Tuesday 9 September 2014

Ferrari 400 - Radio 8 Quadraphonic Stereo Voxson

One of the readers had an interest to get a time period correct radio installed. At first the Blaupunkt radio in my car was considered a good option (his car is from 77/78). But in the Original brochure a different brand is displayed. It was found out it's a Voxson. When doing further checking I noticed a lot of this had already been discussed on the FChat forum in this thread:


Still it's unknown what the exact model is. On the picture it's clearly visible and reads:
"quadraphonic stereo" I wasn't able to find anything more on the internet on this model. The normal "8 stereo Voxson" is well available and documented. Does anyone knows more about this model or has one for sale?

update 27-11-2015: Found it, it's a Voxson Quadrophonic Stereo Q8

More detail in this link: http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/voxson_quadrophonic_stereo_q8.html


  1. A completely....wrong choice!
    Apart the fact that it is....too old (early 70's)....it has no FM too!
    Voxson last model, with full stereo FM band (88-108 mhz) was 1975 Sonar GN1008 FMS.
    A car radio still with lw sounds like stone age....!
    Some Pioneer or Blaupunkt "combo" models are more indicated but they do not perfectly fit neither for their age nor...originality!
    Anyway 8-track was no more so popular and so I do suggest an Autovox Linea Azzurra car radio with Philips cassettes player, as an example of period correct and italian high quality car radio for a thoroughbred car like Ferrari 400.
    Voxson and other brands car stereo expert

  2. Hello, I too have a 400A and it had this radio fitted even though it is an Australian delivered car. Don’t dismiss AM radios out of hand though, I fitted an OE Radiomobile to my 77 Silver Shadow and it had a beautiful deep tone.
    Any thoughts on where to source the Voxon? Best wishes, Alan S.