Monday 1 September 2014

Jan 1999 Magazine Classic & Sportscar - Family supercars

I spotted this magazine on Ebay with a very nice cover:

I like them both. Interesting to see the mentioned price. Whilst the Espada has easily quadrupled in price for a good specimen the 400 hardly moved up. Although in Mainland Europe prices are a bit better then in the UK or USA. Which I find odd as there are now very few RHD left - I guess the remaining ones are now shifted between UK, Japan and Australia. Furthermore I consider the UK the nr 1 car nation (in Europe) so you would expect a higher interest. As for the USA you would expect a higher interest as well since they have never been officially sold overthere. But they are on offer for relative low prices - I guess the Dollar/Euro value plays an important role as well. As a result quite a few have been imported back to Europe and put up for sale overhere. As for the design of these cars it's clearly a matter of personal taste. But apparently the majority are not very keen on both of them. As such it makes me wonder why the Espada is considered more popular over the 400. I visited the Lamborghini museum this summer and most models were present except the Espada. Almost similar as in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello were a lot of models are present, except the 365/400/412.

In any case, if one of you does happen to have this magazine then please make a digital copy and share it with me please so I can put it on my shared Google drive and we all can enjoy it.

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