Friday, 11 May 2018

For Sale - Ferrari 400i : Totally pristine and original with only 16000 miles

Thought this was an interesting to share given it's state and low mileage. And the advert also mentioned the first owner:

"This incredible example is a 3 owner car with only 27500 kms on the clock which are confirmed by the dated service tickets in the service book.
According to the Warranty card this 400i was delivered new to Rudolf von Daniken,of Balsthal, Switzerland by Autodino AG of Zurich on 8th January 1982 where is remained until 1995 when it was sold to its new owner a collector in Brittnau where it remained for the next 19 years."

And it's very likely it's this one:

If my memory serves me right,  including the premiums, it got sold around 50k Euro at the time. It was considered a high amount back then. I considered it a very good deal. Given the current offering it was certainly a good deal. A real collectors car. 

Just looked up the snapshot I took of the final auction price. And it was close to 42k Euro, without auction fee, so yes, nearly 50k Euro. 

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