Saturday 12 May 2018

Niki Lauda washing a Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

This set of photo's was offered on the spring auction of Automobilia Ladenburg.

No.: 5938 - NIKI LAUDA
mixed lot with 9 pieces, large-format original B/W photos, on it Niki Lauda e.g. at rear of a Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 racing version, Lauda washing a Ferrari 365 GT4 with the license number EE60519, in front of the villa of Enzo Ferrari, dated 1975, and Lauda with Regazzoni in the snow, and with his then partner, 1 photo sitting in his racing cars in the pit-lane, format c. 30.5 x 20 cm, all in good condition
Limit: 280,00 €
And it got sold for a whopping € 650,- (excl. fee).

As can be read in the description, the washing takes place in front of the Villa of Enzo Ferrari. I'm unsure if it's Enzo's 365 GT4 2+2. If so, I would expect the license plate starting with MO. According to Wikipedia EE are temporary plates:

These plates are used for vehicles temporarily circulating in Italy, but have to be exported, "EE" stands for "Escursionisti Esteri" (Foreign Hikers or temporary plates).

Update 13-5-2018: I received some additional information:

The 365 has Italian export plates and is the German model (orange/white front reflectors, Round chrome outside mirror and probably hexagonal wheel centres rather than spinners) so I assumed it was Laudas company car.

Update 22-5-2019: These photo's showed up on a Fchat thread:

And you can read it did got a response from Mr. Massini:

Thank you for posting MY photos.
This was Niki's company car, the second of several he got.
S/N is 17517.
He is washing it in Fiorano, date is September 1973.
Thereafter he received a silvergrey Daytona, and following the 365 GT4 2+2 he got a 365 GT4 BB, red-black, which I then purchased in Austria November 1985.

Marcel Massini 

And the color codes were shared as well:

Argento 2.443.048 with Blu VM 3282.

Marcel Massini

Update 9-5-2020: Via FB these came to my attention and were posted on instagram:

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