Thursday, 25 September 2014

Vanish? Vanish!

This blog update is about my obtained pouch as per previous blog:

First of all, I noticed the buyer of the other pouch has received it. Apparently it was not for his own car as it's now put up for sale on Ebay:

I can't believe the ridiculous prices for these items. Meanwhile I asked the missus if my pouch could be cleaned somehow. The pouch looks worn on the picture but actually it's only dirty. It's really in good shape. As such she made a little soap bath using Vanish. She tried it out on a little piece, the right hand corner in this case:

As that worked out well the rest was done too. Look at that:

Needless to say I'm extremely pleased with the results. Some more supporting pictures of before and after:

So time to look up the documentation that needs to go in the pouch. And yes, I have got all the genuine items belonging to the car:

- Owners manual book
- Warranty card and owner's service book
- Sales and service agents booklet
- Automatic instruction book
- Fluids leaflets
- Radio manual

And now all nicely stored in the pouch:

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