Saturday, 8 August 2020

My Ferrari 400 MOT 2020 - Pass!

Earlier this week my 400 passed the MOT. It failed on the fist attempt though. The left blinking indicator failed. I was not made aware of this failure. Else I could have informed him about the culprit. It was replaced already a few years back and since it was working mostly all the time. See blog:

Since then it was almost cured but very occassionly it's still playing up though (but it always normalized by itself). I suspect there is still some corrossion on the inner side of the connector shoe (that's my theory). And of course this rare failure just happened at the MOT. So when trying to fix this it was attempted to replace the relay. The new relay burned out instantly, apparently some heavy current is used for these silly blinking lights. So when the original relay was pushed back all worked fine again. Sigh! 

Other then this all was fine, including the emission test, all within specs. Not bad for a carburetor V12.

Next on my request all exhaust rubber holders have been replaced. Most of them lost their power and were dried out. This already resulted on the right side the exhaust pipe hitting some chassis when cornerning and thus making an annoying "cloink" sound. 

Now everything is done the exhaust is firmly attached again and hanging slightly higher/closer to the body. Meaning the ground mufflers are no longer hitting/touching the ground when leaving the garage.

One remark though, the bushing for the automatic gearbox is getting poor and requires replacement in the near future

Full credits to Garage  If you are based in the Netherlands I can highly recommend them. I have trusted them also my 8.32 and 130 for MOT and maintenance. 

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