Thursday, 2 August 2018

MOT + 10k maintenance interval

Once this issue was sorted:

The car had to get the MOT shortly as only a few days were left before it would expire. It passed in one go and honestly I did not expect any different.

So now it was time to perform the 10k maintenance interval. Except for the issue that crept up as written above I have driven a problem free 10k across Europe. Such a joy to drive this GT.

In any case, I had bought all ingredients for the upcoming maintenance:

The engineer was quite pleased how well all looked and all very clean:

Even the valves had all perfect measures and didn't require any adjustment. Certainly something I did not expect. The previous time they were all good too. According to the engineer it shows the quality of the used valve seats and the hardness of the valves.

And building it up again:

And then doing the filters, fluids and some other routine checks.

Yesterday I got the car back again, needless to say I'm very happy and I'm looking forward to the next long road trip. By now the car has driven in total 114.000 km whereby I have done the last 16.000 km myself. As said before, such a pleasure to drive this car and in my humble opinion a great looker as well. It's not flash but stylish and the automatic suits the car nicely. Connaisseurs only.

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