Friday 21 June 2024

Jamaica Classic Car Club - Fathers day 21 June 2024 - Ferrari 400i - Chevy twin turbo

Today I caught this article from last week but the 400i photo was somehow not shown but was mentioned nevertheless:

JCCC website:

Didn't expect a 400i to show up in Jamaica, I suspect it's imported from the USA but I might be wrong. I have seen twin turbo versions before:

But this one is new to me

On their FB channel I found a video of this event. At 2:45 you will see some footage of this car:

Thursday 20 June 2024

Sammy Hagar (the red rocker) I can't drive 55 - Ferrari 400i Automatic

 About 10 years ago I posted this blog:

And earlier this week on my Facebook timeline these posting shows up where he's cruising around in his 400i  I was suprised to see it's actually still used and driven:


Wednesday 19 June 2024

Youtube - Garage Gasi - Scopriamo assieme la Ferrari 412 e la storia del suo 12 cilindri: parte 1 & 2

 It's of course presented in Italian of course but its very easy to turn subtitles on and translate into English via the settings. Enjoy part 1 and 2