Tuesday 28 July 2020

Classic Virus - Yellow Ferrari 400 Automatic

My radar caught this today. An interesting car collection sale from someone in Venezuela. And the collection contains a rare yellow 400. I'm unsure if it was originally delivered in yellow though ... The car is likely from 1978 and not from 1975. The tag shows it's a 400GT instead of an Automatic. So perhaps some modification has been done in the past.


Ferrari 1975 400GT 2 + 2 V12 carburetted, 6 double Weber carburettors. I have all the badges to put them on, the upholstery is completely new in leather, it has not been used, this GT brings the engine, carburettors, chassis, suspension and brakes of the Berlinettas tour de france, california and 275GTB models. USD 75,000

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Guide to Ferrari cars since 1959 by Maranello Concessionaires

I have purchased this brochure via Ebay, scanned it, converted into PDF and now made it available in the download folder at the brochure section. Not a very exciting brochure, the 365 and 400 are of course mentioned. So just for the records.

Wednesday 15 July 2020

The Good Life

Good vibrations, see also blogs:



Monday 13 July 2020

Camouflaged Ferrari 412 with V8 GTO

I came across these photo's and noticed it's the same car. So just for the records.

Saturday 11 July 2020

STOLEN: Ferrari 365 GT4 / 2+2 in Northampton, England. Dark metallic blue - Chassis VIN 17365

Update 15-7-2020: Todays newspaper: 


The car has been found and handed back to the owner:

As "Futurama's" Doctor Nick would say - "Good news, everybody !" Yes - my 365 has been found ! Courtesy of a local enthusiast who joined this group to track me down, and the proprietor of a local garage, the police have recovered my car, and I'm welcome to collect it after finger-printing etc. The thief didn't remove the car himself - it seems he actually had the chutzpah to get a breakdown service to remove the car from my garage, telling them that it was his and he'd lost the keys! Luckily, the specialist-car garage "smelt a rat" when a Ferrari with a broken quarter-light and missing ignition-lock arrived for repair, and we will be re-united in a few days time. Many thanks to everybody who took an interest and circulated the information - your help is much appreciated. I even made a good new contact which may help others: Nick at "TLR Group" Daventry, Northants, UK ( admin@tlrcarcom.com ) is one of the "old school" who can rebuild a Ferrari V12 without it costing the earth, because he does the sensible, basic things like checking dimensions and ordering rods, bearing, pistons at a fraction of the price, because they're the same as used in everyday Fords and Vauxhalls etc. I have another 365 V12 engine that I bought in pieces - ten years ago some joker offered to rebuild it for me for £25,000, I hate to think how much a "specialist" would want now. Personally, I reckon I can do the job myself and have change out of £3000.

Please be aware of this car theft. Any helpful information or support on this matter is much appreciated:


STOLEN: Ferrari 365 GT4 / 2+2 in Northampton, England. Dark metallic blue. Cream leather interior - seats, headlining, door-cards, cream carpets. Blue piping on the seats, and blue leather on the centre-console, door-pulls, fascia, and steering-wheel. Pirelli 235/60 tyres. I bought this with money left to me by my parents, so it has strong sentimental associations for me - I want it back ! Photo below of the car parked near Goodwood. If anyone hears any rumours of this turning up anywhere in the world, or are offered an engine, gearbox, interior, panels, wheels etc - please contact Phil at jagmanphil@ntlworld.com. If any one knows of any Ferrari trade associations I can notify, or sites for listing stolen classic cars, please let me know. Thank you all in advance.

As per the first line - it was stolen in Northampton, England. It was stolen from storage, not from my house. Believed stolen between Sunday evening 5th July and Monday evening 6th July. Is a UK RHD car.

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Koenig Ferrari Specials

I bought this brochure on a auction as I noticed they were offering Ferrari 400's as well. I thought they never build Koenig specials on a 400, which I now can confirm is the case. I have scanned this wicked eighties brochure and the impressive pricelist - even a golden keyfob could be bought for 2.250,- DMark. Both the brochure and pricelist are now available in the download folder in the brochure section.

Monday 6 July 2020

Reunited and it feels so good #Peaches&Herb

How's this? Last week I got in touch with this young man and we went together to the car dealer to make this great photo. See also this blog:


Saturday 4 July 2020

New lease of life for 400i

From Ferrari news issue 84 April 2001. Click to enlarge:

And the sequel:

Friday 3 July 2020

Ruoteclassiche quattroruote : Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2, 400 e 412: ode al granturismo

A nice Italian article:


Elite Granturismo.Fairly snubbed in the past, today the Ferrari GT family begins to have a growing audience of admirers who let themselves be conquered by its clean and extremely elegant lines, in perfect Pininfarina style. The relatively limited production numbers and Drake's affection for this model have aroused the interest of collectors, not to mention the hype raised by the black 412, a 1987 specimen used in the Electroma video clip of the French electronic music group Daft Punk. With this story in mind, it is clear that the 365/400/412 are among the best incarnations of the Italian GT: elegant and refined, they were made with a particular care and attention, hardly found on other models of the era produced in Maranello ... The seats,soft and enveloping, they lend themselves well for long (and fast) transfers accompanied by the polite singing of the noble 12-cylinder V-engine. It may not appeal to most, but it does not matter to those who can appreciate the subtle elegance, the true elegance of these models.