Sunday 5 August 2018

Autocar : Unloved Ferraris There's limits to love, even for a Ferrari

Oh well:

365GT4 (1972)

A final hurrah for the front-engined V12-powered 365 line was the longest-running model in Ferrari’s history, lasting some 17 years on the books if you include the subsequent 400 and 412i versions. Aimed at buyers who had families or wanted more of a touring car, the 365GT’s squared-off styling is only now coming back into fashion, so prices are surprisingly gentle on the wallet.
Running costs won’t be, mind, and an auto ’box is the most common transmission but blunts performance.

400GT (1976)

A logical development of the 365GT4, the 400 came with an uprated 4.8-litre V12 to deliver the performance some thought was lacking in its predecessor. A new front spoiler was deemed necessary to reduce front-end lift at the higher top speed of 153mph – up 3mph on the 365’s.
It upset the clean profile of the earlier car, but what irked owners more was sub-10mpg average fuel consumption that even Ferrari customers found difficult to countenance.

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