Wednesday, 30 April 2014

'Raduno della bellissima Olanda del Nord', 27 apr 2014 - PART II

More Piccies. They posted some more piccies, I made a small selection.
Click on the picture to enlarge, enjoy:

Dutch Windmills:

Pietro without targa roof in the rain:

V12, we want to see and hear:

Check out the road sign with the bike on it.

It's that way:

1 horse vs 340 horses:

Another windmill:

Ferrari 412 Stance

As said before, I'm not going to post a blog about each 365/400/412 I come across. For some spots or ads I will make an exception. Either they are known ones or simply does contain magnificent shoots.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Senior Citizens - Ferrari 412i vs Jaguar Sovereign V12

I catched this article on Fchat: Performance car 1988. Not the best scan quality though, but it's now available in the download folder. As Always, I welcome any article or related input.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Back to the future : Maranello factory, 1982

Another cool picture for the records. If you search on 'back to the future' you will find the other postings with factory pictures. You know what, I will label them so I can easily make a section about it (hoping I get or find more of these pictures).

1989 Ferrari 412 Cabriolet Pavesi - One of three (1989)

I picked up this advert via FChat. How bizarre is that!

Pavesi Ventorosso

Sunday, 27 April 2014

'Raduno della bellissima Olanda del Nord', 27 apr 2014

Today I have joined the spring trip organised by the Dutch FChat. Unfortunately it rained almost throughout the day. Nevertheless a very nice road trip in an area I don't come very often. During this trip the 400 hit her first 100.000 km score. I also briefly met up with Toon in his brown 365 GT4 2+2.  What a nice color combo. There was one 412 on the meeting but wasn't able to meet up with that person. Also Peter joined in with his 308 GTS. Optimistic as always he arrived without targa roof. The additional pictures were taken by him.


Saturday, 26 April 2014

How hard can it be? Bitter sc and Ferrari 400i

I just have added this article to the online section:

It's not the first article that is linked to the Bitter:

And we have seen also the other look a likes:

Earlier this week I came across a very remarkable comment and picture regarding the 400. The following article: has in the comment fields the remark regarding a Mitsubishi Sigma. How's that!


Friday, 25 April 2014

LJK Setright drives the Ferrari 400i - Car August 1984 - Appeal against dismissal

Yesterdays blog triggered of a link to another interesting article stored on Flickr:

Flickriver: Photoset 'LJK Setright drives the Ferrari 400i 1984' by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!

This has now been put in PDF format so it's easier to read. And by now also added into the Download folder (F400_Car_August_1984.pdf). I also used this opportunity to do a bit of householding and created seperated folders for Magazine Articles, Brochures and Manuals. Happy reading.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Private Pit Stop or a Ferrari day in the spring - 1979 | Ferrari 400 Jody Scheckter - Enzo Ferrari

Todays blog continues nicely on the blog of two days ago. I just noticed the story on Villeneuve’s 400 was of course available on THE 400 website:

Today I found this older blog article, or should I say 'story', its including Villeneuve and Scheckter. Very well written and a good read:

Again more information on Jody Scheckter’s 400 can be found on THE 400 website (it does contain a translation in English if  you scroll down). It turns out he had two 400’s and both were automatics:

On their website you will also see a mention about an article of the Magazine “Sports Car Graphic” and a supporting picture of that article:

“Firstly, a brilliant article which appeared in the American car magazine “Sports Car Graphic”, told of a picturesque outing from Monaco to the test track at Fiorano, enjoyed by Scheckter, Villeneuve and the journalist, in Schekter’s chocolate brown 400 GT Automatic, during the spring of 1979"

Unfortunately the picture of the article is hard to read. But it turns out this article is exactly the same as the mentioned blog article, only the title is different: "Private pit stop" :

Further checking learned me that Peter Windsor is the actual writer of this story in the mentioned car magazine. And more checking learned me this was brought up in a small thread on FChat as well:


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Auto Zeitung Classic cars : German article: Ferrari 412 - Maserati Quattroporte III - Aston Martin Lagonda vergleich

Today I received the following German article in my inbox. It's a comparisson test between three known luxury 4 seaters. It's now available as PDF in the download folder (F412_ClassicCars-DE_05-14.pdf). Thanks for submitting Frank, much appreciated.

For those who also like the QPIII (like me) an extra dessert:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Enzo Ferrari - Gilles Villeneuve - Giacobazzi Donelli - Ferrari 400

I found this one on Pinterest. Given it's history I thought it's worthwhile sharing on this blog. This car is claimed to be owned and driven by Enzo. Nice color. It's a manual version by the way. I found some nice additional pictures about Gilles with Enzo and another one with the wine brand by Giacobazzi (Donelli).
For a moment I thought this 400 could be the same version as mentioned in yesterdays blog, but this one is having a black interior:

Questa è la Ferrari 400 con la quale Gilles prese la "famosa" multa ad Imola il 22 aprile del 1982. La vettura, appartenuta e guidata da Enzo Ferrari era stata venduta ad Antonio Giacobazzi il quale la prestava volentieri a Villeneuve quando, soprattutto nel 1981 e 1982, si recava a Maranello con il suo elicottero. Attualmente la vettura è in perfette condizioni d'uso e fa parte della "Collezione Donelli" che ringraziamo per la foto.

This is the Ferrari 400 with which Gilles took the "famous" fine at Imola on April 22, 1982. The car, owned and driven by Enzo Ferrari had been sold to Antonio Giacobazzi who willingly lent the Villeneuve when, especially in 1981 and 1982 went to Maranello with his helicopter. Currently the car is in full working order and is part of the "Collection Donelli" Thank you for the photo.

And some further supporting pictures can be found here:

Monday, 21 April 2014

Inside Ferrari: 20 things we learned

Inside Ferrari: 20 things we learned Typical, posted on slide 13. But a positive remark about it's looks. But even more positive, it's located at the Ferrari Classiche department:

Okay, this one’s a bit personal, but browsing the Classiche department this stunning Ferrari 400 caught our eye. It’s a bit divisive – sharp, angular 70s looks combined with four seats means the 400 isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but we think it looks every inch the classic Italian sports car.
With prices as low as £15,000, surely they’re the best value Ferrari in the classifieds? It’s even got a V12 lurking under the bonnet.

Friday, 18 April 2014

AGIP : La motorizzazione italiana in 2 minuti

Time for another historical AGIP movie.

compatability - sunvisor clip

Via FChat I picked up this thread:

According to this the sunvisor clips are apparently the same as used in the Lancia Ypsilon, model year 1996-2003. But they have now also been reproduced using a 3D printer.