Again, adding it here for the records and the mention of the 1st owner.

In the Dutch mountains:

This is an extremely neat 1973 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2. This example is in possession of a unique color combination of "Blu Ribot" versus a "Connolly leather Pelle beige" interior. On July 30, 1973 it walked off the assembly line at the factory as production number #117 with bodywork #81/GT. The original Italian-delivered Ferrari was delivered to Count Vittorio Ripa di Meana. He was a well-known and respected lawyer and politician in Italy. He lived at Piazza di Spagna in Rome. Yes, next to the Spanish Steps. In 1973, he had the Ferrari delivered through an official Ferrari dealer called Pedini Auto S.R.L. After all his years in Italy, it was registered on Dutch plates in late 2021. Here he has always been well maintained, which is also demonstrable with the available documentation. Also, the original stickers are still underneath in the engine compartment.

Monday, 14 November 2022

For sale Ferrari 412 - VIN 82001 - one family owner

This car showed up on my radar via:

Apparently one family owned and only run 35.000 km. So I was a little curious regarding this family or the 1st owner. So I jumped to the sellers page:

And I was happy to see a photo of the warranty booklet which revealed the owning party. Which happened to be a business : Pharmaselect Gmbh in Grünwald.

Nice to see they have kept the original radio equipment with the car. The advert also revealed something I was unaware off:

"Im told this is just one of 3 cars completed in 1989 which followed a fire at the Pininfarina factory which resulted in production of this model being suspended. There were three remaining partly completed cars of which this was one."

Saturday, 12 November 2022

Carrozzeria Pininfarina Torino press photo

I obtained this one recently via an Ebay auction. It's one from the known series but this shot I have never seen before:

Friday, 11 November 2022

NEC Birmingham 2022 - Ferrari 400 - Part of the family theme

A Ferrari 400 on the stand of the Ferrari Owner's Club GB Ltd at the NEC Classic Motorshow 2022 at Birmingham. Via Facebook:

Update 12-11-2022: I was expecting this, an update in the FB group, somehow I can't copy the post in HTML, so I copy and paste it here:

24741, a UK spec car with carburetors and manual transmission seen today at the Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham. I have seen this car many times over the years and have therefore included an image of what I believe was the first time I saw the car back in 1987. A very poor image and you will have to take my word that this is the same car. Some of these cars have been used in the way that Enzo Ferrari intended!

Thursday, 10 November 2022

Francorchamps Motors Brussels S.A., Ch - advertisement photo's - Ferrari 400 / 308

I bumped into this auction by accident as I spotted these photo's and there was no mention about the Ferrari 400. According to the seller these are made by the Belgium garage Francorchamps used for advertisement. I scanned the whole lot. Feel free to reuse them:

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Ferrari 400i do Museu do Caramulo recebe pintura nova

 I don't check youtube often for content, so I missed out this one that got posted last year:

Thursday, 3 November 2022

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Maranello Concessionaires workshop photo

 And another nice photo. Somehow I missed this one via Ebay but it got shared with me nevertheless. Click to enlarge:

If you like this then check this blog:

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

INDUSTRIE PININFARINA S.p.A., FERRARI 400i 1982 press photo

Another press photo sold for a very steep price. So yes, I got outbid again. I haven't seen this one before though and apparently it's an official one from industrie Pininfarina SPA.

The second one is a known one from the brochure and got sold for 22 GBP.