Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ferrari 365/400/412 owners contact request

The 365/400/412 Facebook page  is rapidly growing.
It looks like the members doubled in 2 weeks time and with lot's of interaction as well. Great! Again, you don't have to be an owner to participate. Any related contribution is appreciated. Looking forward to welcome you.

The European Ferrari Club 400 is however very interested to get in touch with the owners. Paul keeps track of all information about the 365/400/412 which is shared via their website. Furthermore he keeps track of the 365/400/412 register. For this he would like to get in touch with as many owners as possible. Paul can be considered a trusted resource and a very helpful person. See below the message he posted on Facebook. Alternatively you can contact him directly via

I invite every owner to contact the European Ferrari Club 400 I belong to ( or to contact me directly via Facebook. I won't ask you to pay the fees and to join, I would like just to have an exchange with every owner I meet. Best, Paul

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