Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Ferrari 365/400/412 - timing chain - distribution - Renold OEM and alternatives

Recently I have been in direct contact with a 412 owner who is overhauling the engine (and much more). I was approached by him regarding the timing chain, which he mostly shared on Ferrarichat as well:


Since this is a critical item you don't want to save any costs and go for the best quality.

Apparently the OEM Renold does come in different flavors; Red, Blue and Synergy. The latter is the most expensive one but having the highest quality. In hindsight the owner informed me that if he had to order again he would go for the Japanese brand which is equally good but you have to pay less for the name.

Another thing to take in consideration is to ensure the "master link" is included with the chain. Apparently that's not always the case. So double check that before placing an order.

Take your advantage with this information if yours need replacement.

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