Tuesday 7 August 2018

Amazing discoveries : Ferrari 400 Automatic Shift handle - Compatibility

I was always under the impression the automatic shift handle was reused from the Fiat 130 Berlina and the Fiat 130 Coupe. The latter is a Pininfarina creation while the Berlina was designed inhouse by Fiat Centro Stile. Since the Berlina was the first (1969) I figured it was a Fiat design. The Fiat 130 berlina (and coupe - 1971) were both available with Borg Warner automatics.

To my surprise I just happened to have spotted the following picture:

And after a little investigation I found out it was originally used in a 4th generation Chevy Impala in the sixties (and the Chevelle and the El Camino) And yes, they are still available:

I shouldn't have been surprised it was an American shift handle. Still it's a vey nice design. So a true American design piece, what a nice discovery.

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