Friday 17 October 2014

1 year of 400 blogging

Today it's exactly a year ago when I started this blog. It was just a start to keep track of some history on my 400 and to build up a little more knowledge. As some of you might have noticed this became rapidly some kind of addiction. Resulting in a daily update since. From time to time I have been looking into the stats and actually they surprised me, if not almost scared me. For those interested here are the stats of a year blogging:

In one year time almost 25k visitor hits. Clearly these were not unique visitors - but still. And also month on month a steep increase of hits. Last month it reached 3500 visits. Apart from sharing this blog with a very few persons at the start I never made any promotion for it.

I have seen some hits from various places but it was dominated by the USA, find hereby the top 10

The majority of the referrals were of course realized by Google searches. This is the top 10 of the blog articles that attracted the most interest:

Congratulations Peter, your YouTube 400 project was of most interest. And I can only agree with that as it was a very interesting capture of the work you did. Funny to see how much attention Asterix and Obelix attracted, I guess this blog ended up on some kind of comic forum. I'm however clueless why the Auto Becker poster generated so much interest.

So what's next. I have decided not to completely discontinue this blog. But for sure it will be less frequent. Furthermore I will try to make better quality updates instead, but this will simply depend on my mood and time available. I still have a few items on my target list and things to finish on my car.
And I'm sure I will bump into interesting finds soon or later. So watch this space!

And of course there is also the Facebook medium:
And the Fchat forum and the European F400 club. So plenty of opportunity to share and participate if you feel like it.

Last but not least, feel free to reuse anything from this blog or the download folder. Additionally, if you have anything to share regarding the 365/400/412 you are most welcome. If you think I can be of any help then also feel free to contact me.

Oh, one more stat, yesterday I did happen to have posted blog nr 500. I should have paid more attention and had that limited with 100 less ... oh well.

Thanks for reading and keep the 400 going,

Erwin 400

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