Thursday, 28 December 2017

Ferrari 400i Prototipo ?

Thought this is an interesting one to share as well:

It was put up for sale on Ebay but didn't sell though (despite a high number of bidders):

Copying the Ebay advert text for the records:


Very rarely does an opportunity to own a piece of Ferrari history come along. Up for auction is this one off Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 with significant documented Ferrari history.

This vehicle rolled off the production line at the Maranello factory on the 12th of March 1975 in its Argento 2.443.048 with Beige interior. And is engine number 00001.

The earliest engine number that has been found/known of is 00004.

The vehicle was retained by Ferrari/Pininfarina  for 5 years and used as a Experiences/Development vehicle for the new 400 models. This vehicle is well known in Europe with Ferrari enthusiast and motoring journalists. It was featured in many Ferrari publications and motor showes.

After this vehicle went through it’s development duties  with Ferrari and Pininfarina over 5 years it was first registered as a 400 GT in 1980.

The vehicle was found in Tasmania were it had been in storage (Barn Find) for 15+ years. And still remains untouched it still has it original michelin tyres including the spare, and it’s Italian registration label from 1996.

The vehicle has been verified by Marcel Massini and the Marannello Concessionaries Archive.

For further details please call Adam on 0459 222 332."

The displayed magazine I do happen to have in my archive:

The 2nd page of that magazine does show however an interior of a different 400i since it's black and not tan.

And apparently there is an earlier edition of this magazine that published an article about the same car as well. Here you can see the pages and it's interior. You can see also the different pictures used, black and tan interior. Note the double ashtray in the midconsole.

Furthermore this car has this fancy Panasonic over head radio console. An item which I consider very cool. It has been nicely tailored in leather matching the rest of the interior. You can see too there is not the traditional stitched headligning in the ceiling. 

A pity that the pictures provided are a bit poor:

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