Monday, 7 May 2018

Ferrari 400i Stommel / Con Moda - SOLD

This car was for sale in the Netherlands. I can't believe I didn't take a snapshot of it. I got triggered today by these uploads on Autogespot. Apparently it's sold already (after a very few months) and moved to Luxembourg.

It's the Stommel /Con-moda convertible which was visible on the Original brochure:

The car was offered for sale at Marco Franssen in Spaubeek -

It was listed for € 74.900,-

VIN 40688


  1. Hi Greg, this car was first registered at 3-3-1982.

  2. Wow just came across this blog. I have 17675 a red and tan Stommel /Con-moda convertible. Does anyone know the owner? or the color? Would love to start up a chat with another owner of one of these special Ferrari's