Monday 16 May 2022

Dutch Ferrari 400's registered on the road

Before, during and afterwards the meeting the total amount of registered 400s in the Netherlands were discussed. Via the following Dutch website it's easy to find out:

So I compiled this table below. There are in total 3726 Ferrari's registered in the Netherlands per today.
Which includes 71 ones from the 365/400/412 series, or more precise:

15 x 365GT4 2+2

17 x 400 Carburettor  (10 Automatic / 7 Manual)

22 x 400i (14 Automatic / 8 Manual)

17 x 412  (7 Automatic / 10 Manual)

The orange ones are new delivered in the Netherlands and are still present today. 
The blue ones are a top 3 of owner who posses their car for more than 20 years by today.
The red on at the bottom must be one of the latest registered in 1990. The MOT is expired since 1993. So this one might be sitting in some kind of collection. It was however registered again into the NL since 2021. Therefore It might be also registration database issue.  

Note I personally don't keep track of any VINs or data related to owners. Nor am I a Ferrari club member. So from that perspective I was not much of a use to get a greater turn up for this meeting. 

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