Saturday 5 May 2018

Refurbished wheels

Last year I bought a spare set of 400 wheels, as per blog:

But I sold them. Which I shortly afterwards regretted though. Chances are slim I will come across a good set again. A few weeks ago I made a random check on an online auction website and by sheer luck a complete set of 5 was offered for a decent price. Needless to say I won the auction.

The wheels did require to be refurbished. So I looked up a specialist company who could take care of this job.

 And the set of Michelin XWX which I had already on stock.

The rimms got powdercoated and this is what they look like when finished

Turns out they were made in 1979, which is perfect as my car is build in 1979

And the air valve, stamped Michelin Italy 1446

To be complete I purchased a new set of hub caps:

On to the garage to get the new tyres mounted:

To get the tyres fitted a special air gun (bazooka) was required

And presto:


 And ready to be fitted


Michelin XWX vs Pirelli P4000


And another step closer to perfection ...

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