Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ferrari 400 Neiman Key - reserve

When I purchased my 400 it came without a reserve key. Something I only realized when someone approached me and told he could obtain blank Neiman keys. His local locksmith had still a few original blanks on stock.

According to the owners manual:

"Quoting the number printed on the key bow will be sufficient to obtain a replacement key from Ferrari's Sales Organization. Therefore our suggestion is to record these numbers upon delivery of the car".

Based on this text my guess is that the new cars were not delivered with a reserve key. Hard to believe so I could be wrong though.

In any case, as I hadn't one I was very eager to obtain one. So I followed up the instructions to get it. With help from the person in question I received the key today. I'm very pleased with it. Once more my appreciation Andreas for your kind gesture!

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